Damnit Urban Why Does This Keep Happening [Urban, Flora]

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Damnit Urban Why Does This Keep Happening [Urban, Flora]

Post by Urban on Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:15 pm

Libra smiled happily to himself, proud of the scheme he had come up with. This morning had been spent repotting a teeny cactus, painting the pot, and gently urging the little guy till he put out delicate pink flowers. Perhaps he put a little too much joy in the simple gift but to him it was something other than just a simple plant. Hopefully Nathan would understand at least some of that. They were opposites but the two of them had bonded greatly in the few months they had known each other. Both of them were outsiders, too strange or too stand offish to be very popular. They took comfort in each other.

Libra picked up the little plant, noticing for the first time his hands were shaking. He couldn’t lie, he was terrified as to how the other man might react. Maybe he’d turn him away...or worse. Libra put the thoughts out of his head. Libra knocked lightly on Nathan’s door before pushing his way in, knowing that Nathan wouldn’t care. Or rather that he didn’t care if Nathan did mind. “Nathan, I-i got you something....it’s not much. I thought you might need a friend though. You’re room is so...cold that I thought...It’s kind of dumb. I’m sorry.” Libra’s skin flushed, he stared down at his little plant refusing to meet the other man’s eyes. He was suddenly aware of how silly he must sound.

Nathan started slightly at the sound of a knock on his door. He'd spent the entirety of the night (and then the morning) slipping in and out of sleep, and between falling asleep in the least comfortable positions possible and waking up in places he wasn't even sure he could access while conscious he was feeling decidedly Not Well. But if anything the shock of the noise was a blessing - at least enough of one to startle him out of his temporary stupor. Propping himself up with a pillow he blinked wearily as Libra entered the room. "'Lo, Libra."

Urban squinted slightly, cocking his head to the side as Libra rambled. Not wanting to admit he'd only caught about half of what he'd been saying, he began to formulate a reply, his words (Nathan assumed almost imperceptibly) slurred with sleepiness. "You got me something?" he asked, running a hand through his hair. "...Hm. Why'd you do that?" Admittedly Nathan was touched by the idea but he couldn't really comprehend the meaning behind the gesture - especially in such a state as he was in. That and he'd zoned out slightly when Libra had tried to explain his motivation behind the gift. "That's sweet, man," he mumbled, grinning dopily at Libra, "you're sweet. 'M tired."

Libra dared to look up at, his cheeks still bright red from embarrassment. He realized for the first time how early it was, he felt even more embarrassed. Slowly he moved towards the bed, sitting down on the edge of it. “I’m sorry I woke you up. I was just really excited about this, I guess. I should have known not everybody is as much of a morning person as me.” Libra ran one of his sleeve covered hands over his face, laughing almost bitterly. Libra blinked at him for a moment, staring at him. If Libra was embarrassed before, it didn’t match what he felt now. His heart beat faster, an almost giddy feeling washed over him.

“You think I’m sweet?” Libra grinned, he felt very distant. He looked down at his legs again, running a hand through his long hair and swept it over his shoulder. Libra sat the cactus on his end table, figuring that handing the man who was half asleep a plant covered in sharp spines would be a bad idea. Libra reached out and mussed Nathan’s hair softly, “I can tell you’re sleepy, you big dork. You should go get some coffee or go back to sleep. I’ll leave you alone if you want.” Libra stood, finding a loose thread on his sweater to fiddle with instead.

Nathan considered the other hero for a minute, raising his eyebrows slightly at the flush colouring his cheeks.  Huh. That was kind of cute, actually, he thought idly, before he could stop himself. Realising exactly where that train of thought was likely to lead Urban grimaced, pinching the bridge of his nose. Yeah, he really was tired. "'S ok," he said, curling up to sit cross-legged under the covers, providing Libra with a little more room to sit. "No big deal. It's probably nice to be able to get up so early - I just don't sleep well." He shrugged his shoulders lightly, the jumper he was wearing slipping off one shoulder. Urban huffed. How inconvenient.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I guess you have your moments," Nathan said, smirking as best he could (in all honesty it probably looked more like a dazed smile than an actual smirk, but he was trying). Blinking slightly as another wave of sleepiness washed over him Nathan turned his head to follow Libra's movements. Moving the cactus was probably a smart move, honestly - he might feel okay now, but he tended to be unusually clumsy in the mornings.  Best for everyone involved if pointy things remained out of his reach.

"What're yo-" Nathan began, as Libra stretched out towards him, before realising what he was doing and relaxing again. "...Kay." Well. That was new - and not bad, actually, Urban decided, unconsciously pushing his head forward into Libra's hand before he pulled away. "Hmf. 'M not that bad. Coffee sounds pretty good though." Nathan tilted his head up to look at Libra as he stood, squinting slightly in confusion. "Why'd I want you to leave me alone?" he asked, reaching out to tug on Libra's sweater.

Libra knew his crush was silly, childish even. It had taken him ages to even admit it to himself that he had liked his fellow hero. He had ignored the lingering glances  and flustered feeling he got any time he was around Nathan. It was dumb, Libra admitted it. Libra moved so he was more on the bed, pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around his legs. “Neither do I, not here at least. That’s why I’m up so early. Better to be awake than to have nightmares...” Libra sighed softly. “I’m sorry, I’m rambling...” Libras eyes traveled slightly, eyeing his bare shoulder shyly.

Libra laughed, dropping his head slightly. He stared down at the sheets in between them, his blush deepening. “My moments. I guess that’s a great compliment coming from you. You have your moments too, I guess. Even if you are dumb.” He smirked back at him, trying to keep from laughing. Libra started at the little potted cactus. He knew that Nathan probably would never know what all it meant. The little plant meant so much to Libra, one of the first plants he had brought into hq. He didn’t tell Nathan any of that though, no to him it would just be a little plant.

“It’s easy to take care of...you don’t have to do anything really. Just some water every so often and it will be fine. Don’t go grabbing at it though, or I’ll have to pick the pines out of your hand.” Libra started to move towards the door before realizing that he had been caught up by Nathan. Libra stared down at his hand for a moment before shifting his gaze back to Nathan. “Oh, I just assumed....” Libra sighed softly, “You don’t usually like me hanging around, that’s all.”

Nathan smiled slightly as Libra adjusted his position. Apparently he'd been correct about the lack of space he'd had. "Ah. That I can understand. 'M not one for nightmares, really, but waking up in the vents tends to put people off the whole sleeping business, y' know?"  He yawned, stretching his arms and blinking a few times to get himself to focus again. "It's fine. You apologise too much. Not that that's really a bad thing, I guess. You don't need t' though."

Urban watched Libra with curiosity as he ducked his head. "Didn't think my being nice was that rare. But thanks? I guess. Not dumb though. I'm fantastic." Following Libra's gaze Nathan observed the cactus. He still wasn't sure what the other expected him to do with it - he had no talent for plants. If anything he had a talent for killing them off. Probably a side-effect of his powers. Still, it would be nice to try to keep something alive. Something that he didn't hate. Not like that slugging snake.

"I think you're putting a lot 'f faith in me, bud," Nathan murmured, smiling weakly. "Urban powers, remember? The name tends to give it away. Not very compatible with plants." ...That being said if there was any plant he could keep alive for even a little while it would be a cactus. He could do this. Probably.

"Nah. You're an alright sort," he replied, as Libra turned to look back at him, a light blush colouring his cheeks. An 'alright sort'. Way to make an impression Nathan. "I'm not a big fan of people 's all. You're okay. Stay." He paused for a minute, obviously uncomfortable, before glancing away and muttering, "Please."

It honestly surprised him to hear Nathan talk so openly about himself, they hadn’t talked like this before. Or rather, Libra had but it had been rather one sided. Libra watched wide eyed, leaning forward slightly to catch his sleepy words. “Waking up in the vents? I thought the hq just had rats in the walls.” Libra smiled softly, before realizing that Nathan might take offense. Libra shook his head quickly, “That’s awful though, no wonder you’re not into sleeping. I can’t really blame you. We’re both hopeless aren’t we?”

“Oh...well not really, not to me. Some other people might disagree with me though. Though, you are dumb. Even I know that. Dumb and fantastic really...” Libra regretted that bit. It was cheesy. He sounded like a child with a crush. Sensing the other heroes dread of taking care of a plant. He knew that giving a plant to the hero that knew nearly nothing about it wasn’t the best idea but, he had his way. Libra could easily keep the little thing alive and happy without Nathan being aware of what he was doing.

“I believe in you, friend!” Libra beamed at him. “It might teach you a thing or two that you didn’t know about yourself! Maybe...he’ll be just fine regardless. I can sneak in here and water him if you forget anyways. I wouldn’t worry about this.” He could have gone into a rant about how the cactus was a little living creature and would bond with him and grow with him and it’d trust you but, there was no reason to freak him out anymore.

Libra laughed at his attempt at sweetness, though it did honestly touch him. “I’m glad you think I’m an alright sort. You’re pretty alright too.” Libra slid closer to him, their knees touching now. “I’m here now, don’t worry.”

Nathan nodded slowly in response, the pitiful amount of sleep he'd had thus far starting to catch up with him. "Sometimes cupboards. That's always a pain. ...Other people's beds too, which 's entertaining but still not exactly enjoyable." He shut his eyes, exhaling softly. "Maybe. Different reasons, same result. Don't imagine it's much fun for you either, huh?"

"Yeah. They're liable to do that. 'M still not dumb though. Just act it." Urban frowned slightly at this, glancing down at his hands. "Though I'm sure Kade would agree. Probably Joule too. Nathan. Most of them, really. Not about th' fantastic thing, though. Not sure anyone could agree with that. Save for you, apparently," he said, lifting his head to give Libra a quick grin.

"Aha, thanks. Still not feeling entirely confident about it but I'll give it a shot I guess." He appreciated the suggestion of help, at least - he couldn't fault Libra's generosity. Nathan faltered as Libra continued talking, however lifting a hand to his forehead in a perfunctory attempt to obscure his shame. God, he'd known it was bad but he hadn't realised just how ridiculous his attempt at a compliment had sounded until he'd heard it repeated.

He didn't move his hand until Libra's knees bumped his, and jolted slightly when he realised how close the other was. Huh. "Haha, y-yeah. I see that," he murmured, ears reddening slightly. "Thanks."

Libra’s eyes widened suddenly, “Other people’s beds? I’ll have to start locking my door at night now. Not that it’d bother me too much....it just would be quite the shock, that’s all.” Libra was a light sleeper after all, he wasn’t sure how well his body would react to having a sudden intruder in his bed. Libra pushed the thought aside, realizing it wouldn’t happen most likely. “Not at all, I see too many things lurking in the shadows. It’s not fun at all.”

Libra watched him quietly, noting the unmistakable twinge of sadness in his voice. Maybe he saw what Nathan couldn’t. He saw that the others cared for him, in their own ways, of course. Libra honestly wondered how he could be so blind sometimes, though it seemed like perhaps Nathan missed more than he admitted. “I’m sure they don’t actually feel that...and if they do then they’re wrong. They’re so wrong, Nathan. Please don’t think that about yourself.”

“I just wanted to give it to you as a thanks. You’re one of my only friends here. I don’t know what I’d do really if you hadn’t been here.” Libra blushed deeply, busying himself with tucking a lock of his white hair behind ear. “That was really cheesy, I’m sorry. I mean it though...you’re a very good friend.”

Libra blinked at him, waiting for him to pull away or something of that effect. To his surprise it didn’t come however. He was very grateful. ‘It’s no problem...I’m sorry I woke you up again. You can go back to sleep if you want.”

“Unless your lock is one ‘f the manual ones I’m not sure it’ll do much good,” Nathan said, tilting his head to one side. “‘M pretty good at getting past the ones that use electricity, y’know? So if it’s going to be an issue I’d look into getting something different fitted. Not that the non-automated ones seem to stop me too well either.” He winced slightly. “Yeah, that sounds kinda’ awful. Sorry.”

Urban turned, adjusting his position to face away from Libra, legs dangling off the side of the bed. He didn’t want Libra to see him getting upset about something this fucking stupid. “Yeah, well, you’ve said so yourself before - you don’t exactly fit in with the rest of them. What would you know?” Nathan paled, immediately regretting his biting response. Why did he always have to resort to anger instead of discussing things rationally? “I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that,” he said, hurriedly, “I just - can we not talk about that.” God, there you go again, he mentally reprimanded himself. Someone tries to be nice to you and you immediately fuck it up.

“I appreciate it, really. It means a lot. I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with at the best of times.” He lay back on the bed, legs still hanging off the edge of it, arms behind his head. Gazing up at the ceiling he continued, “Nah, ‘s okay. Got to stick out for one another, right?”

Libra meant well, but the way he kept pressing about leaving had Nathan feeling even worse. “No, no, it’s okay. I mean, like, leave ‘f you want to? But you can stay. I won’t get back to sleep now anyway. ‘M just gonna’ be a bit out of it until I get a few cups of coffee in me. I dunno’ if you’re going to want to put up with that.”

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Re: Damnit Urban Why Does This Keep Happening [Urban, Flora]

Post by Urban on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:26 pm

Libra blinked at it, suddenly aware of what he had done. “No, no....nononono!” Libra waved his hands in an awkward attempt to resolve the trouble. “It wouldn’t bother me really. I’d far rather have you in my bed than most of the members of this team.” Sudden realisation of what he had just said washed over him. Libra turned bright red and folded in on himself. “We could just have a sleep over sometime. Then you start out in someone else’s bed and then you can just go back to your own? Or stay in mine, so if I have a nightmare you’ll be there. It’d work out great.”

Libra slid over to him, sitting on his knees. For once he was taller than Nathan. Libra sighed softly and wrapped his arms around his friends shoulders. “I know they don’t hate me though....I just don’t get them. They mean well, I think. We’re just different.” He grimaced slightly, his words had stung. That was his intentions, Libra was sure. Libra nodded silently, letting go of Nathan and sitting back. “That’s probably for the best. I’m sorry....I just want you to be happy.”

“Shush, you’re great to get along with. You don’t hide stuff. It’s interesting, I guess. Even if you are dumb sometimes.” He teased softly him softly, his grin told Nathan he held no ill intentions. Libra twisted a strand of his hair in his fingers, trying to keep his nerves at bay. “I agree...we have to watch out for each other. We are a team after all.”

Libra’s breath caught in his throat, turning his breath shaky. He knew the thought was stupid. Probably one of the most ill conceived ideas he had had since he had arrived at the mansion. Libra leaned down, and cupped Nathan’s jaw gently. He hesitated for a moment before kissing him, softly and gently before sitting back up. “I want to stay with you.”

Nathan raised an eyebrow as Libra flapped his arms about, amused. "Right, I see how it is," he said, grinning toothily. "Sounds like a plan. You've seen how useless I am when 'm tired, so I don't know if I'll actually be much help with nightmares, but I can certainly try t' assist. 'N I'm not sure that's how the sleepwalking thing works. I dunno'. We can try it either way."

Urban twitched slightly as Libra hugged him, the radio on his bedside cabinet beginning to buzz loudly, and the light above them flickering slightly. He wasn't used to physical contact, especially such casual touching. "Probably. It's okay, I just -" Nathan cringed slightly as he tried to think of how best to phrase things, "I have issues, I guess. I know I do. That doesn't mean I have to confront them. I - uh. Haven't been happy in a long time. I don't think you're going to have much luck with that."

"I s'pose," he said, hmm-ing to himself, "I like talking. Never got much of a chance to when I was younger. Not many people to listen to me." He broke off for a second. "But that's a story for another day, m-maybe," he finished, laughing somewhat spitefully. Yeah, start off with the whole tragic backstory thing, that's going to win you major points. Idiot. "A team. Sure."

Urban frowned slightly as Libra leant over him, expression one of bemusement. "Hey," he began, before his train of thought was promptly interrupted. "What -" he mumbled, eyes slightly glazed as Libra pulled away. "I don't - what?" That was a surprise, to say the least. All Nathan had done since Libra had shown up was complain and now - Nathan blinked a few times, trying to piece things together in his mind. "I - uh. G-good idea," he said, cheeks burning as he tried to ignore the urge to pull Libra back towards him. No, he told himself. That is the complete opposite of a good idea and you are not going to do it.

“Shhh, it’ll work out great, you’ll see. If you can’t help at least I’ll have someone there. I’m not so sure about the sleep walking thing either but come one! You just gotta trust me on this one!” Libra bounced lightly on the bed. Somewhere in him he actually hoped that they would have a sleep over of sorts. Libra never had a childhood, most of the novel experiences were lost on him.

Libra flinched, not expecting the sudden buzzing or the flicker of light. Libra grinned softly, finding the man's reaction to his simple touch quite endearing. Libra rested his chin atop Nathan's shoulder casually, listening his explanation. A melancholy expression replaced his relaxed one. "We all have issues, I guess. They help to make us who we are. I wouldn't let them hold you down. You're better than that."

"Well now you have me! And I will always listen to you! We can make up for all that lost time! I never got to talk much either. If you listen to me then I'll do the same for you." Libra smiled softly, hoping that he wouldn't be misunderstood. He cared about Nathan deeply, probably more than he even expected of himself. He'd want to hear the rest of that story someday.

Libra looked away, dreading his reaction. If Nathan secretly hated him, now was as good a time as every right? Not before kissing him or sharing his feelings, no of course not. He didn't seem too pissed off, Libra noticed. At least he hadn't been punched yet or something. He actually seemed...to be okay with it. Libra blinked up at him, smiling shyly. "Yeah....maybe we can get breakfast...or something. Whatever you like." Libra smiled dreamily. He wanted to kiss him more, but wasn't sure how far he could push it before Nathan grew tired of it. Libra resigned to kisses him softly on the cheek, waiting for his response.

"Yeah, yeah, man, whatever you say. I'll give it a shot," Nathan said, smiling softly at Libra's enthusiasm. No-one ever got this excited about hanging out with him, and sure, it was probably just the whole sleepover thing he really cared about, but still. It was nice. If nothing else maybe he'd get the chance to prove he wasn't always a complete dick. Just most of the time.

Urban froze up a little as Libra moved, the radio's buzz increasing in volume yet again, before the noise cut out entirely. He sighed. "Maybe. Kind of cheesy admittedly, but I understand what you're saying." Nathan rubbed at his eyes with his hand, trying to brush the sleep away and failing miserably. He was waking up a bit, but his reactions were still too slow for his liking, and he was pretty sure he'd never be this open if he weren't still feeling a little sluggish.

Nathan blinked slowly, weighing up Libra's words. "A-Aha, okay man. Sure. I'll do my best at least." 'I'll do my best' - what did that even mean? He couldn't even bring himself to fully commit to listening of all things. "Or, um, that is to say I will. Listen, I mean."

He was still feeling a thrown off by the kiss, so when Libra began to talk it was all Nathan could do to try to keep up with what he was saying. Listening was difficult enough without actually trying to comprehend the other heroes words. "Mmhmm," he breathed, nodding his head leisurely along with Libra, "'kay." If Urban had been red before he was practically glowing now - the kiss on the cheek was almost worse just because of how casual it was. "M-man, you keep d-doing that, h-huh?" Nathan narrowly managed to get out, before the embarrassment got to be too much for him. This was ridiculous. Goddamnit. Solidifying his resolve Nathan tugged on Libra's sweater for the second time that morning, leaning in to press his lips against the other's.

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