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The halls of the Delacrouix estate were silent, save for the sounds of footsteps of one man walking them as a deathly echo resonated each time his feet would touch the ground.

An air of authority hung about him like a second skin, through his straight posture and fine suit that seemed to signify as a badge of command. His jet black hair, although unkempt and slightly messy, looked as though it had been tamed to be that way. With sharp, light blue eyes, hidden behind a pair of glasses, that pierced through most, as if he was daring anyone to challenge him.

The man in the suit had come across a pair of wooden double doors, the front entrance, but did not turn the door knob. Instead, he turned and began counting paces away from the door. When he had counted up to twelve he stopped, produced a piece of chalk from his pocket and marked the spot before counting one more pace and turning to face the door.

He had a reason for this action, one that came from a gut feeling that had acted like a premonition of sorts. Although, to develop such a gut feeling as this one comes from years of experience with a certain individual that did not follow the laws of reality, or so he assumed.

He had been standing in that same spot for at least five minutes. Pulling out a golden pocket watch to look at the time, a disappointed expression was etched into his face.

'Maybe I was wr-'

But before he could finish something, or rather someone, had crashed through the wall above the double doors like a cannonball. They were curled up in a ball rolling forwards towards the spectacled man, unhindered by the crash and smashing into the floor. Slowly losing momentum until he unfolded himself exactly on the chalk mark.

To some, he was considered a giant amongst men through his muscular physique, despite the fact he was only stood two inches taller than the spectacled man. Sporting a brown moustache with matching top hat, waistcoat and slacks. He was a man that gave off both an air insanity and good will.

'Bowl four, take your base!' The moustached man boomed.

'Sir Chicken' the spectacled man said in response, stowing his pocket watch away.

'Sebastian! You sour goat, how have you been? The man known as Sir Chicken asked.

'I am well and how was your two year walk?

'Two years? I only went out to get some milk, speaking of which' putting his hand down his slacks.

He produced a slab if meat, still dripping with blood, before throwing it at Sebastian, who dodged it swiftly, unfazed by Sir Chickens actions as it slapped against a wall with a wet splat.

'Grade A Scotsman, straight from Nessie herself.' Sir Chicken laughed.

'I suppose you want it cooked?' Asked Sebastian

'With lit cigarettes, naturally' Sir Chicken grinned.


The dining hall had been subjected to echoing sounds of an animal eating but for Sebastian's case it was Sir Chicken chewing at the many questionable 'steaks' that did not look anything like steaks he had produced from his trousers, all of which had been thrown at him.

Though, Sebastian had never really questioned how he managed to acquired said meat. Maybe he actually met the legendary Loch Ness monster and killed it or he just butchered someone from Scotland. Either way the whole building would be much less quieter now with him around. 'so long as "she" could keep him in check' Sebastian thought to himself.

'Whats the matter, lad? Sir Chicken asked between mouthfuls of meat and lit cigarette. 'You're more broody than that bat fellow on a church rooftop'

'I'm just...delighted to see you back home' Sebastian answered, he strained the word 'delighted' never thinking he would ever say those words to Sir Chicken. 'You are staying home until your next walk?'

'Of course I will be, I'm part of the family. We're practically brothers you and I.' Sir chicken answered with a hearty laugh, biting into another cigarette steak.

'So you say but only in her eyes' Sebastian retorted, a cold tone rang behind it. 'Speaking of which Lady Delacrouix would be pleased to see you return. She wouldn't admit it but she has missed you'

'Aha! I knew that metal gal had a heart in her, say where is she anyway? It's her usual time to yodel at me.' Sir Chicken inquired puffing out some smoke from the cigarettes before chewing some more.

Before Sebastian could answer the dining hall door opened revealing a women in an elaborate dress. Her hair was platinum blonde and curly as it reached down her back her eyes were gentle with a hint of defiance. The expression on her face was one of sadness and frustration.

'I knew it was you' she said bluntly as she walked over to him, There was a loud metal clink every time her foot hit the ground as she walked.

'How did you get back in, through the chimney? She stopped in front if him, sarcasm was dripping in her voice. 'You've been gone for two years after the way you left and you just come back eating whatever that is?

'I believe I left a note' Sir Chicken answered.

'By "note" you mean the fact you wrestled a bear in my house, smashed through a window and never returned up until now' the lady countered, her tone becoming more vicious.

'Now listen here, senior paddle paw was a fine governor and if his conditions to discuss the future of our forests were for me to be lathered in honey, as we duke it like man and beast, then I had no choice but to accept. It was for the trees, you know.' Sir Chicken defended, crossing his arms as if he had proven her wrong.

The women deeply sighed, knowing there was no way to talk to him. She took a seat at the table placing her head in her hands. Her body trembled slightly as she tried to repress her emotions and compose herself.

'You and your damned walks' she muttered.

'Don't worry yourself, lady Dellacroiux, he's still alive and kicking. He'll just have a hard time hibernating without any fur' Sir Chicken tried to reassure her. He turned to Sebastian whispering 'It's part of my chest hair now.'

Sebastian only closed his eyes, trying to rid himself of any thought related to Sir Chicken's hairy bosom. Lady Delacrouix on the other hand had ignored the comment entirely. After re-composing herself, sitting straight and looking at Sir Chicken.

'In the mean time, I would like you to inform me of when your next "walk"is, these spontaneous disappearances are taking they're toll on us' lady Delacrouix said matter of fact. 'If it hadn't been for her studies Jacquine would have...' But she trailed off at the mention and took another deep sigh, though this one sounded as if she was close to tears.

Sir Chicken looked at her slightly concerned with half a steak hanging out of his mouth. He chewed slowly before saying.

'Would have what? Lady Delacrouix' In a tone that sounded intimidating.

'Highly upset with you again' Sebastian quickly answered.

Sir Chicken looked at Sebastian not fully convinced of this answer of this but there was some truth to it. The last time had left the estate unannounced was when he had an appointment with an Armadillo about a bet they made. To say the least on his return little Jacquine refused to speak to him for two weeks.

Still it didn't make up for their queer behaviour. Sebastian brows were more furrowed with worry and lady Delacrouix...well she wasn't acting her usual self.

'Okay, what's going on here' Sir Chicken asked, slight annoyance ringing in his voice. 'And don't try to hide it, something is up. Where are the staff? This place is practically empty, I've seen more life from a fossil. And you Sebastian, where's your pepper sauce? You look as if you can barely lift up a pencil. And you lady Delacrouix you have such an impeccable singing voice and yet your yodelling was off key and lacked bravado.

Sebastian and Lady Delacrouix took glances at each other, asking the other the same question. It was a Sebastian who answered, only with a simple nod to Lady Delacrouix who nodded back but with less confidence.

'Sebastian, get Sir Chicken a drink. His favourite bourbon.' Lady Delacrouix asked.

Sebastian did nothing but stand and bow to her, glancing up so their eyes met a look on his eyes that gave warning. She only nodded back with confidence this time. Sebastian Turned and left the room, leaving both sir chicken and lady Delacrouix in a thick atmosphere.

'Sir Chicken' she began 'I know that you a very close with a my daughter but what I'm about to tell you is just as hard on me as it will be for you.' Sir chicken was about to say something but was cut off instantly 'Now on many attempts I have tried to understand you but have failed in every attempt due to the sheer...oddity that you possess that even I cannot decipher it.'
'But for this I am willing to open the gates once more to show you. I cannot bear to repeat this by word.'

As she finished, she held out her hand to him. Sir chicken said nothing but gently placed his hand on hers, which daunted it significantly.

'What I'm about to do I do out of love. To her, you are family and as much a part if it than any one else.' She warned him.

Sir Chicken only nodded in one the very rare moments where he was sane and stable. He clasped lady Delacrouix's petite hands in his own and closed his eyes, as she did the same. Their was a small shimmer in the air that made the silence unbearable and slowly Sir Chickens features were scrunched up in what seemed to be in agony with small twitches, as if he were trying to fend off an annoying fly.

And as soon as it started it had stopped. Sir chicken releases last Delacrouix's hand, looking exhausted. A grim look was etched in his face as he slowly took off his top hat.

'The Flower...' Was all he could say.

'I'm sorry' was all she could answer with, holding back tears.

Sebastian entered the room carrying a tray of different alcoholic beverages. He barely had time say anything as Sir Chicken grabbed the dining room table throwing it towards him. Luckily, through years of experience gave him a natural reflex to Sir Chicken throwing large pieces of furniture at him, giving him enough time to dodge as the table to smashed into the door. Although, he wasn't lucky enough to avoid the hand clamping down his throat and lifting him off his feet.


'Even if I...had said anything...would the results be a...any different' Sebastian said through gasps of air.

Sir Chicken dropped him leaving him coughing as he stroked his bruised neck. Lady Delacrouix was on her feet, shaking from the sudden outburst.

'Sir Chicken, please!' She cried, attempting to plead with him. 'We know how you feel and we are grieving just as much as you

But her words fell on deaf ears, he was taking his rage out into the floor, the chairs anything close by.

'Blast it all! I should have been there! I could have done something! Why did I listen to that damned bear? The trees are nothing compared to that precious delicate thing...'

'We feel the same way' Sebastian said weakly, still recovering from his injury. 'But there was nothing we can do now except help her through this endeavour.'

Giving Sebastian a look of disgust and swiping up his top hat he walked to the nearest wall and kicked a hole the size of him through it.

'Where are you going? Lady Delacrouix asked, ignoring the vandalism she witnessed.

'To teach that filth what for' Sir chicken answered darkly without turning. And with that he disappeared through the hole.

Sebastian and lady Delacrouix stood in silence. Letting the dust settle before making any movement as he could come back at any time. When the coast seem to be clear, Sebastian aw the one to speak first.

'Well...that went better than I anticipated.' Sebastian said casually as he began picking up broken pieces of debris.

'How so?'

'The house is still standing.'

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