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Character Profiles

Post by Joule on Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:54 pm

Post the profiles of your characters here!

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Joule Profile

Post by Joule on Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:55 pm

Name: Nathaniel (Nat) Prescott Bernoulli - surname was Ampere but he changed his name.

Age: 25
Birthday: August 31st

Gender and Orientation: Male, pansexual, polyamorous

Height: 6'7

Code name: Joule

MeChip: Polite but sarcastic butler called Richard

Powers: Physics manipulation
There are of course limitations to this power, and overuse can cause headaches and if pushed too far, brain damage. They are also limited by the user’s knowledge of physics.

Time control, in specific, is forbidden to Joule by his herologist, as it may cause serious, irreversible damage to his brain - he has already had mini strokes.

Fighting style: Nat tends to go all out and overestimate his powers, so he recklessly unleashes attacks. While he has a strong power set, he has little skill in hand-to-hand combat. He tries to make up for it with various sets of guns, his favourites being his plasma guns, which he can wield quite skilfully.

Family and backstory: Parents are in the Devoid for helping a villain murder innocents. The villain held Nat hostage when he was a little kid, and threatened to kill him if his parents did not cooperate. He lived with his grandmother for two years after that but she died, so he moved to the US to live with his aunt after that, till the age of 18. They barely speak anymore.
Nat never forgave his parents for not letting the villain kill him – he is the kind of person who’ll sacrifice a city to save the world - and he is very touchy when the subject of parents comes up.

Outfit: Old fashioned, black latex with white lines, and a big white “J” on the chest. Fancy black and white mask, metallic panels to help with flight, and red cape. The clips holding his cape to his suit have little atom symbols etched on them.

Appearance: Tall figure, always standing up straight, confidently, but not in a stiff way. Bright green eyes, black, curly hair, which he sleeks back. He is part Chinese, part French; a long face with sharp features and very strong cheekbones. He exercises every day, watches his diet, and is incredibly vain, so he makes sure he is in top physical condition (see: muscles, muscles everywhere).

Health: Nat had his first mini-stroke when he was 5. He used his time control powers to bring back a tortoise which had been ran over. The family herologist explained that he should not use his powers again, until they are certain he can control them without causing harm to himself. After that Nat kept practicing in secret from time to time, which lead to a couple of other TIAs. By the age of 15 he'd had four mini-strokes, and his memory was beginning to suffer from the strain his powers were having on his brain.

Now at the age of 24, he's lost count of how many mini-strokes he's had, and has learnt to avoid manipulating time, has an extremely healthy diet, takes his medication and exercises daily. He struggles with remembering things sometimes, and once in a while he'll forget what he's saying mid-sentence, especially when he's stressed. He is still at great risk, since a normal stroke could be around the corner any day, and it is made worse by the fact that he often accidentally uses his powers when having nightmares during his sleep. At the same time, his powers also help at keeping him alive, as it would be unusual for an ordinary human to survive as many attacks as he's had.

Personality: There is quite a difference between Joule and Nat. Joule is confident, carefree, he is cocky, reckless, and does many stupid things. Joule loves everyone, and enjoys being around people and commanding their attention. Joule is a mask Nat created to deal with both his parents being sent to the Devoid and his health problems. Nat is more quiet, and apathetic. Most importantly, Nat is afraid, Joule is fearless.

Joule absolutely adores life. He loves everything about it, he wants to do everything, to go everywhere, he loves being alive. He does not, however, love anyone other than himself, not really. He has not had a single relationship, or friend, or even anyone to care for, since the age of 10. He believes love is an overrated, illogical thing, which leads to nothing but trouble and illogical decisions. He is also very fond of sex - more like obsessed with it - and will hit on anyone who he considers attractive. He is also obsessed with fashion and good looks.

However, as Nat learns to deal with his emotions and his issues, the two personas begin to merge, and he becomes an open, loving person, who cares both about himself and everyone around him.

Hobbies and other: He does a lot of reading, mostly from real, printed books. He reads a lot about physics, so he can learn to use his powers better, and has a vast collection of books, with his bedroom being a library. He collects all kinds of old things – guitars, guns, books, music players, anything really. He is obsessed with history and old things.

Video games are another hobby of his, retro ones especially, and he owns several old consoles. As far as music goes, he plays the electric guitar, and is a fan of classic rock. Another hobby of his is watching replays of any screentime he’s gotten on the 3v, because he is a vain bastard.

Then there's his beauty routine. He loves taking care of his skin, his hair, his appearance, and will spend hours on it. He's also very into fashion and fashion design. He owns a very large fashion firm called Prescott Bernoulli, which focuses on menswear, as well as super-suits. (Think of it as the equivalent of today's Louis Vuitton, or Armani.)


tldr; He has parent issues and issues with love and relationships. He acts like he loves everyone but he is a selfish jerk. He is whiny and wants all the attention. He is vain and values beauty far too much. He is obsessed with geeky stuff and fashion. He has memory issues because of his time control powers hurting him and he could die any day.

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Acrylic – Profile

Post by ArtieStroke on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:32 pm

Name: Rachel Stokes
Age: 22
Code name: Acrylic
MeChip: Standard caring motherly figure, named Jaine
Orientation: Lesbian

Powers: Acrylics manipulation
Basically Magneto's powers but reversed- she controls plastics and can form them to her will. She can't make anything very complex and with a lot of moving parts- she does save a lot of money on anime action figures though.

Fighting style: Rachel is proficient in double-ended weapon fighting- her signature style being quarterstaff use. She is very graceful and defensive with her  fighting- spinning blocks and quickly generated plastic shields. She subdues and tries to avoid casualties.

Family and backstory: Mother was a powered hero with the ability to generate force fields and her father was unpowered. The mother died in a robbery she tried to stop- but the crooks had some stolen prototype anti-hero tech that penetrated her mother's shields. Rachel never got along with her father too much- he was a strict disciplinarian, and once she got to college she started living on her own and applied for a hero license. Years later, she's finally able to start patrolling the streets as Acrylic

Super suit: Steel and Bronze colored skintight suit, wrap around face mask with eye obscuring lenses. Covered with military grade plastic plating for easy access to having more use for her plastic powers

Appearance: Grey eyes and auburn hair. Nicely tanned and with freckles. About 5'8" and nicely defined muscle

Personality: Her mother's death shaped a lot of her personality- she has the idea that a hero is someone who would willingly sacrifice themselves before letting an innocent fall to harm. She pushes herself- maybe a little too hard at times. She has to be the best she can if she's gonna be a hero, and slugger if she'll let her mom's memory fall from grace. Doesn't
mean she doesn't welcome a nice break- though sometimes she has a hard time seeing that she needs one. Also has
a bad habit of holding in her feelings and telling half truths if it'll smooth things over when dealing with people. She will however offer an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a baked good to make everything feel better.

Hero personality: Acrylic tries to make herself look like a paragon of goodness. She fights defensively, doesn't hog for glory, and lets her actions speak louder than her words. She doesn't try to come across like a kinda broody Batman type, but it shows- mostly though she just doesn't know how to talk to press which keeps her interactions terse.

Hobbies: She's got a degree in animation, and greatly enjoys drawing. She also keeps to a pretty strict training regiment- morning runs, work outs, staff fighting practice, etc. She also oddly enough enjoys cooking- mostly baking. For someone so fit you'd never think she'd know how to bake a cake so well.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Zenith on Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:10 am

Name: Arkady 'Kade' Morgenstern

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pansexual, polyamorous

Code Name: Zenith

MeChip: A garbled bunch of broken images, squares and code, called Glitch. About as snarky as Kade is.

Powers: Electromagnetism Manipulation

There are limits to this; the bigger the task, the more difficult it is to do and the more strain it puts on him. He's knocked himself unconscious once or twice trying to move things that were far too large.

Fighting Style: Almost exclusively uses his powers in whatever way he possibly can. Kade holds nothing back, going by the saying 'a good offense is to DESTROY EVERYTHING'. If it actually comes down to it, he is experienced in Judo for close-combat.

Family & Backstory: Son of a hero and villain. His mother was the hero known as Figment, she had the ability to make herself invisible. His father is the villain known as Inferno, and can manipulate heat and fire. They never married, but had joint custody over him, which meant a lot of being passed around from place to place. He absolutely despises his father, who never showed him a single bit of kindness. His mother tried, but ultimately put her career before her son. His father killed her during a bank heist gone wrong- one that landed him with a life sentence in the Devoid.

Kade was then fostered for a few years before striking out on his own, living on the streets and doing whatever he needed to surivive. Until one day he just happened to be present to prevent a train crash, which people were apparently very thankful for. They even called him a hero. Weird. Still, it was enough to spur him into becoming an actual hero.

Outfit: Black lycra tshirt and shorts, under a red hoodie with a silver ring on the chest. Black pants, red and black hightops. He also wears metal wristbands for storing electrical energy, and a belt that has various bits of metal in it. Also, red and black goggles for flying. And because they look cool.

Appearance: Black wavy hair that he never brushes (and probably would never wash if Glitch didn't remind him to shower). Golden brown eyes, and skin with a slight olive cast to it. He's somewhat athletic, built rather like a track and field runner, and is 6'1". He also has a super cute nose.

Personality: An absolute little shit. Kade goes out of his way to be annoying, he just can't help it. He has pretty much no shame- hardly anything embarasses him, and he'll flirt with anything that is pretty enough to catch his attention. Kade and casual sex (and hate sex) go hand in hand. He has a sense of humour to match- crude, annoying, loud. Anything is fair game, there are few things that he is above doing in order to get a good laugh. Underneath all of this, he isn't all that bad. If you stick around long enough, Kade can be a very loyal friend. He's the kind of guy who would take a bullet for someone he really cared about, but if he decided that he hates you, he wouldn't piss down your throat if your lungs were on fire.

He also loves his powers- a little too much, and takes any opportunity to use them, even when it's totally unnecessary. In fact, his biggest fear is being without them. He's even had nightmares about that- but it's nigh impossible to get him to talk about that.

Also, don't mention his dad. He's liable to break something.


Hero Personality: Unlike most heroes, Kade is actually public. He has no secret identity. It's not that he wants people to know, its just that he doesn't care if they do. He's not afraid of people coming after him or anyone close to him, completely confident in the fact that he can handle it. As for how he handles the business of hero-ing, Kade likes the saying 'the ends justify the means'. So if that entails him tearing up an entire building just to get at one guy, then so be it. He also has zero respect for any form of law.

Hobbies: Aside from enjoying sleeping a little too much, and annoying people and playing pranks, Kade likes to read comic books. Even old printed ones- no, especially old printed ones. The ones with all the old super heroes in them. He won't admit it but he's a gigantic fanboy nerd. He also plays the violin, but good luck with him actually playing it in front of anyone- it's the only thing he ever gets shy about.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Knight on Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:02 am

Name: Jackie Harrison
Age: 19
Code name: Knight
MeChip: A sassy diva named Zenze.
Orientation: Pansexual

Powers: Weapon Creation
With help from her specially made gloves, she channels her energy into her hands in various shapes of swords and shields. Like most powers, her weapon creation has a limit. Depending on the type of sword/shield, each weapon she creates can only last for a certain time before it gradually disappears. Variables such as length and even sharpness can easily determine how long it lasts.

Fighting style: Jackie usually takes the defensive approach to most situations, and only really dives right in when it's necessary. Since she uses a variety of different swords, she can also fight with one-handed and two-handed swords. She has a decent amount of knowledge and practice with martial arts, but it's not something she really prioritizes in her training, surprisingly.

Family and backstory: Jackie has been living an overall normal life with her moms and her dog, Golda. There's not much detail to go into besides the fact that she pursued her career of heroism despite their attempts to prevent her from doing so at first. Since then, they've learned to accept that this is what their daughter wants to do, and they're going to support her. Nowadays, she just trains peacefully, knowing her family is rooting for "Knight".

Super suit: Sporting a rather weighty costume, Jackie starts off the first layer of her costume with a thick, black mesh suit. Next comes a flexible layer of durable silver steel, followed lastly by black plated armor on top to match her gloves and thigh high boots. She wears a helm and sports sharp spaulders upon her shoulders as well. A red/silver dual-colored cloak is draped along her back.

Appearance: Outside of her costume, Jane is pretty small. She has a short stature and only comes to a measly 5"1 without her shoes. While her arms are decently sculpted, her legs are thick and are very well built in comparison. Her eyes are brown, and has a long nose. She also  has very short red hair and has a tanish complexion.

Personality: She's a rather blunt and bold girl, and isn't afraid to call you out if you're wrong about something. Because of this, people have had a variety of different impressions of her, but she's an alright person. She speaks in a calm manner, and rarely ever raises her voice.

She knows where the line is between what's good and what's bad, and has an overall strong sense of justice. She lives by her own set of honest morals.

Hero personality: "Knight" isn't much different from Jackie, aside from the fact that she tends to take things more seriously than her counterpart. She's also more likely to be wearing a mildly angry expression.

-Jackie really enjoys gardening, and tends to her own little rows of plants in her backyard.
-She also loves to eat, her favorite foods leaning towards the greens, but she eats anything.
-Waking up early in the morning before the sun rises is a daily occurrence, and it's one that Jackie enjoys for obscure reasons.

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Freefall - Profile

Post by Freefall on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:49 am

Name: Evan Winters

Age: 22

Code name: Freefall

MeChip: Sassy diva called Whitney

Power set: Aerokinetic cloning & Vector manipulation

Family: Older brother in the devoid for murdering innocents.

Super suit: Black combat outfit under dark leather jacket. Black mask covers face and large combat boots.

Appearance: hazel/green eyes, light brown hair in an undercut style. Slightly tanned.

About: Evan has a strong sense of justice, and will occasionally break the law to uphold that justice. His brother was sent to the Devoid when he was small and he was placed in the foster care system based in the Fringes. Not all of them were pleasant experiences. He received a mysterious letter when he was 18, with no name, implying that his brother may have been framed for the crimes he had been charged for. With no proof and no idea how to start looking, Evan did the only thing he could do, work even hard to becoming a hero, hoping that the connections and access he’d gain from hero work would hopefully lead him to discovering the truth about his brother. As Freefall he is determined and can come across as cold and ruthless when it comes to his morals. He does however have the belief that everyone has a bit of good in them but he tries to suppress these thoughts as he thinks this is a childish belief. When he is his normal self as Evan he is generally a bit more cheerful and can be very flirty with the right person. However he can still be ruthless if you make the wrong impression of him.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Herald on Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:54 pm

Name: Arayda Falkwing

Age: 23

Codename: Herald

MeChip: She uses a text-based MeChip, unable to tolerate the idea of having a voice suggest things to her.

Power Set:

Precognitive Dreaming: The power to perceive future events while in a dream state.
May only work when the user falls asleep naturally, may be too abstract to discern properly, and may be forgotten like so many other dreams

Razor Hands: The ability to use one's own bare hands as cutting weapons.
Ability is rendered null if the user is unable to use their hands.

Fighting Style: Arayda is an offensive fighter, despite what most would think given her power set. People overestimate her abilities, and she’s gotten into tough situations quite frequently with her abrasive behaviour. At least, as a consequence, she has built up her physical combat skills as of a consequence. She hardly uses her precognitive dreaming due to her horrid sleeping habits, but if they do come to her (and she remembers), she does make sure to utilise the information.

Suit: Given to her by GG, Arayda wears a comfortable red, silver and black leotard, reinforced with a thick composite lining of fabric and metal to ‘weaken the blow’ given her offensive tendencies.  An alright attire given her current strategies but just miles better once she bothering to make use of strategy. She wears a practical black mask across her eyes to hide her identity.

Family & Background: Arayda is from a large family. While all her seven younger siblings aren’t blood related, her parents are. Her parents are a caring and loving couple – perhaps too loving that they’d basically take in any stray if they felt they could.  Consequently, Arayda felt rather unnecessary and neglected (especially with a gaping age gap between her and her eldest younger brother with 11 years of difference). While she doesn’t entirely hate her parents, despite spending a lot of her life resenting them for a lack of focus on her life, she moved out at 19. She took on temp jobs to pay the rent, which also wound up in hospital infamously more times than she’d like with her lack of forethought.  Subsequently that wound her neck deep in debt (that she didn’t bother to pay), she wound up on the streets thieving her way to survive. It was only until GG offered an out of her miserable life with a new home and job, allowing her to get back on her feet. She’s forever grateful for GG, even though she is still bitter about the company that lies there, and not all that interested in playing hero.

Personality:  ‘Slugger you, and everyone in this slugging room.’ Arayda is firecracker with blood on her hands; she doesn’t particularly mind. Given the time, she could have made a better villain had it not been for GG. She’s abrasive, a bit cocky, not much of a teamworker, and has very little fondness for children. She puts up with the group and her current lifestyle, because she knows she’s better off in his mansion than dead. (Secretly, she knows her parents would be heartbroken with her demise.)

She has long black hair tied into a ponytail. She has a slightly rounded face in contrast to her sharper, rougher personality. Her body is full of scars (and often wounds) with most of her fights (be it missions or otherwise).

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Nathan Profile

Post by Phoenix on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:45 pm


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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Jane Apple on Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:44 pm

Name: Jane Apple

Age: 22

Code-Name: Rush

MeChip: A tiny robot, named pip

Powers: Health Manipulation

(i took this from the wiki)Its basically the power of slowing or speeding the healing process. Blocking others healing abilities like enhanced regeneration, sensing the health of anyone and health history. Also can reopen old wounds and re-inflict old illnesses and conditions, or even inflict completely new ones. Some users are able to control the mental health of themselves and others, causing others to go insane and cause the cured to degrade back. Alternatively, they can heal the mentally ill and make them sane again.
(the more she uses her powers the weaker they become)

Fighting style: Jane tries to settle things as peacefully as she can if she can't she usually uses close range combat boxing, judo and any form of martial arts. She mainly relies on her combat skill in close range fights. In teams she usually hangs back and uses her powers to heal any injury her teammate possess.

Family and Backstory: Jane comes from a family of powered heroes. Her Mother, Father, three brothers and herself were part of a family hero group called The Brave. Before Jane became Rush she was known as Light. Her mother has both telekinetic powers as well as health manipulation abilities and Her father has Super strength and Fire Manipulation abilities. Jane didn't join the family group until she was sixteen so most of her life she spent her time alone or spending time with Xavier her third eldest brother until he joined the rest of the family. Jane has always loved her family even if they would often disagree on certain hero matters she stayed with the team however when Jane is fifteen her brother Xavier (who has disagreed with with their family most of his life) runs away from home and vanishes from the face of the earth she finally realises that maybe leaving and starting anew would be for the best. She stays with her parents until she is twenty-two leaving behind her old identity for a new. Jane works at a comic book store and rents a small apartment right above it.

Supersuit: Jane wears a red and silver spandex leotard she handmade herself. She also wears white and silver shoulder pads which have a silver cape attached as well as thigh high boots, gloves and her mask. She also has a utility belt which contains random objects.

Personality: Jane is the type of person who will drop everything she is doing to help a kid rescue a cat from a tree. She’s a team player who tries to makes sure that her team works together and that everyone gets along. She doesn’doesn't believe in “sacrificing the one to save the many” she would rather let the villain go than let innocents die. Shes also very nerdy and awkward but also very friendly. Jane is pansexual but very awkward when it comes to anything that involves sex and any form of relationships. Shes just one big nerdy virgin.

Appearance: Jane is 6’7’ and has short boyish red/orange hair. She works out every day and it shows. Shes very muscular and strong. Jane has very pale skin and freckles all over her body. Her eyes are a bright shade of green.

Hobbies: Jane loves geeking out about her favorite comic books and heroes. She collects comic books and old hero trading cards. She also likes to bake and often makes snacks for people she likes. She works out often. Every morning before the sun comes up she jogs, lifts and workouts for almost three hours every day. Jane likes to Sew. She likes making stuffed animals.

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Spencer Price / Light profile

Post by Light on Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:14 pm

Name: Spencer Price
Hero name: Light
Gender: Cisgendered Male
Age: 19.
Height: 5’8.
Weight: 70.2kg
Powers: Ability to turn into any animal, mostly taking the form of a Tiger or a large Doberman.
Skills: Small hand-to-hand combat ability, best ability when in the form of powerful animals.
Appearance: Slim but toned, light olive skin, half English and half Vietnamese.  Black spiky hair and brown eyes.  Often wearing stylish and expensive black jeans or other branded clothes, always with his belt and sometimes the rim of his boxers showing.  Also often wearing sunglasses and bracelets.
Family: Grandparents and a large family in Vietnam, Father’s Grandmother in the UK, Mother and Father in the UK.
Allegiance: ~*~Divine Queer Posse~*~
Brief background: Born in the UK and raised with little knowledge of his Vietnamese language, mostly growing up with his English Father.  He discovered his powers at 14 with his best friend, Evan, by being made jump by loud sirens in central London and turned into a tiger in the middle of the street.  Since then he focused his powers and trained with his Father, who has the same technique.  He usually takes the form of a tiger, being a powerful animal most are afraid of, but can take any form.  Spencer has a mild stutter from childhood that sets in mostly with new people or situations and is often quiet and withdrawn because of this.
Hero clothing: A large collar fits tightly around Spencer’s neck, controlling the fabric his Father developed around his body, which forms as a tight white bodysuit.  The clothing retracts back into the collar when Spencer morphs so he can freely be clothed and unclothed quickly in order to change forms smoothly.


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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Griffin on Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:57 am

Name: Dax Gillian

Codename: Griffin

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5’9

MeChip: An [url=MeChip: An American Tree Sparrow that has the batman voice][/url]American Tree Sparrow that has a deep voice. Ay. 

Powers: Feather projection (“the power to project razor-sharp feathers as projectile weapons”) with energy, flight (limited distance/gliding).

Fighting style: More experienced in long range attacks, though can tackle from the air after giving himself a quick boost. Speed > Power > Defense. While on the field he wears a rig on his back that assists in his flight and also serves as an indicator for energy levels.

Build: Slim, athletic build.

Dax grew up as the only child of a couple of Powered heroes who sought to make a name for themselves as a pair, which didn’t work out so well after they had Dax. He was ten when his father left him and his mother to fend for themselves, and it was shortly afterwards that he’d discovered his powers. Under his mother’s supervision, he learned to control his powers better, and after he turned sixteen, he decided it was time that he took care of his mother due to her slowly degrading powers. She assured him she could take care of herself (and she could) so she suggested that he put his abilities to better use out on the field as a hero, and make some good friends for once. Reluctantly agreeing, he had gone and applied for his license, forming his hero self, Griffin.
EDIT: When his mother wasn't around when he was younger, his was left under the care of his mother's friend, who happened to have a son, Luca Donati. Dax and Luca met when they were two and eight respectively, and developed a close bond of friendship until Luca had to move back to Sicily some years later. 

Personality: Dax isn’t the type to talk unless spoken to, introverted as he is. While he finds a slight comfort in hanging around groups (albeit sitting a bit further away), he is more talkative when talking to someone one-on-one. He is patient, though this is easily tested with noise. He is more or less very relaxed outside of missions, though when he is on the job his mind sticks to it as if flipping a switch. He is easy to approach but doesn’t trust so easily.
When it comes to missions, he'd put the mission before himself.

-Enjoys cooking (don't push it though omg)
-When he isn't on the job he sometimes would be found in his room, assembling classic model planes.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Waistcoat on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:30 pm

Name: Jacquine Delacroix.
Age: 25
Codename: Spellsword.
Gender: Female.
MeChip: a polite gondolier.
Powers: Energy Manipulation and Energy construction.
Fighting style: Jacquine has a more defensive style of fighting throwing up energy shields more than blasts, not that she isn’t able to. When it comes to offense, she uses a of “run and gun” style for long range fights with her energy attacks. When it comes to melee she constructs a sword of energy, which is why her codename is Spellsword.
Appearance: Jacquine stands at about 5”8’ and weighs about 80 kilograms. She has a toned body with an athletic build. Her hair colour is a platinum blonde, which she has cut short and styled, with Jade green eyes. She likes to wear casual clothes and is not concerned about brand names. Sometimes she is regarded as a tomboy.
Background: Jacquine was born in France to a rich and respected family; The Delacroix. Her Father was a police officer renowned for being level headed and strategic expertise in any situation; however, he was also a power user as well under the codename of “Le Rat” which he kept secret from everyone using work as an excuse to go out and fight crime. Eventually Jacquines father was caught and imprisoned as being a power was illegal at the time slightly sullying the Delacroix name. They send each other letters from time to time.
Jacquines and her mother moved to metropolis when she first discovered her powers, as there was no system in the country to deal with people who had powers, especially at the age of seven, it was considered the best place to help Jacquine develop and control her powers, her father was transferred to the devoid seeing as he was a power too.
Growing up in another country was difficult for Jacquine, due to her high class status she attended the best schools for powers but did not make many friends because of her father being incarcerated leaving her only friend in her to be her mother. Even though she lived a quiet lifestyle she decided to become a hero and make change in the world, like her father before but not as a vigilante.
Personality: Despite her appearance and heroic lifestyle Jacquine has a kind and endearing personality, sometimes she is described as motherly, due to having a close relationship with her mother always the first to help with problems. She has a strong sense of justice, always trying to find a peaceful route out of situations and always tries to befriend everyone, even villains. Because of her quiet upbringing she is actually very innocent (has never smoked, drank or even done the rumpy pumpy) and gullible to pranks. She starts speaking in French when she is embarrassed.
Costume: Jacquine wears a green and silver coloured costume. (I can’t really describe what it looks I’m terrible at that stuff)

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Urban on Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:19 pm

Name: Nathan Blackwell
Age: 19
Gender: Male (Cisgender)
Height: 5'5
Code Name: Urban
Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic/Polyamorous

Powers: Urban Empowerment
> Manifests itself as control over anything that can be considered part of an urban environment and as limited control over the environment itself. He tends to use his powers more for his own amusement than anything else though, and focuses on controlling electrical appliances.
> Obviously limited by the availability of things within the environment and by the extent they can be considered an actual ‘part’ of the environment - things connected to some sort of central network within a city (e.g. the electrical grid) are a lot easier to control than things that are separate.
> His health and general well being directly correlate with both how close he is to a city/how deep within the city he his, and the condition of the city - if it undergoes serious damage so shall Nathan.
> Furthermore when injured Nathan tends to cause power cuts within his general vicinity - to the extent he can disable necessary equipment for the medical attention he may require.
> His powers are also directly related to his emotional state - if flustered (so a hell of a lot of the time) he tends to lose control and cause blackouts/cause electrical equipment to malfunction/etc. It can also manifest itself less violently - radios tend to play songs that correspond to his moods, and if irritated with people any electrical equipment they use can go badly wrong.
> Nathan can also manipulate other aspects of city life - he has slight control over traffic, crowds, smog (etc.) as long as it is within the confines of the city, but it takes a lot out of him, and he can usually only control it when he’s in direct and serious danger.
Fighting Style: Nathan tends to act more as support than an actual fighter in conflict situations. He can easily gain access to security cameras and most methods of surveillance within the city, and can damage and/or disable MeChips and some forms of weaponry. He can also manipulate the environment, assuming it is indeed an urban one, and can easily use his surroundings to his advantage. As such he is very good at using makeshift weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, which makes up with his lack of an offensive power set.

Backstory: Nathan was adopted when he was very young - he was a charity case, essentially, taken to make his parents look good without forcing his ‘mother’ to go through the pain of childbirth. The idea of having a powered child was a novelty to his family, more than anything else, but with parents as rich as his Nathan never really found himself in a position to complain about things, especially as an only child. Despite having everything he could want in regards to material possessions Nathan spent most of his life tucked away in the family house, with little to no company - as such he’s incredibly unused to normal human interaction.

Personality: Nathan is as entitled as they get. He’s conceited, and arrogant, and very easily embarrassed. He’s convinced of his own skill and importance but at the same time very self conscious. All he wants is to come across as is as powerful and serious as the heroes he grew up admiring on 3v, and when he doesn’t it tends to hit him hard. He usually feels very out of his depth due to the lack of human interaction he had as a child, and as such can come across as very socially awkward. Nathan is quick to resort to insults when nervous, and often ends up on the offensive just through misunderstanding people. That being said he tends to talk a lot, especially when you get him excited, and he’s thrilled by the idea of one day becoming famous. This obsession with fame does, however, mean that Nathan’s morals are rather dubious at times.

> Nathan has a pet ball python because he thought having a snake would make him seem cooler? In reality he's scared shitless of it and refuses to even give it a name, let alone let it out of it's cage. He has to convince other people to feed it just to ensure it doesn't die.
> Whenever Nathan walks into a room he'll momentarily turn off all the lights in the vicinity and force anything with speakers to blast Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic. He tries to time it so that when he snaps his fingers the song plays (as though that makes the whole thing any less ridiculous) but can't actually click his fingers so really all he does is makes a poor attempt at the hand action and then plays a clicking sound from the speakers before the song starts? He's terrible at timing it though - everyone knows he can't actually click his fingers but he looks so pathetic trying to do it that no-one can bring themselves to tell him so.
> He can't wear clothes that fit him. He is constantly wearing a massive jumper of some description, and 98% of the time it's one with a ridiculously garish image/pattern on it too. Most of them end up sagging to the extent he normally only has one shoulder covered - the jumper just hangs off the other side. Plus he only ever walks around wearing boxers and socks underneath, unless he's leaving the HQ or in his hero-ing outfit. And he sleeps in the same stuff he wears around the headquarters. No-one's sure if he's too lazy to get changed into bed clothes or just never changes out of his bed clothes.
> He hums when he sleeps. It's not always recognisable and most of the time it's easy to miss but he definitely does it.
> Nathan sleepwalks. A lot. He can't sleep in his own bed in the HQ - the beds are comfy, sure, but he's used to greater luxury at home, and he never really feels settled in his own room. So he tends to wake up in hallways. Or on sofas. Or in other people's beds. Most of the locks in the HQ are electronic, and ridiculously easy for him to bypass, asleep or awake - given his flexibility it's not even uncommon to find him in cupboards, or under the sink, or in the vents.
> He can't sleep at all unless he's holding something. Normally a pillow will suffice but he'll make do with whatever's close at hand, be it an inanimate object or another person.
> Nathan is easily confused when he first wakes up, to the extent he'll do literally anything he's told. He is very easily manipulated when tired.
> When especially emotional radios will play songs corresponding to Nathan's current emotions and/or thoughts, regardless as to whether he wants them to or not. If he gets a song stuck in his head any nearby audio devices play the same song on repeat. It's frustrating for everyone involved.
> Nathan has very little control over his powers when it comes to his emotions (getting frustrated means blowing lights, accidentally turning showers on, causing taps to malfunction, etc). When annoyed with someone in particular electronics tend to go badly wrong for them. Anything with a digital display insults them. 3V broadcasts are suddenly interrupted by crudely drawn and offensive images of the individual in questions. Billboards are entertaining at best and downright cruel at worst.
> Nathan's touch starved. He doesn't know how to deal with any physical contact whatsoever, and is incredibly easily flustered by it. He leans towards people when they rest their hands on his shoulders and pretty much just collapses against people when they hug him. He's horrified by it.
> Nathan has real trouble separating joking insults from real ones, so tends to just assume no-one actually likes him? He can get genuinely confused and agitated when people are too nice to him, because he just doesn't understand why they'd bother.
> Nathan doesn't get truly excited about much, but he is thrilled with both jumpers and socks. He's never happier than when he gets a new jumper. It's kind of ridiculous.
> He also steals clothes he likes and then pretends he's always had them. When people confront him he just cuts the lights and runs like hell until they give up.
> He'll wear anything sent by a 'fan' as long as it is either a jumper or a pair of socks. Anything.
> Nathan's never fully awake until he's had his morning coffee - black when there are other people around, or white with 3 sugars when he's sure no-one is watching. Sometimes even hot chocolate. No-one can know.
> He uses the cameras used to record the show to snoop on people. Sometimes if he's feeling particularly vindictive he'll just replay people's most embarrassing moments over and over again.
> Nathan pushes himself too far in fights. He'll overexert himself to ensure a win, even at the risk of causing himself serious damage. It's usually not visible but he almost always ends up with severe internal bleeding of some description when he goes for offensive moves using his powers. He just doesn't see an issue with hurting himself for the sake of a fight.
> Similarly he'll try to tag along with people even when they're going too far away from the city - he'll start to get nosebleeds and headaches with the distance, and it will eventually escalate, but he doesn't want to be seen as weak.
> He takes great pains to ensure people don't recognise the full extent of his injuries under any circumstances. He just wants to be independent, regardless of the cost.
> As long as he's within the city and the city remains mostly intact he can't be killed. If it wasn't for this he'd be dead a few times over.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Flora on Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:26 pm

(not in costume, obviously)
Name: Libra Tuveras
Age: 19
Height: 5'3
Code Name: Flora
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual

Powers: Plant manipulation
>Libra can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers
>Libra can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants
>Can communicate with plants. He can gain intel and information from this. There is a range to this power though, long distance communication is nearly impossible for him and it's often unreliable at longer ranges.
>Can steal health from plants in critical moments, however this does kill or weaken the plant so he'll only use it in desperate moments.
>In environments with no foliage or has so much dead or dying foliage that Flora cannot save it, Flora will be physically weaker and grow fatigued far quicker.
>Smaller plants in Libra's general will be affected by his stronger emotions. Their growth can flourish(put out flowers and such) if Libra is extremely happy, they will wither back and shrivel if he's extremely depressed.

Fighting style: Libra stays out of direct contact, he stays in the back, catching people with his vines or manipulating the earth around the main fighting. Close up, he's very weak. He has little strength in hand to hand combat so he avoids it at all costs. He can snare enemies and hold them until another team member can reach them. He is a very supportive player, he has few ways to actually disable or sedate enemies. He's very exposed to both ice and fire damage however.

Backstory: Libra was raised without the thought that he had any powers. His family just thought he was good with plants. He was always a very quite child, he'd rather be off playing in the woods, talking to the plants than with people his own age. Libra grew very distant to everyone and everything, he'd leave for long periods of time only to be found later asleep in a field of wild flowers. He eventually left home in his teen years without a word. He isolated himself in the woods, surrounded by the nature that he loved to dearly. He lived without any human contact for awhile, and discovered his skills while he had banished himself.

Personality: Libra continued to be quiet as he grew up. Due to Libra's time alone he's not used to social interactions. Libra stares too long, and often forgets that other people cannot hear his thoughts such as a plant that he would communicate could. Despite all of this he really does make an effort to make friends. He doesn't understand physical boundaries, so he'll often over step peoples personal boundaries. Libra will be very apologetic though. He tends to get anxious around other people and in urban settings. He tends to turn in on himself when get's anxious, choosing to suffer through it by himself than to tell anyone else. In an effort to be more friendly in his mind, he internalizes a lot of his negative feelings. This can lead to him getting so stressed that it must get out, either through pain attacks or he'll lash out at someone.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Copycat on Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:59 am

Name: Elijah "Eli" King

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pansexual

Height: 5'11''

Code name: Copycat

MeChip: An annoyingly insistent cat named ChAT.

Powers: Imitative Mutation

When in direct contact with DNA from living cells, Copycat's DNA replication systems can assimilate mutations from other creatures into target areas. For instance, when coming into contact with live DNA from a feline, the replication systems in the lower back, especially the spine and muscular systems, take in partial DNA fragments and begin replicating at and extremely fast rate. Vertebrae will form as well as several new muscles, epidermal tissue, and hair follicles. Thus, Copycat can sport a cat tail.

This rapid cell creation, understandably, takes a significant amount of energy, which gives Copycat a high metabolic rate, demanding he have a high caloric intake rate. The more often he uses this ability, the more often he finds himself hungry or with an appetite.

Copycat's power is not limited to localized mutations. With an extreme amount of energy/power usage Copycat can fully mutate his body into the living creature he has taken DNA from. Once done, however, he requires live cultures of his own DNA in order to change back. With localized mutations, the rest of Copycat's body has his own "source" DNA, and therefore makes it easy to transform back, but with full transformation, he requires new measures. Moreover, transforming into another creature is less costly when done with a creature of a similar mass/size. I.E. turning into a fly would be extremely dangerous and costly, and could kill him.

Fighting style: Copycat relies very heavily on nonpowered capabilities because there's no definite chance that he'll have access to DNA to aid him. He's honed his agility and finesse to be near perfect, and is typically a defensive fighter or long-ranged. He keeps a variety of projectile weapons on his person, especially a collapsible energy bow, EMP charges, and very sharp throwing daggers in case of emergency.

Family and backstory: WIP

Outfit: A primarily kevlar suit, customized to allow for many of his typical, localized mutations; such as wings, tail, ears and claws. Kevlar covers the front of his torso as well as the upper part of his shoulders and back, his arms and much of his legs, but it gives way to softer and more flexible material at the joints; typically, lightly padded lycra. He wears a cowl that can be adjusted to cover his nose and mouth as well. The material down his back is a thickened version of lycra, but still flexible, and has long slits to allow the adaptation of the wings as well as maximum mobility.

On a utility belt of sorts, Copycat carries the aforementioned weaponry, and after an upgrade he acquires reinforced and heated syringes of blood samples from two of his pets; a red tailed hawk and a small calico house cat. These are used for his powers.

Appearance: Copycat looks rough around the edges. He has terrible posture and looks irritated pretty much most of the time. He has several piercings, tattoos, and scars, the most obvious being the ones on his face, but he keeps anything not visible to himself. He keeps his hair messy and in a simple mohawk. Despite his often grumpy and messy appearance, he is unusually clean. Copycat loves showers and grooming with a passion.

Personality: He's very brusque, especially in first meetings. He typically doesn't enjoy strangers, as he suffers from a bit of a paranoid streak. He can be painfully honest and it typically throws people for a loop, pushes them away, which is probably why he hasn't bothered with manners. Despite his distaste for most people, anyone who sticks around long enough typically gets seen as a friend. And while, much of the time, he's still an arrogant asshole, he can say nice things about them and his words have less of a bite to them.

Copycat personality: He keeps his true identity a secret, as well as much of his life. Copycat doesn't enjoy prying, and clams up when anyone asks about personal things. Otherwise, he's very much like himself.


  • Definitely does NOT collect 20th and 21st century games, including Dungeons and Dragons and various video games for old TV tech.
  • Keeps an extensive laboratory where he experiments on many things, including himself.
  • Loves collecting pets. Currently keeps a beautiful calico cat, a red tailed hawk named Allison, and a few corn snakes.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Plume on Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:48 am

Name: Luca Saverio Donati

Codename: Plume

Age: 25

Height: 5’10

Gender & Orientation: Bisexual Male

MeChip: A dimwitted but loyal Blue Merle Sheltie named Thurlow.

Powers: Vapour and Wind Manipulation
- Vapour Manip. allows Plume to alter chemical bonds in between water molecules (gaseous form only), allowing him to create smokescreens and absorbent shields around him and his teammates.

- He mainly uses his Wind Manip. powers to fly at extreme speeds. Luca can also use these powers offensively, but only uses them during emergencies. Luca can create strong gusts of wind, mini-tornados, whirlwinds, etc. This takes up a lot of energy, causing him to pass out.

Fighting Style
- Stealth; he is often surrounded by fog. He can also create mini smoke bombs for his team mates.

- If it’s necessary to go offensive, Luca uses a mix of increased air pressure and hand-to-hand combat to neutralise the enemy as fast (and clean) as possible.

Outfit: Skintight aerodynamic material for increased flight speed. (The other reason for the tight suit is to show off his assets.) He has 2 aviation goggles, his usual pair and his father’s, which he only uses during special occasions.

When Luca was eight, he was raised in a small neighbourhood after migrating from a small town in Sicily. His father was known as Il Mulinello, a veteran Powered who helped Luca with his powers as he grew up. His mother didn’t inherit powers from her Powered parents, so she helped Luca with his non-existent English instead. He spent most of his time growing up with his childhood friend, Dax, until Luca fled for Sicily due to his father’s death. He returned after a few years as Plume, though nobody really knows why he came back.

Luca is pretty straightforward in conversations and loves teasing/embarrassing everyone (mostly perverted/pun jokes). He’s always wanted a younger sibling, so he can be quite loving and protective to the point where it gets embarrassing for the other party.

The death of his father took a heavy toll on him, however, so Luca often spends time alone in his room whenever he’s in a bad mood. Or, he hangs out in Dax’s room when the younger boy isn’t busy.

Hero Personality: Hates talking when on the job, as it ruins his 'I'm a stealthy sexy son of a bitch' vibe. If somebody’s getting on his nerves, he’ll ramble in Italian about the weather until the other person gets confused and irritated.

Fun Facts!!

- The only thing that he can cook is pizza, but he only does it for really really big parties because he enters an (abnormally aggressive) trance-like state when making pizza.
- When he was 18, his family had to tie him down to his bed because he made 30 pizzas in one go and was still at it. He reeked of cheese and smoke for 2 days.
- He never talks about the time when he was living in Sicily (after his dad's death). He says it's because it makes him mysterious, but his closest friends and family know better.
- Calling him by his second name gets him turned on or pissed off. It depends on the person.
- Luca enjoyed the Thief video game series when he was younger, influencing his fighting style later in the future.
- HE REALLY LOVES GIN & TONIC! With two slices of lime.
- Great at parties. Especially karaoke parties.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Herald on Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:13 pm

Name: Kevin Howland (Sci-Fly)

Age: 23


Technology Manipulation:  User can manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data. Users can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Can operate most technology just by touching or looking.

Limitations: Can’t control purely mechanical objects which possess no electronic or ferrous components, usually requires close proximity to the object being manipulated, may be left powerless away from modern society, may be weakened by users who can nullify Technological powers.

Weapon Creation: User can create weapons from nothing or by shaping the existing matter or energy, they are capable of creating virtually any weapon and how many they wish. Depending on what the weapon is made of, it can posses a variety of abilities and be very effective in both offensive and defensive combat.

Limitation: Durability of the weapons may depend on the user's will/stamina.

Fighting Style: Kevin isn't all that keen on getting into a fight, but if being on this show means he needs to save the world at the same time, so be it. He will try to get his job done as fast as possible. However, he isn't much of a solo-player, improving his chances of living by trying to recruit other team members if he ever feels it's necessary.

Family: Only child with his powered mother (health manipulation) and father (Bionic Physiology) who make living as local heroes. He has lived through his entire life sailing through life with generally little worry.

MeChip: Chirpy female voice called Ophelia (Fely)

Suit: He wears a bullet-proof, black/gold endurance suit and leather gloves. There is also a pair of comfortable black boots he wears to match. For the sake of comfort he dons his lab-coat which is tucked under a weapon belt which contains nothing besides two secure pockets: one with a pen, paper, a swiss army knife, and first aid kit; and the last with a set of safety goggles.

Biography: An aspiring hero researcher, Kevin Howland was set on his path, entering university, finishing a herology degree with flying, colours and on his way towards proper research doing an honours project. Kevin was powered, with an ability to create weapons; however, being not all that keen about getting into the streets and fighting, he chose to don the white lab coat for life. Of course that changed when he was offered a position by GG in for a new reality 3v show where he’d be surrounded with some of the best heroes in Millenia City. What were a few battles going to do when he was free to interact and learn more about them? Without little thought, Howland fervently filled and signed all his papers. And now, Sci-Fly (to his current regret) is now the newest addition to the crew.

Personality:  Kevin is notoriously passionate about two things: powers and science. If he’s busy thinking about either, the only way to talk to him is to wait it out. In moments like these, he sometimes does get a bit haughty and make bad decisions for himself in the process (like that slugging terrible codename of his). Besides that, the boy is generally affable and in moments of conflict tries to be the voice of reason (or the devil’s advocate when in need). While he is generally as polite when he can, he does show signs of his inherently selfish personality and isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. He’s also materialistic and spends a lot of his time flipping through science magazines with a beer in his spare time.

Appearance: (Headcanon: Matt Lewis) Short brown hair. Usually wears a stone polo shirt, jeans and brown loafers alongside a white lab coat. Constantly carries a shoulder bag with some of his equipment just in case.

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Maxwell Newgate/Leviathan Profile

Post by Freefall on Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:39 pm

Name: Maxwell Newgate

Age: 26

Birthday: 17th April

Powers: Water and Ice manipulation. – Not only can he manipulate and water and ice but he can generate it and imbue it with his own power making it stronger and more resilient than normal. For example, ice will be less likely to break and water will need to be heated at a much, much higher temperature for it to boil or evaporate.  In addition to this, his powered water will be more damaging and can potentially pierce like bullets.

Hero Name: Leviathan

Family: the closest people he has to family are the other people of the ex-powered resistance.

Appearance: Blonde hair long (to shoulders) and often worn in a ponytail, chocolate brown eyes, tall (6’3), tanned skin, lean muscles.

Back Story: Max was brought up in the fringes and was subject to a lot of powered discrimination at his school. Especially since his powers were already prominent and strong at a young age. He combated it by messing around with his powers, declaring water fights by making it rain in the classrooms. His mother had the same powers as him and taught him how to harness them but it wasn’t long before she could teach him no more, and it has been theorised that he is infini powered although this hasn’t been confirmed. His father had the power of super strength and taught him how to fight hand to hand combat should he be in a situation where he could not use his powers. These valuable skills came in handy when Max’s parents retired from heroing early, and were targeted by the meek movement for reasons that were never made especially clear to Max. At first it was just the odd insult in the street but it did escalate rather quickly and after several threats and near misses Max’s mother was taken into hospital with severe injuries. No one could prove it was the Meek group that had been threatening them, and his father couldn’t act for fear of being thrown in the devoid. Through this and a series of other crimes, as soon as Max was old enough, his parents moved to a more secure community and Max stayed and joined a powered extremist group. During his time in this group he did many things he now isn’t proud of. Acts that were just as bad as the Meek’s that had made his family’s life a living hell. However it was during this time that he met a 16 year old Evan, who would come to escape the foster families that hated him. He’d still their cigarettes and he and Max would often flirt, Evan’s crush on him quite apparent. However it never went further and when Evan turned 18 he disappeared. It was a couple years after that, that the group disbanded per their leader’s encouragement and their own realisation of their mistakes. Instead Max decided to take his developed powers and try and do real good with them for a change, taking up the mantel of Leviathan.

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Helen Galen

Post by Joule on Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:47 pm

Name: Helen Galen

Age: 29

Gender & Orientation: Female, straight

Code Name/Powers: N/A (She is not a hero)

Occupation: Helen is a doctor, a herologist to be exact, as well as a research at the National Institute of Herology. She is Joule's personal herologist, he took on his case when he was just 13 years old and she was in the middle of her Herology studies. Her mother had been the Ampere family's herologist for years, so after Mei and Anton were sent to the Devoid, and Helen's mother died, she volunteered to deal with Nat's curious condition. Normally, herologists were only assigned to people after the age of 18, so she was the only one Nat had to help him.

They got in fights constantly in the beginning, because she tried to prevent him from using his powers, which of course didn't go down well with Nat. Eventually she decided to change her approach and try to understand why and how using his powers hurt his body, which turned into a lifelong research on powered individuals and how powers could affect their body and health. Nowadays she is solely focused on her research, and does not take on any patients apart from Nat.

Family and Backstory: Her mother is dead, but she still often goes to see her father. She had no other family, at least not anyone she's in contact with. Her job also leaves her little time for any thoughts of marriage and children. She inherited her love of printed books off her mother, and passed that love on to Nat. Over the years she grew to care for him and for a little while, when Nat was between the ages of 19-20, they had more than a strictly doctor/patient relationship. Still, as soon as Helen found out that her feelings for him were not reciprocated, and that Nat only cared for the sex, she put an end to the whole affair.

Appearance: Helen is of average height and relatively healthy weight, though she often misses meals because she is absorbed in her research. She has dark blue eyes and long, straight dark brown hair, that sometimes goes in a ponytail depending on how much work she has to do. Her features are soft but her eyes can be sharp and cold. She's always dressed smartly.

Personality: Helen is a kind person, though she tries to keep her emotions out of her job. She loves helping people, and she is fascinated by powers and the evolution of the human race. She is stubborn as hell, and she will never be too afraid to speak her mind. She will go to great lengths for those she cares about, and likes to always see the good in people. She's also got a cheeky sense of humour, and can be quite the tease when she allows herself to relax.

Other: Though Helen isn't a member of the DQP herself, she is often seen around GG's mansion since she is keeping an eye on Nat. She's moved part of her research in the mansion's medical centre and now works there sometimes. Sometimes she gets distracted from her work because she finds all the superheroes she's surrounded with to be exciting. She ships Koule. A lot.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Phoenix on Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:07 pm

Name: Nicky Nanos

Age: 22

Family: Fathers (Markos and Samuel), Younger brother (Jamie), biological mother (Stephanie)

Background: Nicky was raised in an upper class family by their two loving fathers. They barely ever saw his biological mother, but they were okay with this. They lived a happy life with their family, and went to a prestigious private school to hone their powers and to receive the best training possible for their eventual career as a hero.

Ethnicity: Greek/French

Orientation: Pansexual
Gender: Genderfluid, born male

MeChip: A woman dressed for war, and styled after the Greek Goddess Athena, including her name.

Fighting Style: Nicky's fighting style is fairly defensive when it comes to one-on-one and they cannot use their powers. They have been in Aikido and boxing since they were seven years old, and can hold their own when it comes to physical fighting. Using their powers is a last resort and they when they must use their guardian, they stick to a defensive style as well, though this can sometimes clash with the type of guardian they have summoned.

Code Name: Caeneus

POWERS: Materialized Guardian- Nicky can summon a guardian of any form they can think of. The guardian is driven to accomplish any goal Nicky gives it, though it also has a will of its own. To summon a guardian uses up a lot of their power, and it takes a lot of power to keep the guardian in the physical realm, and under their control. The summoned being is directly connected to Nicky, so any damage it takes is inflected on Nicky as well. The stronger the guardian, the more energy it takes for Nicky to summon and control it.

Outfit: Their costume consists of a helmet, breastplate, and greaves, all designed to give them as much mobility as possible, while still keeping the effective properties of the armour. They wear a light tank top underneath, and a pair of white tights.

Appearance: Nicky stands around 5'9, and has soft dark brown hair that waves slightly. They have soft brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Their appearance is androgynous, and they are generally described as a very beautiful person. There is a softness to their features, and their resting facial expression is a soft, barely there, smile on full lips. They have a toned figure which conceals a surprising amount of strength.

Personality: Nicky is a generally quiet and reserved person, who idolizes heroes and staying true to their beliefs. They are a protective person and will always abide the law, no matter what. However, they are not self sacrificing, and will draw the line there.
They are soft spoken when they do choose to speak up, are well mannered. There is an air of sophistication about them, and when they choose to be, they can eloquently put you down faster than what you can realize. They believe strongly in the idea that less is more, and that the lower classes are below them.
Nicky is the type to get what they want, and when they want it.

Hobbies: Nicky has a strong interest in Greek mythology, and spends most of their time reading up on the tales and legends. They also enjoy doing make overs, and painting their nails in various colours and styles. Nicky loves to draw and dance, and enjoys to cook fine cuisine, a skill that they inherited from their mother who is a professional chef. They love to shop and visit museums to look at the artifacts. Archaeology actually interests them greatly, so does art.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Guardian on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:25 pm

Name : Earl Reinhardt
Code Name : The Guardian
Gender : Male
Sexual Orientation : ???
Age : 21
MeChip : Irene (Prideful, somewhat self-centered but affectionate)


  • Energy Shield
  • Ability to create energy shield within 1 km radius from where user is standing. Distance influences durability thus creating shield far away from the user has less durability. It can only protect people / objects from physical damage by inflicting physical damage of same sort to the user. It still remains unknown whether this ability has any further limitation.
  • Mind Reading
  • Ability to read people’s mind within 100 m radius from where user is standing. When it is used properly, user can hear target’s thought clearly, however when it is used poorly, everyone’s mind within the area can be heard at once. As it is closely related to mental states of its user, Guardian has issues controlling this power thus able to hear things without intention with massive headaches as a side effect.

Fighting Style : Participates in defensive roles due to his power’s nature. He had attempted to use his power in offensive ways, however it wasn't very successful.

Appearance :

  • Strawberry blond with hint of red on the tip.
  • Dark green eyes.
  • Lean built.
  • Slightly above average height. (About 5'7")

Personality :

  • Has on / off personality. Most often seen in on personality in public.
  • On personality (or outward / hero personality as he refers to it) is more outgoing personality where he acts more flirty and friendly toward people. With his mind reading power, which he can’t control fully, he prefers to act in a way it can easily appeal to (and liked by) people rather than his truthful self.
  • Off personality is shown when he is with people who he trusts. He becomes more truthful to his own feeling rather than acting in order to be liked by everyone. He can be cynical, sarcastic, mean and along the line of that however it is because he trust people who he are with at that moment.
  • Very protective toward selective people (and love them endlessly though he doesn't realize it)

Background History : Born between normal couple without power, Earl grew up just like any unpowered kid would have grew up in happy family. No one was really aware of neither of his power until the day he asked his parents about their affair partners at the age of 10. It was only then his parents realized that Earl wasn't just normal, average kid but a kid with power to read other people’s mind. With their affair being brought up to the table, Earl saw his parents getting into arguments on daily basis, which eventually ended up with a divorce. Despite the fact that his parents said that it was not his fault, Earl was able to read their mind to figure out what they really wanted to say.

It was only then Earl’s view of the world have started to change. He realized that world wasn't as lovely and peaceful as how many people describes it. He had learned that most people were out there to tell lies and deceit others for their own good. He became to distrust people in different ways however hid those feelings and emotions because he knew that it won’t be liked by others. His on personality was formed in order to make others to like him and his second power, energy shield, became more prominent power of his.

Extras :

  • Hates being tied down
  • Loves studying other people
  • Childhood friend of Arayda since age of 8/ 9

Outfit : Simple black shirt, black jeans, and black boots. He doesn't put that much effort into his outfit since it doesn't serve much of protection purpose due to his power’s nature. He wears simple black mask that covers his eyes but it seems to glow slightly in mint color when his power is being used.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Divergence on Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:28 pm

Name: Trevorie "Trevor" Lee

Age: 20

Gender: female

Orientation: bisexual

Code name: Divergence

MeChip: Supportive caretaker called GLaDOS. Yeah.

Powers: Energy manipulation & Mind link
She shapes energy into hoops which she then throws at her enemies. Unreliable on long distances, as her aim isn't perfect. Needs space to work the magic.
Mind link is influencing/stimulating other people's brain. Used mostly for adrenaline boost manipulation, disguising pain or calming down. At most can stun weaker enemies. It creates a bridge between her own and the other mind, so if the other signal is too strong, it will knock her out. Limits to one person at a time. Only works on short distance, preferably through touch and with a willing mind.

Fighting style: Likes to combine all powers. Send first wave of energy attacks, get close, try to stun target with mind link and get them down with a close up melee attack.

Family & Backstory: She has always been close with her parents. Her parents had her at a relatively old age of almost 40. They had a vision of helping people and making the world better, but they were hardly significant figures or had any access to a position of power to make that happen. They often attended charities and took Trevor with them; generally they built her upbringing on helping others, made sure she knew to do the right thing.
During her rebellious teenage phase she accused parents of liking the greater good more than their daughter, which wasn't exactly true, as they were always there for her. She overcame it eventually, about around the same time she found out she was Powered. She saw that as a chance to become a hero and do the good her parents always wanted.

Outfit: Her hero costume is black and bronze and consists of a black undershirt with a bronze vest with a short cape over it, bronze gloves with open palms, wide black belt (used for mainly flash bombs storage), black pants with bronze kneepads and black boots. Her mask is black and inspired by the Incredibles.
In casual outfit, however, she never fails to wear at least one pink thing.

Appearance: Average height. Ginger hair, hazel eyes. Wears bright lipstick (usually red, sometimes bronze) and dark eye make-up as a part of her mask. She has a lot of freckles everywhere. She'd be near omnipotent if she had a single point of Power for every freckle. She styles her hair into a braid tightly wrapped around her head, so it doesn't get into her eyes. However, she's not all that good at hair styling, so there are always several curls falling free.

Personality: She's mostly optimistic and cheerful, quick to help people & can't see someone being sad without immediately launching herself at them and trying to make them feel better. Sometimes she obnoxiously insists on helping people when they don't want her to.
She's usually honest and doesn't have much of a filter, so sometimes she ends up being too honest. Has a knack for embarrassing herself, especially when her mind link power is deployed.
Has a terrible sense of humour that sometimes gets somehow too mocking to fit with the rest of her persona. Accidentaly hits on people.
She looks up to lawful good characters, but is more prone to liking the slightly shady characters with questional motives better. It just feels.. different and refreshing from her own ways. That said, she has the habit of trusting people too easily, seeing the best in them, and believes in them until it's too late.

Hero personality: She believes in team spirit and cooperation. Justice & law, that's her thing. She is the shining beacon of ideals and her only fear (besides dentists, clowns, crows and thunderstorms) is not living up to her own expectations.

Hobbies: She loves any movie where the hero saves the day. Monster movies and such. Wonder woman. Marvel. Especially Deadpool and Guardians of the galaxy - that's where her music taste comes from. She will listen to those few songs over and over. The Incredibles is one of her favourites - she'd always wished her parents were Powered as well, so they could all stand against evil together.
She unironically loves Sharknado and will make anyone even remotely willing watch it with her. She's read quite her share of novels, a lot of fantasy, but also cheesy romance.
She can't get enough Portal and even named her MeChip respectively. Thinking back, she has no idea why she chose to use GLaDOS' name.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Waistcoat on Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:34 am

Name: Anthony Edgar "Doc" Ryner

Age: 31

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Bisexual

Code name: Doesn't have one but everyone just calls him "Doc" or "Doc Ryner"

Occupation: Freelance Doctor, Surgeon, Herologist.

Family & background: Anthony lived in the fringes with his mother. His father, a retired engineer, was assaulted by a local ani-gang while out on an errand, he was refused any medical treatment due to how poverty ridden the area was and eventually bled to death from his injuries. The local authorities never caught the gang. Because of this Anthony will forever say that it was the medical services that murdered his father.

Strangely, it was not this incident that lead him to study medicine. When he was a child he had an accident that left him bleeding profusely which resulted in him requiring stitches, this was the first time he had ever seen blood. He was truly fascinated by the idea that the body held that amount of liquid and could be sewn up as simple as a tear in clothing. Through this he spent most of his time researching through what ever medical books he could get his hands on at the time, much to his mothers pleasure.

Despite all odds of living on The Fringes Anthony had managed to be accepted into the best medical school around. He had trouble making friends there due to the majority of its students were pompous rich kids who only cared about money and status. Anthony would get into a lot of physical fights with his fellow students because of his disdain for their attitude and the things he overheard in corridors or classrooms, which also helped him develop his "attitude"when people tried to give him grief. This gave him the title of "The worst doctor in Metro" which was quite the opposite as it was his gift in the field that allowed him to stay in the school.

After graduating Anthony had difficulty finding work, due to the rich kids using their status to give them an edge as well as Anthony's own poor reputation. It was around this time his mother had become ill and despite his best efforts trying to help her, she eventually passed away through natural means.

With no work, friends or family Anthony took what money he had left and opened up his own surgery in The Fringes, providing free health services for poverty ridden families. But due to a high increase of victims caught in the crossfire of gang fights he was running out of money and supplies. Because of this he was forced to work freelance for gangs, mafia and villains patching up the wounded but always charged top dollar for his services, which has lead him to be threatened on several occasions but they still end up paying.

Although, he wasn't happy helping out crooks his escapades did lead to the very ani-gang that killed his father. A territory fight had left all the members unconscious and having them transported to his surgery did he execute his revenge on each member, killing each one through dissection and selling there pieces through the black market. He didn't feel good about it but it was the only way to get rid if the evidence. He cut all ties with everyone after that.

Appearance: Anthony stands at about 6'0" with a slim but lean frame. His skin slightly tanned and has his hair in ponytailed dreadlocks, which are jet black, that reach to his neck. He often wears loose clothing ranging from t-shirts and jeans while wearing his doctors coat, with the sleeves rolled up,as he thinks it's a badge of sorts. He has hetrochromia eyes the left green while the right is blue.

(Overall, imagine him as professor Sycamore but with that description)

Personality: Anthony is a generally friendly guy with a laid back personality and always talks to someone as an equal. Although, when crossed or threatened his demeanour goes from cranky and sassy remarks to cold and malicious insults given on the actions of the other person. Because if this many question if he takes his job seriously at all.

Other: Currently residing at the GG mansion as the local doctor with his office being his own bedroom. Likes to wander around the place when bored. He cares for all the members of the DQP but shows the most concern towards Jacqueline, which is arousing suspicion from the other members. Likes the drink scotch because it was his fathers favourite drink.

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Re: Character Profiles

Post by ShotgunBlastingOff on Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:33 am

Name: Gabriel "Gabe" Nardovino

Codename: Shotgun

Gender: Cigendered Male



Weight: 168 lbs.

Body: lithe

Orientation: Biromantic homosexual

MeChip: friendly butler named Seraphinus


  • Pyrokinesis: Can heat up or set fire to objects in his environment. Non flammable materials will heat up but not catch fire. Requires Gabe to focus on whatever he's heating.
  • Telekinesis: Can lift and move himself and any other object up to twice his weight with his mind. Requires minimal focus and power and is the most common power Gabe uses
  • Emotion Manipulation: Can cause people he touches to feel calm. Rarely used because Gabe feels dirty and awful for using it. Power is easily stopped by realizing it's just a power, breaking Gabe's concentration, or breaking contact.

Fighting Style: Gabe is mainly a defensive fighter and focuses on trying not to hurt people unnecessarily. He uses  projectiles in his belt and in a backpack partnered with his telekinesis to defend himself. In the case of him being unable to use his powers he is proficient in hand to hand combat and good with improvising weapons. He has an absolute no kill policy and will do whatever it takes to keep from doing so.

Personality: Gabe is a charismatic and passionate social butterfly who thrives in groups. He loves meeting new people and learning about others. He's excitable and can often get so caught up in something he doesn't notice things around him making him sometimes a bit obnoxious when talking to others. He is generally confident and playful whether making sarcastic jokes or playing pranks on his friends. Whenever he does get in a bad mood he avoids conflict or people in general to keep himself from upsetting others. Gabe's devotion to everything he does whether its his career as a hero, relationships, or whatever fans he has, causes him to get stressed easily and he can be found worrying about anything and everything. He adores videogames old and new and will become incredibly competitive if challenged.

Backstory: Gabe was raised mostly by his Powered father since after his mother was accidentally killed in a fight between a hero and villain. His father was a distant but tried to be affectionate and comforting to his son. Over time his father began to spend less and less time with Gabe and more time by himself in his room, coming out only to cook and shop. Gabe grew lonely and often took solace in watching 3v and feeling amazed at how popular superheroes were. He found himself frequently imagining that he was there among the heroes basking in the praise and love of the people around him. He began to play with his powers more an more learning how they worked by himself from lifting things around in the house to starting small fires in their backyard. He worked alone right under his father's nose, dreaming of the day he saves lives and keeps people from going through what his family did.
    After Gabe turned 14 his father finally emerged from his room to tell Gabe that he's going to change how justice works and that he was going to fix the city. He proclaims that he is going to stop crime himself under the name Archangel and left the house, once again leaving Gabe by himself. After that he started to leave the house daily, pursuing his own idea of justice as the vigilante Archangel. Gabe began to get excited to see his father on 3v imagining him to be just like the other smiling heroes he always watched. He was only met with confusion when reporters and other heroes called his father horrible things like a "menace" and "monster." Soon after his father rushed home suddenly and told Gabe to pack whatever he could into a suitcase and that he had to go. His father took him to his Uncle's house, gave him a hug, told him to be good and left him there.
    Despite his Uncle's confusion he readily took Gabe in. After seeing Archangel's actions his uncle refused to let Gabe watch 3v to shield Gabe from Archangel's rise from vigilante to villain in a matter of months. He kept Gabe busy by helping him continue mastering his powers. One night Gabe was sent to bed early so his uncle could watch the news.Feeling curious and rebellious Gabe slipped out of his room and watched along in secret. There on the news was his father Archangel and a some heroes he didn't recognize. He watched as these heroes viciously attacked his father. The fight raged on and on for what felt like forever leaving Gabe frozen in horror with his eyes locked to the 3v until one of the heroes caught him off guard and hit Archangel, sending him flying into a nearby building. He hit the wall with a loud resounding crack that made his uncle gasp in horror. Gabe waited for his father to get up to move to do something. He started to cry and got his uncle's attention. His uncle rushed to soothe him but his comforting words fell on deaf ears as all Gabe could think was that his father couldn't have deserved that. No one deserved that. Not even the villain.
    They didn't go to the funeral out of his uncle's fear of their family being attacked. The following days his uncle bought him gift after gift to ease the grieving process and help Gabe open up again but with little to no success. Out of desperation on Gabe's 15th birthday he took Gabe to get his first MeChip, Seraphinus. After his uncle pestering him to try it he finally humored him and began to use Seraphinus. From stupid questions to angry rants Seraphinus listened to Gabe, and quickly became his closest friend. With Seraphinus and his uncle's encouragement he started to move on and be happier.
    One day on a whim he found himself watching the 3v. For the first time he saw the Millennial Group and it brought back familiar feelings of motivation and happiness. He watched them save passersby and working together to keep people out of danger. He watched as onlookers were reunited with their family members and he once again felt the desire to do the same thing, to help people, and especially to save families. Filled with determination he told his uncle about his desire to start training again. His uncle was hesitant but agreed to help Gabe become a hero. After three years of hard work and patience Gabe got his Hero License a few weeks after his 18th birthday. Though jobs were rare and were never anything exciting Gabe loved it. He was meeting new people, seeing the city and other things he'd never experienced. Whenever he did feel frustrated and that what he did was meaningless he forcefully reminded himself that they were enough to bring smiles and relief to people and it all made him feel worthwhile. After  a year of simple hero work he happened upon GG and struck up an conversation. He told GG about himself, his career and how much he loved helping people. Charmed and impressed GG said that he may be able to help Gabe become the big hero he always wanted to be and invited him to the mansion. At first he was hesitant to leave his uncle but after a long discussion both Gabe and his uncle concluded that this was exactly what he needed in his career. Soon after Gabe packed his things and made his big move into the mansion.


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Re: Character Profiles

Post by Waistcoat on Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:22 am

Name: Roxi Anders

Codename: Rocksteady

Nationality: British/American

Gender: Genderfluid (Bilogically female, doesn't care about pronouns)

Age: 26

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 176 lb

Body: Slim, Athletic body type.

Orientation: Bisexual

MeChip: A robot that goes by the name "One"

Appearance: Roxi has a bit of a punky style. She's Caucasian. The right side of her pink hair is trimmed short while the rest of it hangs loosely, occasionallt she has it cut short and styles it. Her eyes are sky blue she has at least three tattoos one on her right arm, another on her left shoulder blade and the last is hidden privately.

Powers: Hardened Skin & Dermal Armour. Although, her natural skin is already thick Roxi can also create a armour not only all of but different parts of her body, which gives her a rocky appearance and increases Roxi's strength. It's speculated that the type of armour created is based on her temperament at the time but this is something Roxi has never let on or even talked about.

Fighting Style: Roxi' is trained in Mixed Martial Arts for non powered fights or petty criminals. With powered fights Roxi is highly offensive, bulldozing her way through the enemy and piling pressure onto them as her Armour can be used as a weapon. However, this is easily countered by a much smarter opponent as it really is a straightforward way of doing things.

Personality: Roxi is very loud, flirty and headstrong who thinks and acts spontaneously. She gives everyone a nickname as she thinks it is much easier than remembering actual names (although she does it anyway). Although this brash nature may seem "Douchey" at first it is actually her being playful. She's actually a sweetheart (if not a little rough),although when it comes to conflicts she is easy rile up. She also has a cockney accent (the good kind) but developed an american one over time, she has trouble trying to keep them in check as she can slip into the other one without noticing (she tries to use the american one more as she got made fun of for her original accent). She is very hydrophobic (baths and showers she can handle, open waters are a different story) and needs someone to be around her.

Backstory: "One part of it was fish and chips the other half is a half eaten cheeseburger" is the short answer Roxi would give. Roxi was originally born in Britain, her mother was american and her dad British, her life was pretty normal in her eyes, apart from the occasional trouble she would get into to. Eventually, she moved to America due to her mother feeling homesick and her father (who loved her dearly) grew tired of his homeland and decided to move to America. It was a little difficult for Roxi to fit in at first but with boisterous personality she fit right in. Roxi first discovered her powers during a swimming trip, she got scared and her powers reacted spontaneously. Because of the nature of her powers she sank into the sea unable to swim, the fear of drowning consumed her she was save by a lifeguard, with some difficulty but the fear has stuck with her since.

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Re: Character Profiles

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