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Villain Profiles

Post by Joule on Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:58 pm

Character profiles for your villains!

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by Urban on Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:03 pm

Name: Peter 'R' Fauvette
Gender: Agender (DMaB)
Pronouns: They/Them (preferred) or He/Him
Age: 21
Height: 6'0
Code Name: Shortcut
Orientation: Pansexual/Aromantic/Polyamorous

Powers: Teleportation
> Short-range teleportation skills are essentially limitless - as long as they've seen/know the basic layout/they have a basic description of where they're trying to teleport R can move there instantly, without any real consequences.
> Long-range teleportation is more difficult, and travelling especially long distances will often incapacitate R for days on end. Normally it just ends with them in agonising pain for a good few hours, though.
> They can maintain the illusion of flight through rapid teleportation. Their method of teleportation doesn't rely on solid surfaces - they can teleport themselves both while midair and into the air from the ground.
> They can teleport anything they're holding, or in contact with. Teleporting living beings requires a lot more effort - they have to maintain their focus entirely, and if things go wrong more damage tends to be done to R than the others they're teleporting. It's for this reason that they don't just teleport enemies midair and let them fall (etc.), as teleporting living things in fighting situations without severely injuring themselves is practically impossible.
> R doesn't have to be touching things to teleport them, but it's a lot easier - he can teleport knives into bodies with just a thought, but at a similar cost to travelling long distances.
Fighting Style: R's fighting style relies entirely on the use of their powers. They rarely stay in the same spot for more than a few seconds, instead constantly teleporting to different areas. While this makes them near-impossible to hit with weaponry they are especially susceptible to area attacks. If you can jog their concentration for long enough to stop them from immediately teleporting somewhere else they have a very low pain tolerance, being so unused to actually being hit by attacks - while they're extremely good at dodging you usually only need to get a few good hits in before they'll retreat completely. Similarly if you can find a way to stop them from being able to teleport, by finding some way of preventing them from focusing for long enough to use their abilities (if you can keep them in constant pain, even just minor pain, for an extended period of time, for example) they will freeze up entirely.
They use blades for offensive attacks, teleporting just within range to strike, before immediately backing up. They can even teleport into such a position that their enemies are already impaled, without them ever having to move the knife in their hand. R doesn't know the meaning of the word 'defense'. It's either all-out offensive attacks or nothing at all. They rarely find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, after all.

Backstory: R had a normal family, and a normal life. There's nothing that made them the way they are - it was just the way things progressed naturally. Teleportation isn't something that has limits, not really, and when you have that sort of power - well.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, after all. It started with petty thefts. If you could take things with no consequences why wouldn't you? After that it just got worse, gradually. R enjoyed doing things they were told they couldn't do, enjoyed rebelling just because they could. They loved the idea of anarchy. Their powers gave them the ability to do impossible things. The law just got in the way of a good time, really.
R stopped seeing their parents when they first started to go public with their escapades. When people started recognising R, when people started to associate them with the trouble they'd caused their parents decided enough was enough and vanished. R could find them, probably. They chose not to.
Personality: R isn't a villain. Or at least they don't come across that way. They're charming, and flirty, and they seem like a genuinely nice individual - until they've stolen all your money and brutally murdered everyone you've ever cared about. But you know. Everyone has their character flaws. They're a villain for the sake of being a villain - because being a villain is fun, and being a hero is a) too much effort and b) really slugging boring.
Everything R does feels rushed. They're so used to things happening instantaneously their whole being centers around the idea. Their emotions come and go with the flip of a switch, and so do their plans, and decisions - everything is done in a matter of seconds. They are unpredictable at the best of times, and downright impossible to understand at the worst. That said it's not like they're needlessly cruel. They don't pick on civilians or anything, but they have no mercy for heroes. When they fight they fight to win. They enjoy fights, revel in them even - but only with Powered individuals.
They have some sort of moral compass, but it's seriously screwed up, and probably only makes sense to R themselves. It's not even like they dislike people - their villainy extends to mindless chaos and general thievery, with murder only entering the fray when they encounter resistance. They just like causing a mess.
Essentially R is a nice person. Really. They are just also exactly the sort of person to kill you in your sleep because it sounded like fun.

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Post by Zenith on Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:06 pm

Name: Icarus Savage

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Alias: Inferno

Status: Incarcerated in the Devoid; High Security.

Powers: Heat and fire manipulation and creation. Inferno can control any sources of heat nearby, including his own, which he can use to create flames. This enables him to fly, ignite himself, throw fire, and cause things to spontaneously combust. Along with his powers, he is also physically strong, and somewhat of a criminal mastermind.

Known Family and Affiliates: Ilya Morgenstern/Figment, former partner turned nemesis (deceased, murdered by Inferno); Arkady Morgenstern/Zenith, son; Phoebe Creighton, powered-genetic and cybernetic researcher funded by Inferno (deceased, cause unknown).

Fighting style: Calm and calculated, Inferno puts his powers and own physical strength to use in a very offensive manner. Every move he makes is deliberate, and often brutal, and he sets himself alight in order to intimidate. Usually whilst laughing. He takes great pleasure in leaving his enemies broken and beaten before incinerating them. Some he may choose to attempt to bring under his control, if he deems them useful. However, unless they are powered, it is very unlikely for him to show mercy.

Background: Icarus was born and raised in a pro-powered, anti-Meek community. He spent the vast majority of his early life surrounded by people who championed powereds, viewing them as the best of what humanity had to offer. His parents encouraged him to use his powers, to revel in them, because they made him special and set him above those who were unpowered. This, of course, led to him to develop the belief that unpowered people are inferior. He became very outspoken as an advocate of powered superiority as he grew up, and eventually began to turn to acts of violence upon unpowereds, with increasing severity, much to his parents' dismay. They were so blinded by their own egos that they hadn't seen what their son had become before it was too late. It all came to a head, when Icarus attacked and killed a Meek protester just outside the community's border. When the authorities arrived to arrest him, with his parents in tow, he destroyed them. And burned the place he had been born and raised to the ground, along with everyone who lived there. Inferno rose from the ashes.

He later forged a fake identity for himself, so that he could continue to live amongst the ordinary people in secret. He used his career as a villain to further his beliefs of a 'powered master race', through terrorism and by affiliating himself with Phoebe Creighton- a known researcher and advocate of powered genetic experimentation. Whatever work she conducted while receiving funding from him, however, has been lost, along with the woman herself. There have also been rumours of Inferno working with other villains, although there is no concrete proof of this.

During this time, he met Ilya Morgenstern(Figment) while under the guise of his false self. He led her to believe that he was an unregistered vigilante, even going to the point of accompanying her on some of her missions. All use her position of being against abortion to get a powered child out of her. The plan succeeded, and as soon as Arkady was born, he revealed his true identity and motives, as he now no longer had a use for her. He did consider killing her and taking the child, however he allowed her to remain alive due to her being powered, as well as the fact that raising a child requires effort that is better spent elsewhere.

Through Phoebe Creighton, he learned that his son was Infini powered- however due to Ilya's influence, the child never truly understood this, much to Inferno's displeasure. In fact, Arkady proved to be a complete and utter disappointment- a waste of Infini potential in his eyes, prompting Inferno to subject him to physical and mental abuse, in a backwards attempt to force him into an Infini outburst. This did not succeed, however, and Inferno lost his patience with his son, abandoning him to his mother. It wasn't until he was in the middle of staging a bank heist that Figment actually confronted him, having learned how he had been treating their son after he had kept it hidden for so long. Inferno killed her, as well as everyone in the bank, reducing the place to ashes. He was then finally arrested and sentenced to life in the Devoid, which is where he remains to this day.

Personality and Beliefs: Practically a Nazi, in powered terms. Unpowered people are lesser, and must be subjugated and brought under the rule of the true powered master race. Those who do not submit will die. This includes other powered people, although he will try to bring them over to his way of thinking through either persuasion or intimidation. He is also an absolute control freak, and is obsessed power, especially Infini power. While he is not actually Infini himself, he practically worships them, believing Infini powered people to be the pinnacle of human evolution. Gods.

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by ArtieStroke on Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:32 am

Name: Adrien Marsten
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Height: 5'11"
Code Name: N/A
Orientation: Heterosexual

Powers: Unpowered; skilled mercenary with training in multiple forms of martial arts and weapons both melee and ranged in origin. Brilliant tactical and engineering mind, which he uses for many heists he and his troop of mercs pull off and reverse engineering tech he get's paid to steal at times.

Backstory: Adrien was a veteran from a war long ago, and the cold horrors he faced changed him. The world was already a shitty place, he figured- might as well take what he wants and to hell with everyone else. He lives for himself and no one else- that, and the next paycheck. He started off as a contract killer in the criminal underworld, and eventually earned enough pull to start his own little gang of highly trained mercenaries. Mostly he pulls his own heists, but he'll work for you if you've got the cash or other goods to back it up. He's been quiet the last few years- went underground after the murder of Rachel's mother in a heist. A volatile, very-early developed anti-powered weapon didn't zap her powers away, it burst right through her barrier and cut her down. And that wasn't part of the deal.

Personality: Rough, tough, and very gruff- like Snake Plissken crossed with a criminal mastermind. Either you fall in line or you get left behind- and if you cross him, well, it won't be pretty. He sticks to his plans and his deals to the letter, and lying to him is one of two things he won't tolerate. But it's been years since he started his way on the criminal path- he's getting old and tired.

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by Zenith on Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:20 pm

Name: Lily Ashmore

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Alias: Sunshine (rarely used)

Status: At large; whereabouts unknown

Powers: Nightmare, fear, and memory manipulation; dream-walking.
Lily feeds off fear and negative emotions to fuel her powers. She draws from the fears of those around her, and causes them to manifest physically in the real world. This can range from nightmare fuel things, to phobias. The more people she has feeding her, the more powerful she becomes- eventually allowing her to reach into the memories of others and find horrible experiences to use against them. Anything pulled from a memory can only affect or hurt the person it belongs to. Drawing from memory is difficult and dangerous, and is only truly effective when Lily knows the person. The better she knows them, the easier it is to hurt them. When she doesn't have anyone to feed from, Lily sticks to using her own memories and generic illusions of fear-inducing things. If she uses her own mind too much, however, she becomes weakened.

The dream-walking is something that she has no control of, when she sleeps, Lily wanders into other people's dreams in a lucid state. More often than not, she turns these dreams into nightmares, however this is less likely to happen if the person who's dream she is invading is someone that trusts her.

Known Family/Affiliations: Carla and Yvonne Ashmore, adopted parents (deceased, aeroplane crash); Bertam Carver, boyfriend (deceased, killed during and anti-powered attack); Arkady Morgenstern/Zenith, ex-boyfriend.

Fighting style: Hardly ever resorts to physical confrontation, and only ever turns to it if there is absolutely no choice. Lily prefers to hang back and let her powers to the work for her, since she is physically unmatched by most people.

Background: Lily was born and raised in England by her adoptive mothers, who then moved to America when she was twelve. However, on the way over, the plane was brought down, by a suspected villain attack. Her mothers died in the crash, and Lily was put into foster care. As she grew older, her powers manifested. She initially had no control of them, inadvertently terrorising her foster parents, neighbours, and even other children and teachers at school. She eventually learned to completely supress her 'waking' powers, and chose to never use them unless the circumstances were desperate.

She lived a generally normal life after that, ableit a hard one. People always eventually found out about her dream-walking, and held it against her, making it night impossible for her to find work. Lily did manage to land herself a job- a low paying one, working at a shitty bar, but a job nonetheless. It was here that she met Bertam- or Bert, as he preferred to be called. They immediately hit it off, Bert being the first unpowered person Lily had met to not automatically hate her when she mentioned her powers. In fact, he actually helped her come to terms with what she could do. The two started dating, and even moved in together.

They later found Kade, who was half starved in an alley. Upon Lily's insistence that they had to help, she and Bert took him home, essentially saving his life. He stayed with them for a while out of gratitude, then somehow found his way into their bed, then later, their relationship. The three lived in relative peace for a while- a few anti-powered remarks aside. That was, until Lily and Bert were attacked by an anti-powered gang. During the attack, Bert was critically and Lily used her powers to try and protect him, only to be dePowered by one of the gang members. Kade hunted down all ten of them- or who he thought was all of them- and killed them all in the street. When he returned, he found that he had missed one person, who had shot Bert. Lily killed them, and blamed Kade for all of it.

Lily was later admitted to a psyshciatric ward for those who had been dePowered, and spent the next few years there. She would slip in and out of a depressive state, and needed constant care and supervision. Until her powers came back. She suddenly shifted from depressed to psychotic, unleashing her powers on the staff and other patients, destroying the ward on her way out. After that, she disappeared, lurking in the dark and feeding off people's fear, waiting for god knows what.

Personality: Before the loss of Bert and her powers, Lily lived up to the nickname that Kade gave her- 'sunshine'. Despite her powers and less than easy life, she was a beacon of happiness and hope, always looking to help people, always ready with a smile. The attack broke her. Now she's not even a shadow of her former self, just an empty, angry vessel that takes pleasure in hurting people, and vomits nightmares.

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by Zenith on Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:15 pm

Name: ????

Age: ???? (estimated 20-25)

Gender: ???? (presumed male)

Alias: Hunter

Status: Incarcerated in the Devoid

Powers: Superhuman Speed, Speed adapted physiology, regeneration. Hunter also has many non-powered abilities, those being a metal grafted skeleton, enhanced senses, a helmet/visor that apparently a part of them, and retractable arm-blades located in the wrists.
The extent to Hunter's speed is unknown, however they have been observed being able to dodge bullets. The same is to be said for their regeneration, as they have only been seen to quickly heal cuts and bruises. Whether or not they can withstand something that would kill an ordinary person is unknown.

Everything known about Hunter and their abilities have been derived from either information gathered prior to capture, or inspection upon entry to the Devoid.

Known Family/Affiliations: ????

Fighting style: Precise, deliberate, cold and savage. Hunter uses their powers and abilities to make calculated attacks, and always goes for the kill. They are unrelenting, and never seem to tire.

Background: All that is known about Hunter prior to capture is that they murdered an anti-powered senator. They were apprehended after killing several powered heroes sent to bring them in, as well as many unPowered bodyguards. Their capture was managed only due to a dying bodyguard managing to hit them with a tazer, which apparently caused Hunter to spasm and 'shut down'.

Personality: Unknown, refuses to speak. Upon admittance to the Devoid, the only thing they said was 'Hunter'. This was assumed to be their alias. They have not spoken since.

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by Phoenix on Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:59 pm

Name: Ahsen Tabak

Age: 20

Family: Unknown

Background: Abandoned by her birth mother, Ahsen spent most of her life in an orphanage. She was deemed unadoptable by many, due to her temperament and sadistic nature. Growing up, she would boss around the other children, and later would form a gang with them. She got into more trouble than was good for her, but her ability to cancel out another person's powers was generally enough to scare away anyone from coming after her.
Of course, she knew that wouldn't work on everyone, so she began to take martial art lessons, using whatever money she could get to pay for them. It was one of the few things that she was genuinely interested in, and for awhile, it looked like it would be enough to finally tame her wild spirit.
Any hopes for that quickly crumbled, as Ahsen was continued to be passed over for adoption. She grew angry. The adults ignored her, didn't want her. It inspired her to lash out, often violently, hurting anyone who got close to her. By the age of thirteen, she ran away from the orphanage, figuring she could raise herself better as a street urchin. She ran into an anigang before she could get very far.
They took her in. They saw how useful her powers were in regards to protecting and expanding their territory. She became a sort of secret weapon, and with her help, the gang quickly grew stronger and stronger, sparking fear into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to live in the Fringes.
Ahsen became bored of this. So she killed them all.
Now she's looking to make a name for herself, and wants to show off her powers as they begin to develop more and more, pointing towards the scary idea that she may just be infini.

Ethnicity: Turkish

Orientation: Aromantic/heterosexual
Gender: Female

MeChip: A viscous shadow figure who she calls Black Out. Black Out has a few abilities of their own. Ahsen got them upgraded so that they can force their way into other people's MeChips and dispense viruses that knocks the other MeChip out of commission. Black Out can do this with any other pieces of technology that is connected to MeChips in anyway. Ahsen chose this to further strike fear into the hearts of people who rely too much on their powers and technology.

Fighting Style: Violent and aggressive, she robs her opponents of their powers and forces them into hand-to-hand combat. She is a highly skilled martial artist.

Code Name: Power Out

POWERS: Super Power Manipulation. She can negate anyone's powers, and she can steal them permanently by drinking the blood of the user. She can also make a person lose control of their powers, often leading to the user back firing on themselves, or hurting one of their teammates.

Outfit: A pair of black leggings, knee high black boots, a black tee, and a black leather jacket.

Appearance: Ahsen is a beautiful woman, with silky black hair that is cut into a pixie cut, and vivid amber eyes. She has a natural dark tan, and flawless skin. She stands around 5'6".

Personality: Cruel, sadistic, are just a few words to describe Ahsen. She does not care about anyone but herself. She is ambitious, angry, and manipulative. She absolutely delights in destroying people, watching them flail about in desperation. She doesn't feel empathy or sympathy. Everyone is beneath her, and she is fueled on to exact revenge on everyone. She believes that the world has victimized her, and that no one is innocent. Ahsen is a sociopath, and a dangerous one. She has no qualms with killing, and often delights in it. The more horrific the action, the more she likes it.

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Re: Villain Profiles

Post by ShotgunBlastingOff on Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:22 pm

Name: Olivia Jardine

Codename: Ms. Hatch

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Orientation: Demiromantic Asexual

Appearance: Olivia is a slim and agile woman with dark skin and curly black hair. She has dark brown eyes but wears prescription contacts that make her eyes appear green. Her hair is usually kept cut asymmetrically and she never lets it grow past her shoulders. Her costume is a long dark coat with green accents and black leather pants. She wears a green and black masquerade mask and a device that covers her mouth and modifies her voice when speaking.

MeChip: A large albino boa constrictor named Davie that Olivia has spent a great deal of money to upgrade to protect from hackers.

Background: Olivia grew up in a rich home to a family whose wealth seemed to go back for nearly a century and appeared to come from nowhere. Olivia was always fascinated by the history of her family tree and was often found doing extensive research online or on occasion in books. She found multiple stories about all their work in politics, medicine, hero work and business but little on the original source of their wealth. It was often a big source of curiosity for her as she grew older and she found herself digging through more family records and history up until she was in college. There she finally found what she was looking for.

Olivia was the descendant of an infamous con artist David Hatch commonly known as Mr. Hatch. He was a homeless man who organized a network of cons, thieves, kids, and other street rats called the "Hatch Family" that worked to earn money and provide for those who could not provide for themself. It went on for generations growing until greed got the better of Mr. Hatch's descendants and they started to keep the money they earned for themselves. The Hatch Family was disbanded and the family name was changed to Jardine.

Fascinated, Olivia began to research about all the techniques and cons the Hatch family used to pull off. She taught herself all the tricks she could and dedicated any time she wasn't in class to learning how to be a con artist. Her family disapproved of her interest and threatened to disown her if she didn't give up on the idea. She ignored their wishes and true to their word, they cut her off. Forced to drop out of college, and with no place to go, Olivia became more determined to recreate the Hatch Family. She took up her new alias "Ms. Hatch" and began to work her way up slowly, making friends in good places, earning favors,and  pulling off big cons.

Now she its at the head of a new and improved Hatch Family. They not only con and steal money for the poor but also collect secrets on heroes and villains that they will expose for the right price. Some people may even hire members of the Hatch Family to work for them for a hefty price.

Personality: Olivia is a clever woman who knows how to read people. She is calm and seldom shows any emotion other than amusement. Her casual manner of speaking can make potential clients trust her and make potential enemies underestimate her. No matter what happens she always likes to maintain the illusion that she is in control. She is kind to those she has deemed worthy of it and takes it as a personal attack if anyone in her makeshift family gets hurt.


  • She has quick reflexes and deft hands that she can use to pick locks or perform sleight of hand tricks.
  • Quick thinker who can come up with a plan on and make adjustments in a moments notice.
  • She's has incredible observation skills and can notice slight changes in body language and alterations to her enviroment
  • She has several hidden weapons on the rare occasion she has to fight and can't run.


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Re: Villain Profiles

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