TRASH Chat RP Jacq, Knight, Cat [RAW TEXT]

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TRASH Chat RP Jacq, Knight, Cat [RAW TEXT]

Post by Copycat on Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:56 am

Copycat: [copycat's alert systems have brought him to a crime scene with a woman who looks to be the victim of an ani-gang attack, maybe she has like her chest clawed open or somethign idk, but theres lots of blood and he's staring intently and he looks lurk-y]
Copycat: cool! )
Knight: [after scouting out an area of the city that was crowded with law enforcement, knight comes across a certain individual who catches her eye. she studies him from afar, her gaze unwavering.]
Copycat: [copycat backs away from the body and checks something on his meChip, probably trying to match up the claw marks with specific animal dog? bird?]
Knight: [exhaling slowly, she meanders through the crowd, coming up from behind him.] im surprised no one's stopped to question this guy yet...I don't like how he's so close to the scene.
Copycat: [glances up and spots her stepping forward, he glares at her, in a 'this is my crime scene back off' way]
Knight: [freezing in her spot, she processed his glare and had half the mind to send one back. this guy didn't seem to be interested in making any good first impressions. she continued on towards him nonetheless.] excuse me, sir. just what exactly are you doing?
Copycat: [crosses his arms in distaste] What does it look like I'm doing?
Knight: [her expression sours, and she mimics his arm crossing.] to be honest, it looks like you're lurking around a scene that just so happens to be missing a suspect. what do you know about what went down here?
Knight: im sorry im so slow omg im a horrible multitasker)
Copycat: (
Copycat: (HECK I meant to say dont even worry)
Copycat: [he grimaces at her] What are you implying?
Knight: i'm not implying anything, I assure you. [she shrugs.] it just seems a bit strange to see someone so 'out of place' around here, is all. now, like I was saying, what do you know about the crime scene?
Copycat: [glares] It looks like an ani-gang hit.
Copycat: (you okay with cursing or gendered slurs?)
Knight: yes)
Copycat: (okay just making sure because copycat's a huge dick)
Knight: haha okay !)
Knight: seems obvious enough. [glances back towards the deceased victim and slowly turns her gaze back towards copycat, quickly looking at his hands.]
Copycat: [grits his teeth angrily] listen, why don't you go find a petty thief to bother, and let me handle this? I've got this covered.
Knight: excuse me? i'm sorry, but since when were you put in charge of this case? as far as i'm concerned, heroes are free to investigate as they wish.
Copycat: As far as I'm aware, it's common courtesy to allow the hero who arrives at the scene first the opportunity to handle it. But you seem intent on being unreasonable and accusatory.
Knight: what makes you think you're the first hero to arrive? a scene like this doesn't stay private from the public for very long, and, while I may be "unreasonable', at least I have enough common sense not to stand around looking as suspicious as possible.
Copycat: Why don't you just say what you're really thinking? You think I did it.
Jacquine joined the chat 19 seconds ago
Copycat: (yo)
Jacquine: Oh hellp
Jacquine: I didn't think anyone was here
Knight: [narrows her eyes.] I think it's possible you could be a suspect, yes.
Knight: hello!! wb! )
Jacquine: (Oh are you guys RPING?)
Knight: yep! )
Copycat: [huffs] Fuck off. Are you going to work with me or are you going to continue being an absolute pain in the ass.
Jacquine: (I'm sorry...)
Knight: you're good !)
Copycat: (yeah np we can chat and hang still)
Jacquine: (Okay : < )
Copycat: (u ccould even join us if you want I don't think anyone here minds o3o)
Knight: yeah :^D)
Jacquine: (But I'm terrible at Rping)
Jacquine: (And given my character it would cause more complications)
Copycat: (HUSH you'll be fine )
Jacquine: (Whimpers)
Copycat: (obvs you dont have to if you dont wanna)
Jacquine: (I do, it's just kinda feel out of place just barging in out of nowhere)
Jacquine: (Or intrusive or a nuisance)
Jacquine: (I'm weird....)
Copycat: (we were just rping for the heck of it nooo problem)
Jacquine: (Okay, but what were you rping about?)
Copycat: (uh copycat looking like a bad guy)
Knight: [sighs.] as much as I actually like being an "absolute pain in the ass", I do happen to work better on a team. I think i'd like to get this as resolved as quickly as possible, so i'm in.
Jacquine: (I have no idea how to join this...)
Knight: well we're standing in a crowd around a crime scene)
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Knight: so theres a perfect opportunity for different heroes to look around and get interested in the case)
Knight: hi!! )
Jacquine: (Hello)
Copycat: [rolls his eyes and crouches by the body] Well, look. The claw marks - [he makes a clawing motion above the wounds] - are three larger cuts, and then a single lower one.
Copycat: (hey ~)
Joule: (Hey guys! Not here to stay unfortunately, just checking if my connection can handle the chat and it's really struggling Razz I'll speak to you later though!)
Jacquine: Does that mean they're were two?
Knight: oh, okay! bye! :^( )
Jacquine: (Okay, take care!)
Copycat: (okie ttyl)
Copycat: [glares at her] No. It means a bird. Like talons?
Jacquine: *Looking away in slight fear* I am sorry, I am new to this.
Knight: [gets in close as well, and reviews the wounds.] looks like we're going to be looking mainly for a feathered culprit, then.
Jacquine: But how will we do that?
Copycat: [stands] I'm not sure even three of us can handle this. We could comb the Fringes looking for anyone with talons but we'd probably find too many. And then we don't have much in the way of connecting any single bird person to this.
Griffin joined the chat
Knight: hello!! )
Griffin: (BONJOUR what's uppppp)
Copycat: (gutentag)
Jacquine: (Hiiiii~)
Griffin: oOOOOOOO we got a new guy I SAW 'IM ON THE TAG HI HELLO!!!)
Jacquine: *Nervously* What if...What if we took a picture?
Knight: A picture? What of?
Knight: You compare the talon marks with the other ani-folk?
Griffin: (AAAAa HI!!! i'm sou nice to meet you!!! omg omg omg nEW PEOPLE)
Copycat: (blushu nice to meet you toooo~)
Copycat: It's possible....if we could compare sizes but...I'm no bird expert.
Jacquine: *Nods* things better
Jacquine: (Also, note, they draw)
Jacquine: (They draw awesome!)
Jacquine: (Like everyone else who draw here)
Copycat: (BLUSH MORE omg you're too nice)
Griffin: (I SAW THE ART OMG SO PRETTY SO PRETty fuhdskydgky liES ON MY Side)
Knight: While that's not too bad of an idea, the problem mainly comes from how we'd go about doing it. We can't just ask all the bird-like citizens to form a line while we go through comparing them.
Knight: omg thank uuuu aa )
Jacquine: (I speak the truth!)
Copycat: They're more likely to beat the shit out of us than cooperate.
Griffin: (sobs a lot i try i try rly hard thank)
Knight: everyone here does draw really awesome! * v *)/ )
Jacquine: (Cept me)
Knight: oh hush u )
Griffin: (shhhhhhh)
Copycat: (NO you're all so good omggg)
Jacquine: What about bird seeds?
Knight: >:^c )
Griffin: (that's one more hero on my list i gotta draw then hAHAHA)
Jacquine: (Oh, just to let you guys know)
Copycat: [stares at Jacquine]
Copycat: What's your name?
Jacquine: (Jacquine is about...99% done with the redux)
Jacquine: *Nervously* J..Jacquine Annebelle Delacrouix....
Griffin: (OoOOOOOO)
Jacquine: (I just need someone to draw it)
Jacquine: (But then I feel bad asking people)
Griffin: (I I I would volunteer but -glances at commissions-)
Copycat: These people aren't actually birds, Jacquine Annebelle Delacrouix.
Jacquine: (That's okay, I'd feel bad anyway)
Copycat: (yeah people don't like my art enough to commission me, I wish I was too busy to spend 3+ hours on a sketch)
Jacquine: (Bbecause I'm a bit of a nit picker, I think)
Jacquine: (I would totes commission you! )
Griffin: shhhhHHH copycat your art is nice omg )
Copycat: (blush thankss but every time I try to open commissions no one buys so /shrug)
Jacquine: *Even more nervous* I...I am a-aware....
Jacquine: (shoves wallet into your hand)
Jacquine: (Take it! Take all of it!)
Copycat: (haha, I would! dont tempt me!)
Copycat: And you're really suggesting offering bird feed to them? [narrows eyes]
Griffin: cries i would buy but i'm also saving up for stuff)
Jacquine: *whimpering* Non..I was...metaphoring
Knight: Come now, i'm sure she was just joking.
Knight: woops omg)
Jacquine: (You wouldn't be able too I'm broke XD)
Jacquine: (It's okay)
Jacquine: (But when I do get money, I am commissioning all of you!)
Copycat: Oh my god, well I'm glad we got the fantastic duo, Chick-Who-Thinks-I-Did-It, and the Jester over here.
Plume joined the chat
Jacquine: (Hi~)
Copycat: (hullo)
Griffin: OMG LUCA)
Knight: [rolls her eyes and scans around the rest of the crime scene.] we're doing a great job so far, huh? well...if only there were other factors we could use to compare. see any feathers?
Plume: omg HI COPYCAT! Are you new here?)
Knight: hi!! )
Plume: Helllooo everyone yohoo)
Copycat: (YEAH HI SORRY I need to post my character profile on the forums I've been taking forever)
Jacquine: (How are you?)
Griffin: whispers it's ok luca hasn't posted hers yet either ah ah ha ha)
Plume: SAME IT'S OKAY HI JAC I AM not done with my profile i'm so sorry)
Jacquine: T...That would depend...Madam Knight...
Copycat: (yay no profile party)
Copycat: What does that mean, Jacquine Annebelle De-whatever?
Jacquine: W..well...what if the...Défunt...could not fight back...
Jacquine: (Copycat is really intimidating her)
Copycat: What the everloving fuck is a defunt?
Copycat: (he's 100% aware and he's not happy ur being a lil betch)
Jacquine: (She's sensitive! D: )
Copycat: (SPIT IT OUT)
Knight: omgg )
Jacquine: *Whispering* It is...deceased in my language...
Jacquine: (Knight, Copycat is being mean to Jacquine!)
Griffin: (oh dang)
Copycat: [exasperated sighing]
Plume: Oh shit uhuhu drama)
Jacquine: (It's bad enough she has to see a dead body)
Knight: omG)
Jacquine: (REASONS!)
Knight: shes trying her best copycat stop being such a sour ravioli gosh)
Copycat: (I'm just messing with u she's cutE!)
Jacquine: (Oh thank god I thought you hated her)
Copycat: (RUDE)
Knight: GOOD)
Jacquine: (expire pasta is best insult pasta)
Copycat: (not expired pasta typing wow)
Plume: christ i'm outside and it's about to rain and i don't have an umbrella uhuhuhu kill me now)
Jacquine: (Wait what animal is the ani person?)
Knight: birdie)
Griffin: omg good luck luca)
Jacquine: (So another bird killed a birdy?)
Copycat: (wh a t no )
Copycat: (dead persons jus t nonpowered normal human)
Griffin: i guess you could say it was a.... cockfight B) )
Jacquine: (OH!)
Griffin: wow i'm late LOL )
Copycat: (BYE)
Plume: hehehehehe)
Knight: get out of here)
Knight: and never come back)
Copycat: (je sus christ)
Plume: uhuhuhu fuck ok i'll brb because my laptop is gettin wet uhuhu)
Jacquine: Did you see if there were bruises?
Griffin: omg take care luca omgggg)
Jacquine: (Take care)
Knight: the trio is doing such a bang up job rn)
Knight: i wonder if anyone else found the culprit already haha)
Copycat: (omfg we're terrible detectives)
Jacquine: (It's our first day!)
Knight: we just punch stuff we dont really find clues)
Jacquine: (But jacquine has read all the batman comics)
Copycat: (we need a real hero)
Jacquine: She knows everything about detective stuff ; ) )
Copycat: (should there be bruises idk)
Knight: )
Jacquine: (Yes!)
Copycat: (WOW)
Jacquine: (When someone struggles/resisits in a fight minor bruises show up)
Copycat: (ye but what if they didn't sstruggle I mean should they have struggled IDK do whatchu want)
Copycat: Why don't you take a look?
Jacquine: *Taking a look at the body and whimpers, looking away* I can not!
Knight: Ahhhh, there could be another clue beneath the victim, but there's no touching her without getting in a tussle with the police...
Knight: Jacquine, if you're going to be a hero, you can't always turn a blind eye to corpses.
Copycat: Obviously you can look, you have eyes and they seem to work. So why won't you?
Jacquine: is so sad. My heart hurts looking...
Copycat: And my heart hurts listening to you.
Knight: damn)
Jacquine: (YOU BOUNDER!)
Copycat: (someone's full of vinegar today ngl)
Jacquine: *Whispering so only she can hear it* Et vous blessez mon coeur aussi
Knight: omG )
Jacquine: (Sad times)
Copycat: (heartbreaker)
Jacquine: *Straightens up and tries to recompose herself* V...very well, I shall look
Copycat: You're not always going to have someone to stand next to you and describe everything to you. Toughen up, kid. Just - [sigh] - look at the arms. That's typically where bruises show up if someone's resisting.
Griffin: (wondering if i should pop in but i think i'll just watch a h ha oh man)
Jacquine: *Leans close to the body, making a small noise when getting closer*
Jacquine: *Shakily picking up one of arms and examines it*
Copycat: [grabs her wrist] You're not supposed to touch.
Jacquine: B...but I am wearing gloves
Jacquine: *Shows gloves* see?
Plume joined the chat
Griffin: wb luca!)
Copycat: [shakes head] No one's come to take photographic evidence of the crime scene. Until then, nothing can be disturbed.
Knight: wb!)
Jacquine: (Hi~)
Copycat: (hullo again!)
Jacquine: *Confused* How are we supposed to find the bruises?
Plume: Uhuhu I'm finally in a dry place)
Plume: Thanks guys uhuhu)
Jacquine: (Yay!)
Griffin: omfg ok brb here i'm taking my dog upstairs ha ha a)
Jacquine: (Puppy~)
Knight: The only option we have is to look, not touch.
Plume joined the chat
Copycat: Move around, look at it from all angles. Or grab the police and let them do their job for the next two days.
Griffin: omg it's raining here too hhhhh hope there's no storm )
Plume: there's gonna be a storm soon i bet ugh)
Jacquine: *Happily* Then I shall look from angles
Copycat: (I wish I had rain sob)
Griffin: well i hope i still get to go to your place this friday, luca;;;; )
Jacquine: (Same and I'm british)
Knight: [sighs.] wouldn't someone have found out who the culprit is by then? i'd really just like to hurry up and track down the evildoer.
Plume: is it hot there rn??)
Griffin: not that warm, no... (
Griffin: ay frick )
Jacquine: (Yeah, summer time is the worst)
Griffin: OH I THought you were askin me omg sorry luca)
Jacquine: (I thought she was asking me!)
Griffin: she was asking you LOL )
Jacquine: (I didn't know ; A Wink
Griffin: PATS YOU SHHHHhh it's ok shhh )
Plume: AHAHAHAHA it's fine i was talking to you, jac haha)
Jacquine: But Madam Knight are we not the only ones here?
Plume: Dax we live in the same fuckin area jesus)
Copycat: Yeah, that's the point, knuckleheads. We look and don't touch or we let the police handle it.
Griffin: laughs y...ep.... sorry luca bro)
Jacquine: I...I am confused...
Jacquine: *Twiddles fingers*
Knight: As far as we know. the whole investigation has been up for grabs from different heroes, y'know.
Copycat: Do you want to solve this or do you want to sit around discussing it?
Jacquine: But leaving the body here, it seems to cruel for a hero to do...
Copycat: What did you want to do? Take it out on a date?
Jacquine: (She would)
Griffin: OIHDSifufh )
Knight: [swats copycat.] stop that, already. and jacquine, we don't have much of a choice. the police have to do their job.
Copycat: [shoots a glare at knight] Listen, I'll take you out on a date to make up for it. I know you were really looking forward to it, so....
Jacquine: *Nods slowly* You are right, Madam Knight...
Jacquine: *Hugs Knight defensively* Non!
Copycat: [really shitty accent] Mais, oui!
Knight: i
Knight: [narrows her eyes at copycat.] i'm very disappointed in you.
Copycat: [shrugs]
Jacquine: Elle n'est pas la vôtre!
Urban joined the chat
Urban joined the chat
Knight: [pats jacquine's arms.] a-alright, that's enough. we're heroes, remember? we're going to solve this case, remember?
Copycat: I don't care what she is, Frenchie.
Knight: hello!!)
Copycat: (oop! also HI )
Jacquine: (HI!)
Urban: eyy guys ))
Griffin: omg HI URBAn)
Jacquine: (Stuff is happening URban!)
Jacquine: (I'm being social! 8' D )
Plume: EY URBAN)
Urban: i noticed omfg im so proud bless u ))
Urban: EY PLUME ))
Jacquine: (Tthank you!; w ; )
Jacquine: *Letting go of Knight* Yes, I remember...
Copycat: So are we headed to the Fringes or what?
Knight: with only the talon marks as evidence, we don't have much of a choice. lets move out already, Jaquine, uhh...whathisface.
Copycat: [sarcastically] Thanks.
Jacquine: Y..yes, but may I do one thing, Madam Knight?
Knight: Yes?
Copycat: [mutters] Oh my god. [pulls a syringe discreetly out of his tool belt]
Knight: copycat what r u doin)
Knight: put that away)
Jacquine: I wish to say goodbye to monsieur
Jacquine: (Don't be mean Copycat!)
Copycat: (oh uh it's his power thing SORRY I DIDNT EXPLAIN)
Joule joined the chat
Copycat: (ayy joule what up)
Jacquine: (That's really cool!)
Urban: jouleeeeeee ))
Jacquine: (Hhi Joule)
Knight: wb!)
Joule: YO everyone
Plume: Jouleeee supsup)
Joule: Soooo what have I been missing?
Joule: Hey sexy~
Jacquine: (I'm socialising 8' ) )
Copycat: (UH copycats a suspicious asshole)
Joule: ([claps hands])
Knight: 3 heroes are trying to solve a murder case and failing)
Joule: (Suspicious about what : O)
Griffin: sup joule!!)
Joule: (AHAHAA that's amazing.)
Joule: Yoooo Grif
Joule: Also
Joule: Griffin
Joule: Go away. Just go away. Leave tumblr. Leave this planet. You are is too lovely.
Griffin: hm?
Joule: I can't handle it
Griffin: WH?
Joule: :p
Knight: [nods.] that's...that's fine, I guess. don't take too long, though, because with all the time we've spent here, i'm sure others have already gotten a headstart.
Jacquine: *Goes to the body speaking it to it* Je ne vous connais pas mais j'espère que vous trouverez la paix dans les cieux. Vous serez remememberd
Griffin: WHAT
Griffin: criES JOULE)
Joule: I just really love your art style :p
Copycat: (in other news I think I finally fucking finished my lines for copycat)
Jacquine: *Curtsy and turns around* I am ready, Madam Knight
Knight: WOOO)
Griffin: lieS ON FLOOR... THANKS JOULE........ that means a lot coming from you TEAR ROLLS DOWN CHEEK)
Jacquine: (Yay!)
Copycat: (pats griffin softly)
Griffin: OH THE SCREENSHOT.... omg uhfkudsyfgk )
Joule: (The one with the wings?)
Jacquine: (Whats this?)
Joule: (Beauty that's what it is
Copycat: Can we go now? Or do we need to grab a ouija board?
Copycat: (wait what my boy? with the wings?)
Griffin: omg griffin's wings i'm gonn cry i'm not going to draw that over and over again a hah ah ha)
Joule: (Yeah)
Joule: (Will I be stupid if I ask what copycat's powers are)
Griffin: CHINHANDS i want to know too omg)
Plume: does copycat copy other powers???)
Copycat: (NO it's fine he has imitative mutation I should REALLY POST his profile but I take foreverrr)
Copycat: (UH POTENTIALLY but that's not something I've considered seriously yet)
Joule: (Yesss do the profile thing.)
Plume: .. oh does anybody, other than dax, know luca's powers or)
Jacquine: *Nodding to Copycat* Yes, I am ready, Mister....I do not know your name.
Knight: YES, we can go now! Let's go!
Joule: (Actually I just edited Joule's this morning cause I needed to add a section about his health)
Plume: you know what i should really work on luca's profile ok brb)
Copycat: (mostly he just can grab bits of DNA from creatures and add the mutations to his own body i.e. grow some wings from bird DNA)
Griffin: have fun luca LMAO )
Joule: (You mean Luca has more powers other than being sexy?)
Copycat: (which is what he's gonna do now........)
Griffin: joOULE )
Plume: oh what the fuck that's a kick-ass power, copycat)
Copycat: (sputters wow ty)
Joule: (Yeaaah it's slugging cool)
Griffin: dude copycat that is SUPER RAD)
Jacquine: *Everyone else has cool powers!)
Copycat: (intense blushing)
Joule: (you mean EVERYONE has cool powers, Jac)
Jacquine: (Energy Manipulation and Construction is not as cool as everyone elses!)
Griffin: bless this whole group all the heroes have gr8 powers )
Copycat: (AM I able to edit the post after I've posted it? because I can shove the WIP on there for reference if u need)
Jacquine: (Yeah you can)
Jacquine: (Shush you guys! >//3//>)
Jacquine: (Oh, by the way where should I put my momms comes to visit RP?)
Jacquine: (Momma*)
Copycat: (hurgh okay I posted the thing)
Copycat: (I......definitely rambled about his superpowers there)
Plume: OMG im the only one left i feel pressured)
Griffin: shhh luca take your time )
Plume: oh his name is so hot ELIJAH)
Jacquine: (Like the hobbit!)
Joule: (So hot it gives me WOOD)
Copycat: (WOW)
Joule: (AHAAahahaha I am so funny ahaha)
Knight: joule pls)
Joule: ([hits head against wall])
Griffin: oH MY GOD)
Griffin: awwWWWW FRICK i love him already omg om g )
Copycat: (SO uh yeah that's eli and there's the sketch I was working on in the tags)
Griffin: dangggggg lookin gr8 )
Jacquine: (He's so cool....)
Plume: what where are the tags i wanna see eli)
Griffin: divine queer posse, chy )
Plume: OH right ok sorry brainfart)
Griffin: pats u )
Joule: ([goes back to making forum changes])
Plume: oh that's hot ELI I LIKE YOU)
Copycat: (oh yeeahhh and he's trans )
Copycat: (he dont got a dingaling)
Griffin: ooooooo)
Joule: 5'11 yay more short people
Joule: for me to loom over
Plume: omg joule stop bullying the small people)
Copycat: (t ha ts NOT THAT SHORT U FREAK)
Griffin: dammit joule you're 2tall )
Jacquine: (Did we just forget the RP we were doing?)
Jacquine: (Also 5'Cool
Knight: omg i was just waiting for copy to do the copy thing)
Copycat: (HIGH FIVES BACK I like dumb puns for my mechips)
Jacquine: (Exactly)
Copycat: (get it hahah ChAT)
Copycat: (its a cat but also its a cat in french)
Copycat: (in the game I had the sweet old lady and I named her CAREy)
Joule: (Okay I will stop distracting people now)
Griffin: omg ANIMAL MECHIPs )
Griffin: mine's a tiny burd)
Griffin: i mean, dax's )
Copycat: [copycat stabs himself with the needle and does the copy thing and WOOSH BIRD WINGS] Let's go. [badass music plays in the background]
Knight: best transition ever b)
Copycat: (I gotta pee and then grab a cookie I'll brb)
Plume: UHUHUHU I LOVE PUNS copycat i would like to be ur friend)
Jacquine: *Constructs angel wings out of energy*
Joule: (My dad is trying to drag me to go to the beach and I want to stay online something must be very wrong with me okay gotta go again. One of these days I'll be able to come on and stay dammit. One day0
Griffin: pats you joule!! )
Jacquine: (A holy choir sings in the background as a beam of light shines on her. God gives her a thumbs up)
Joule: (Byyeeee)
Griffin: oh m ygod jac)
Jacquine: (By joule~)
Griffin: bye joule!)
Knight: Hey, Jacquine, would you mind if I rode with you? I...don't have any sort of wings.
Knight: bye!)
Knight: ima brb real quick too)
Jacquine: But of course Madam Knight
Jacquine: *Lifts Knight bridal style*
Plume: byee!! Joule!!)
Jacquine: (making coffee will be backsuper soon)
Copycat: (@Plume YES BE MY FRIEND also hello im back)
Griffin: omg luca and eli would be interesting friends )
Copycat: [copycat fakes an offended look] What you don't want to hitch a ride with me?
Plume: they can be eating buddies too omg)
Copycat: (omfg speaking of eating, if copycat ever went evil he would totally drink blood for mutations ngl)
Jacquine: *Playfully sticking her tongue to Copycat* Parce qu'elle est mon épouse
Copycat: [raises an eyebrow] Wait really?
Jacquine: (I have coffee!)
Copycat: (yum!)
Jacquine: *Blushing* N...non! I jest!
Knight: ...? What? I don't speak French.
Jacquine: (Hee hee -//w//-)
Copycat: Listen, Frenchie, I took four years of French, don't mess with me.
Jacquine: But I do not wish to mess, only to friend.
Copycat: [snorts] Whatever. Let's go.
Knight: Are we almost there yet? [scans below her.]
Jacquine: I am following the birdman, I have never been to the fringes.
Griffin: (biRDMAN)
Jacquine: (She doesn't know his name yet!)
Knight: more like wingman amirite)
Copycat: [Sighs audibly] Yeah, it's just another mile or so.
Copycat: (I'll be ur wingman ayy)
Knight: B^) )
Jacquine: (Oh my god)
Jacquine: (Yyou two stop that!)
Copycat: (becaus e that's exactly what happened earlier lmao)
Jacquine: (Another ship has set sail because of you!)
Griffin: pFF)
Knight: So, "birdman", what got you interested in the investigation?
Copycat: It's Copycat. And I got an alert.
Jacquine: *Excitdely* "Copycat" the name is so cool
Jacquine: Mister Copycat, may I ask you a question?
Copycat: [side glances rl hard] Uhh, sure
Knight: copycat pls)
Knight: be nais)
Jacquine: M...May I call you, Monsieur Kitty?
Copycat: No.
Urban: oh my god ))
Jacquine: *Sad faces*
Jacquine: Sad
Knight: [chokes on a chuckle.]
Jacquine: *Whispers to Knight* I shall call him Mister Kitty
Copycat: C'mon. [starts to dive]
Urban: i love u jacquine )))
Jacquine: ( <3 )
Jacquine: *Follows Mister kitty*
Copycat: [lands super gracefully because he's hella FLY]
Jacquine: *Glides and flaps wings allowing Knight to land at a safe distance*
Jacquine: *Evaporates wings too early and lands on her butt*
Jacquine: *In pain* Owie...
Copycat: [fold his wings and keeps them in case he needs to skedaddle] This way, I know a guy. [ignores jacqueline and jogs down the street]
Knight: [pulls her up.] c'mon, let's hurry. [follows mr kitty.]
Copycat: [is not Mr. Kitty]
Jacquine: Merci... *Follows Knight*
Jacquine: (It is now >Very Happy )
Copycat: [approaches a real shady building that honestly looks like it should be abandoned] Alright stay here for a minute.
Knight: [nods at mr kitty.] I guess.
Jacquine: *Looking sad* okay...
Copycat: This guy's just...he's paranoid. Just sit tight I'll be back.
Jacquine: *To Knight* I do not like this place...
Copycat: [flutters off and into the building]
Copycat: (idk if u guys wanna chat while I'm busyyy)
Jacquine: (I don't mind)
Jacquine: (BTW, how do we save chats?)
Jacquine: (I want to put this on the Boards)
Knight: We'll just be a minute. So, Jacquine. [turns to look at her.] why did you decide to come and investigate with us?
Knight: ni idea)
Knight: oh wait it says save / print at the left side )
Jacquine: (How much does it save though >.>
Knight: m not sure but i think it should save all of the rp)
Jacquine: *Striking a heroic pose* Because I am a hero and this is what heros do.
Jacquine: (Aw man, it's confusing)
Copycat: (I grabbed it and shoved it into a word doc if that helps?)
Jacquine: *Worried* Is this not what heroes do?
Jacquine: (Thanks)
Copycat: (ALSO as much as I like this I really should probably go to bed ;n;)

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