Urban/Libra Plot Stuff

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Urban/Libra Plot Stuff

Post by Urban on Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:52 pm

Because we are Literal Shipping Trash (and this is important for (potential) future plot so it'd be nice to keep a clean record of it).

Flora: i imagine libra gets really lonely when he’s in the apartment or whatever
cause theres not many plants and he doesn’t really know how to interact
so maybe
nathan becomes his buddy
and libras like i got u a plant
and stuff happens
then smooches

Urban: yes. thats it
no but itll be like,, idk nathan doesnt get on with people so the idea that this is someone who genuInely wants to spend time with him will be so new to him
especially bc he didnt know anYONe before the dqp bc of his upbringing he didnt associate with people

Flora: and libra would just cling to him omg

Urban: hell be really weirdly obsessive and ridiculous abt it at first probably???  'no. this is my friend. u cant have him'

Flora: he doesn't know that its not good
they'll be
so close

Urban: go d theyre going to be so bad for each other.. .theyre gonna end up in such an awful codependent relationship
somethings gonna go wrong and urban wont kno how to function w/out libra it s going to be tragic im so excited lik e,, he doesnt know how to react to people w/out libra as a sort of buffer anymore omg omg

Flora: for realls tho
no this is bad

Urban: straight 2 the angst

Flora: maybe one of them gets really hurt...
so theres nothing to be done
no resolving anything
they just can't be

Urban: ye ssssss
can you imagine the tension when everything finally snaps tho,,
theyll hate each other probably urban will blame himself for screwing up the one good thing he had hes gonna be even more broken than he was originally
hell figure it was always going to happen tho? hes never been good enough for anyone not his birth parents not his foster parents
ofc hed mess this up as well

Flora: s o libra is the one getting hurt??
omg imagine when he like recovers tho
and finds him like that

Urban: urban will be even more determined to be independent too like now he KNOws if he gets too close things r gonna go wrong
hell avoid libra entirely

Flora: libra will be crushed
and be dead inside

Urban: NO OMG,, NATHan s gonna end up knocking out the power all over the place by accident,, hell see libra in the hallway and short out the whole street

Flora: no plants or electricity
god dman

Urban: its gonna be like the hospital situation all over again the back up generators will be affected too
people on lif e support machines

Flora: the little plant that libra gave him will die
its gonna dieee
like libras

Urban: itll be the last thing in the building to go bc libra woul d probably try so hard to keep it alive like. its the last thing he can do for nathan

Flora: ye e
and he just can't do it anymore

Urban: and then it dies and urban is like yeah. ive done enough damage here and tries to leaVE ANd then gets too far from the city + passes out from severe internal bleeding and things are awful forever

Flora: if he finds his way to a forest or like park oR SMTH

Urban: OH MY GO D NAThan ending up so far away he s like„ in the middle of the countryside and libra can feEL him dying

Flora: libra can sAVE HHIM

Urban: sure he can fix things but this isnt a disease or an injury its nathans whole body working against him hes going against his very nature
libRA BELIEVEING NATha n would rather die than have 2 be aroun d hi m...

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Re: Urban/Libra Plot Stuff

Post by Urban on Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:43 pm

We made things Worse. This should surprise no-one.

they’ll just be found fucking
in the middle of the ocnttry side
and libras like sprawled over nathan
he’d kill himself trying to save nathan c;
they died to gether
lol nathan couldn’t handle libra being hurt

Urban: tru e
tbh i think at this point tho its more ‘no matter what hes safer if im far away from him’

Flora: libra is going to put fuck that flowers in nathans room when he’s gone
maybe they don’t die„,
and libra gets super spiteful like lol so we never officially broke up
so he’s like lol guess we gotta do that
or maybe
he wants to leave the group
lol breaking up and leaving

Urban: urban wouldnt kno how to deal w libra bein g mad at hi m thou gh.. ..
'but i - im doing this for you i -‘
'i dont understa nd’

Flora: libra will slap him
or maybe they’ll kiss

Urban: but u kno theyll kiss and then nathan will jus t end up pushing him awa y ‘i cant do thi s i cant do this to you again’

Flora: so he will get slapped

Urban: and then hell have flashbacks 2 his parents LMAO

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