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Cops and Robbers

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Okay, so I've been writing this thing for about almost two days and it is something really silly and it's not in any way canon it was just I did to torture Zenith because she ships these two like butter and milk and I was all like "I'm gonna write smut about them" and she was all like "Nu-uh" and I was all like "yu-huh" and she was "Nu-uh" and I was like "Look my hands are writing it right now, here is a draft" and she was all like "Nooooo, you're killing me!" and I was just "HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE >: D" but then I just kept writing and then I was getting way too deep, I couldn't stop I just had to keep writing! and then everything just got way out of hand and there was nothing I could do!

It's kinda best that you don't read this it is probably one of the worst things I have ever written in my entire life, despite how much time I put into it, it made no sense and grammatical wrong in a lot of ways with a lot spelling mistakes AVERT YOUR EYES PEOPLE!
Title: Cops and Robbers
Genre: Erotic, fluff, silly, Non-canon
Warnings: Contains Dubious Consent (if your upset by that stuff)

The sun was at its highest peak as it rained down its rays on the Mansions Garden, bathing all those in its warming glow. Arayda was walking down the gardens path trying her best to admire the time and effort put into the design but failing in doing so. She didn’t have any intentions to go into the garden but would rather do so in her own time; GG on the other hand, acting like a nagging mother forced her to do so.

“You shouldn’t be brooding in the house all day; it’s such a lovely day outside why don’t you go visit the gardens?” she heard him eco in his mind.

‘Stupid GG’ she muttered to herself.

It’s not like she even wanted to be here, if it hadn’t been for that debt hanging on her shoulders she wouldn’t have said yes to this “show”. Arayda was beginning to feel more frustrated, she was trying to calm herself down but it all seemed impossible at this point. Maybe I should just go back; Aradya thought to herself, this garden is dull and isn’t helping my mood.

As she turned around to go back to the mansion something caught her attention. It was an odd sound, something that stood out from the songbirds chirping in the background. More like someone humming a tune or whispering a melody. Normally, Arayda wouldn’t care for this, but knowing that everyone else was preoccupied with training, sex or out in the city curiosity came over her as to who could be here.

Following the tune further into the garden she eventually found the culprit. It was that nuisance, Jacquine, watering the plants with a watering can she constructed from energy and humming to herself.

‘Go figure’ Arayda said.

It looked like Jacquine had not noticed Arayda, too preoccupied with her stupid plants; wondering how long it would take before she noticed her presence. It was at this time that she couldn’t help but question the nature of Jacquine. How she smiled all the time, her manner of dress consisting of the finest dresses around, garments considered “Adorable” and “Cute” or something you would throw on when you can’t dress yourself (Arayda noted that Jacquine was wearing her infamous overall dress), How she acted so sweet and innocent, her constant mothering and how she wants everyone to be friends with her. How did she ever become a superhero? She’s gullible, innocent, sometimes childish and probably never even been in a real fist fight before, despite that amount of muscle on her.

Arayda was becoming more frustrated just by looking at her; maybe going back to the mansion was a better idea. But then something struck her, a small thought.

How gullible and innocent is she?

Arayda had never met anyone like Jacquine before and given how she is there may be a chance to use her to blow off some steam, not like she had anything else better to do.

‘Hey, Jacquine’ Arayda called.

Jacquine turned around finally noticing her for the first time, that smile glued on her face.

‘Ah, Good afternoon, Madam Herald’ Jacquine answered sweetly. ‘How are you?

‘I’m fine…a little bored, if I’m honest’

‘Would you like to water the plants with me? They are so very thirsty’ Jacquine asked holding the water can to Aradya.

Aradya looked down at the energy constructed watering can; it was a quarter full of water so there wouldn’t be enough to water all the flowers. Besides, that’s not what she wanted to do and she wanted to make it clear to Jacquine. Grabbing the watering can and throwing it behind her, it dissipated leaving the water left inside landing with a quick splash.

‘No, I don’t’ Aradya answered bluntly ‘I want to play a game.’

‘Really?’ Jacquine asked excitedly ‘What game would you like the play? Tag, hide and go seek or would yo-‘

Jacquine was interrupted by Aradya placing a hand on her mouth, shutting her up so that Aradya could talk for just a few seconds.

‘I would like to play an old favourite called “Cops and Robbers” Aradya answered with a smile, letting go off Jacquines mouth so she could speak again.

‘Cops and Robbers?’ She asked


‘I have not heard of this game, how do you play it?’ Jacquine asked, looking slightly confused.

‘Oh it’s really simple, kinda like tag with hide and seek.’ Aradya began. ‘You’re the robber and I’m the cop. You run from me and I try to catch you.’

There was a look of curiosity on Jacquines face as she explained the rules, like she was being told a story of ancient treasure.

‘I lose if you catch me, yes?’ She asked.

‘No, if I catch you then you go through “Interrogation” Aradya Answered.

Jacquines eyes lit up in surprise for second when hearing the word, then a look of contemplation like she was mulling the idea over her head.

‘What do you do in interrogation? Jacquine asked, a little worried.

‘I just ask you questions about your “crimes”’ Aradya said, adding air quotes ‘It’s all just pretend really and when I give up you win.’

‘Pretend? I love to play pretend, like my tea parties’ Jacquine said happiness clear in her voice ‘I am so excited, I wish to play now’

‘I knew you would come around’

Aradya remembered they owned a hedge maze and thought that would be best place to play this “game” of hers. After much walking the pair eventually was standing outside the entrance to the maze. It was quite impressive from an outside perspective. Although, the hedges were small the scale of it sure was huge,

‘You go in first and I’ll count to thirty, which will give you enough time to get ahead of me’

‘Okay’ Jacquine said, running into the forest with her fingers pretending to be guns ‘Pew, pew, give me your wallet’ she cried playfully.

Aradya almost felt bad for her, but seeing her act this gullible was too much fun for her. Catching her would be easy as well. She used the time to memorise the map of the maze. The centre of the maze had a small flower garden and a bench. Aradya’s mind initially thought Jacquine would head straight for there because of the flowers. It had been fifteen minutes wandering in the maze and she had caught Jacquine already. She was wrong about her going to the flowers though, she was been wandering aimlessly in the maze.

‘Well that didn’t take long’ Arayda said out loud.

‘I am sorry’ Jacquine said sadly

‘Don’t worry about it; there is still the next part’ Arayda said reassuringly

‘Oh yes, what was my crime again?’ Jacquine asked excitedly

Aradya had to think for a moment. It would seem that saying she was a criminal wouldn’t be enough; it made sense that she would have to have done something wrong to be labelled as one. She felt a bit ridiculous actually putting some thought into this game.

‘You…err…stole some…stuff and hid it somewhere and I need to find out where it is’ Aradya said as convincingly as she could.

‘I stole stuff? I am the worst.’ Jacquine answered with a pitiful expression.

‘You’re supposed to be a criminal. You have to act a bit more aggression in you.’ Aradya advised.

‘Oh, right’ Jacquine cleared her throat ‘I have stolen stuff and I will never tell you the location of it, silly police officer’ she said in a very bad villainous voice.

‘Was that good?’ She asked.

‘Just…come with me’ Aradya sighed.

Arayda grabbed her arm and led her deeper into the maze, trying to remember the route to the centre of it.
Eventually they found the flower garden. It looked quite spacious and there were plenty of flower beds, a small wooden bench sat in the middle of it all, atmosphere it gave off was a peaceful one. It felt like anyone could escape from the outside world spending time in here. Arayda led Jacquine to the bench and ordered her to sit down which she did so. Despite the situation Jacquine was still smiling and having fun.

‘Okay you criminal scum, tell me where it is’ Araydya asked, trying her best to sound like some form of official. In truth she felt like an idiot trying to do a voice.

‘I will tell you know such thing, you big meanie’ Jacquine retorted who was also trying her best to sound like a criminal but failing at being very intimidating. Arayda took a step forward and lifted her head up by the chin.

‘Oh, I think you will’ Arydas said aggressively

‘No, I shall hold my tongue to a…a big poo poo head like you’ Jacquine said sticking her tounge out

Arayda caught her tongue and held it in place; Jacquine panicked a little grabbing onto Aradya’s arm struggling to get out of her grip and whimpering a little bit. Slowly, she pushed Jacquines tongue back in her mouth and moved her thumb onto the tongue, feeling the squirming organ lavish in fear around her thumb. Arayda could see the shock in Jacquines eyes by her actions as she started to move her thumb inside the cavern of her mouth, pushing it a little deeper to feel more. It felt good, having this small control over someone Arayda thought to herself.

‘I think I will be the on holding your tongue here, little miss smart mouth’

Jacquines grip on her arm was already weak in her confusion but it was slowly slipping and she held on with whatever resistance she had. Arayda could tell that Jacquine was strong and could probably give a lot more resistance in this type of situation. Maybe she still thinks we’re playing a game, Arayda thought to herself.

‘What’s the matter?’ Arayda asked, a smile forming onto her face ’are you enjoying this?’

Before Jacquine could make any reaction Arayda pushed her index and middle fingers into Jacquines mouth pulling the thumb out at the same time, it was slick with saliva. Arayda put her other hand onto jacquines cheek slowly caressing it with her thumb as she looked back with begging eyes. Arayda was playing with the inside of Jacquines mouth; exploring every nook and cranny, caressing the tongue, gently pushing and pulling them in her mouth. Jacquine was drooling now and it spilled out of her mouth onto her dress but she couldn’t do anything about it all she could do was stare at Arayda with pleading eyes.

Arayda pulled her fingers out of Jacquine’s mouth, a thin string of saliva attached to them before breaking as Arayda put them into her mouth, tasting the saliva. Jacquine was panting, her mouth agape with confusion as her mouth was a mess of spit, she hadn’t even realised she let go of Araydas arm.

‘So, are you going to talk?’ Arayda asked again, after taking fingers out her mouth.

Jacquine looked up to Arayda, looking as though she had forgotten oh her existence; she was still panting and took her time to answer.

‘N…non’ She said weakly.

‘Well, seeing as loosening your mouth didn’t work. I guess I’ll have to go a bit rough on you’

She grabbed Jacquines shoulders, slowly and gently, forced her onto her stomach propping her butt into the air. Jacquine made little resistance and only obliged with heavy breathing from having her mouthed played with. It was until Arayda lifted her dress up to expose her undergarments did she show some life, she tried to move but Arayda placed her hand on her head keeping her in check.

‘P-please…my bottom…’ Jacquine pleaded weakly.

‘Is very nice’ Arayda responded, playing with the material of Jacquine’s underwear.

Jacquine gasped in shock as Arayda pulled down her underwear exposing her buttocks to the sun. Arayda began caressing them, feeling the smooth skin under her fingertips, ignoring the small squeak from Jacquine as she did so. It really was a nice butt; Arayda thought to herself as she cupped one and began massaging it. Jacquines body stiffened from the touch and another whimper followed.

‘Please…please let me go…’ she whispered, she sounded almost pathetic.

Arayda leaned right close to Jacquines ear, licking the rim of it, causing another whimper from Jacquine.

‘You have been a really bad girl’ Arayda whispered, uncupping Jacquines rear raising her hand into a slapping position.

‘And this is your punishment’ she said bringing the hand down smacking Jacquines butt firmly.

Jacquine let out gasp of pain as her rear was assaulted by the slap, she could not believe she was being spanked but this feeling behind it was alien to her. It hurt so badly but there was something after the pain that spread some. She couldn’t understand it.

Arayda brought her hand down again and another gasp was made. She repeated this over and over again, stronger and harder with each hit. Jacquine was trying to muffle her cries of pain as the onslaught littered her beautiful rear with red handprints. Arayda licked her lips as the last slap landed on Jacquines rose red cheeks, this one was the hardest out of them all, releasing, for the first time, a strong moan from Jacquines voice before she fell flat, heavily panting once again.

Arayda was filled with delight as she saw the crumpled mess that was once the happy and bubbly Jacquine. Watching Jacquine breathe like that was making her hungry for more. Even her heartbeat had risen throughout the spanking and she was almost giddy with excitement, she never knew how much fun this was. Trying to calm herself a little bit she leaned over to Jacquines face. Jacquines eyes were filled with tears that slowly fell down her cheeks as they looked back into Arayda, there was no hate in them only confusion and yearning.

‘Are you ready to talk?’

Jacquine merely turned her head away from Arayda, as if her sight was disgusting to her. She mumbled something barely audible to Arayda. Unhappy with this sudden turn around Aradya picked Jacquine up and layed her down on a bed of flowers nearby. Jacquine stared up at Arayda, the same expression on her face. At least she looked more comfortable on the flowers than the bench Ardya thought. She kneeled down next to Jacquine pulled her closer.

‘I felt like a change of scenery.’ Arayda said casually but returned to her dominating voice ‘So I’ll ask again, are you going to talk.’
cquine merely looked at down at the grass as she replied.

‘n..n…non’ was all she could muster he voice was heavy with defeat.
‘Just as I thought’ Arayda simple said.

She pulled Jacquine into a kiss. It wasn’t a gentle passionate one; the kind filled with the realisation that you love the receiver and wish to express your fiery desire for them. No, this was deep kiss. A kiss that had no love behind it, no affection, this was a kiss of branding between a master and her servant. Aradya deepened the kiss by pushing her tongue into Jacquines mouth.

She knew from Jacquines reaction, how she grabbed onto her clothes, how she tried to resist and clumsly used her tongue that this was Jacquines first kiss. Taken and stolen from her, forever burned into her memory that it was her, Arayda, who did it. The thought of it made Arayda hot and she slowly trailed her hand between Jacquines legs, gently caressing her area.

Jacquine broke the kiss by pulling away violently, surprised by the sudden shock down there. Curious about this sudden reaction Arayda touched it again more firmly. Jacquines body shook, her gripped tightened, tears ran fast as she her breath was heavy, looking at Arayda with pleading eyes.

‘S'il vous plait…S'il vous plaît’ she cried weakly.

Slowy a sadistic smiled spread across Arayda’s face, Jacquine was soaking wet. Her heartbeat increased again she licked her lips hungrily a she slowly penetrated Jacquine with her finger. Jacquine arched her back as she moaned the same way when she was spanked. Jacquine tried to grab at Aradyas hand but because of how weak she was Jacquine could only get a hold of the bottom of her dress and covered the finger penetrating her as if she was trying to hide herself from the world. Adraya slightly quickened her pace as she began kissing Jacquines exposed neck, causing another moan from her lips. Her body was shaking immensely from the pleasure she had never experienced before.

Arayda went the extra mile and placed another finger inside Jacquines moist area, it went in as easily as Jacquine failed to stop another moan. She stopped kissing her neck and began sucking in small areas along her smooth neck leaving tiny love bites. Arayda curved her fingers already inside feeling the roof of Jacquines love spot; she reacted instantly arching her back more and slightly raising her hips as a gasp of surprise was produced. Arayda didn’t have to question what she had done for that kind of reaction; it was obvious Jacquine had never been touched like this before, especially there.

Arayda pulled her fingers out of Jacquine and examined them; they were sleek with her juices as they glistened in the sun. Putting them inside Jacquines mouth she wanted her to taste herself Jacquine responded by licking and sucking them instinctively. Arayda was quite surprised by this, she expected some resistance or whimper from her. No matter, the site of jacquine like this made her even hungrier.

Lying Jacquine down she move down the edge of dress, mixed smell of sweat and musk from her sweet spot enticed her further. Removing Jacquines underwear Aradya inched closer to it, lifting Jacquines legs as she did so. But she felt something on her head, a pair of shaking hands pathetically trying to stop her from moving forward. She looked to see Jacquine, her face red from embarrassment.

‘S'il vous plait…Do not look there’ Jacquine pleaded weakly

‘Then I guess you ready to talk now, huh’ Arayda answered playfully

Jacquine looked pained when she was asked that, Aradya actually thought she was going to say “Yes” and ruin all the fun. Chances are she would have carried on either way. Eventually, Jacquine removed her hands from Araydas head and covered her face, as if to hide from the embarrassment. Arayda would go as far to say she almost looked adorable.

‘Non…’ she finally answered

‘You’re a stubborn one’ Ardya replied, a smirk forming

Aradya began to kiss the inner thighs, gently sucking them to leave marks causing Jacquine to shudder slightly with each one, as she slowly moved forward towards Jacquines flower. Finally reaching the sensitive are Arayda stuck out her tongue and gave it a small, feeling Jacquines body reverberate from the action. Arayda licked it again, more firm and deeper, she tasted delicious. Arayda went all in placing her tongue firmly inside her, lapping at the sweet nectar she produced. Arayda was salivating from all this as she moved up to the Jacquines little pink bud. Teasing it with the tip of her tongue Jacquines hips bucked as she moaned with the sound of pleasure. Adraya could hear the echos of Jacquines moans as she continued to suckle on her pink bud greedily. She let go slightly gasping for air and breathing heavy, her mouth coated with Jacquines sweet delicious nectar.

Grabbing the hem of Jacquins dress she removed it quite roughly from her, shirt and bra included. Jacquine was fully naked, her entire body exposed to the sun as she lay on the grass, pathetically trying to cover herself. Aradya stood over her, enjoying the site of Jacquine looking so helpless. And that’s when it hit her. How the sun shone on her body, the way the sweat on her muscles glistened in the sunlight, the way she looked up to Aradya, her face tear stained, flushed and scared.

Arayda had never felt so starved in her life.

‘Are you going to talk now?’ Aradya asked plainly.

As she asked this Aradya began to remove her own clothes, baring her flesh to the cool air and warm sun. She got onto all fours and crawled over to Jacquine caressing her abs with her lips as she slowly came face to face with Jacquine. Jacquine just stared at Arayda, her eyes still dripping with tears she couldn’t look away from Aradya. She feebly tried to cover her face with her hand as she answered.

‘Non…’ was all she could muster.

Arayda did not make any comment on it. She caressed Jacquines mouth with her thumb before pulling into another deep and rough kiss. Jacquine still clumsily kissed back, still in need of some practice. She trailed her hand down to jacquines breasts, massaging one of them and tugging on the nipples causing jacquine to make another muffled whimper. Araydya broke the kiss, so that she could breathe again.

Arayda licked and nipped Jacquines ear. She wanted to taste all of her. She licked her salty tears, the sweat that gathered on her neck and eventually her bosom. Licking and sucking Jacquines nipples as she cried out. Araydya thrust her hips into Jacquine so that their sweet spots could rub against one another, Arayda moaned as a wave of pleasure shot through her. She continued thrusting a rubbing looking down on Jacquines face, the feeling of pleasure finally catching up to her as Aradya rubbed herself against her, both women moaning into the air. Araydas mind was filled with ecstasy as she quickened her pace, biting down onto Jacquine shoulder as she could feel the waves becoming stronger with each thrust, it was building up inside her until faster and faster until, eventually, both woman cried out into the air, hugging each other as their bodies twitch from their orgasm, Jacquine more so.
Their bodies went limp, panting and gasping for air. Eventually, Arayda rolled onto her back feeling tired but refreshed from letting out that pent up frustration. Jacquine on the other hand was still trying to recuperate from her first orgasm; she was still breathing heavy but looked more like she was sleeping. Aradya made a move to get up before she heard Jacquine say something to her.

‘D..did I win? Jacquine asked, her voice a little stronger.

‘Y…yeah, you won’ Arayda answered back, amused at the though Jacquine still believed they were playing a game.

‘I am so happy’ Jacquine smiled.

Neither of them moved for a while until Arayda thought it was time to move. She thought it would be best to leave Jacquine as she was, she was a big girl after all, and she can take care of herself. Getting up and heading over to her clothes to grab them her hand was caught by someone else’s. It belonged to Jacquine her eyes full of life again and that smile of hers plaster on her face as she brought Araydas hand to her cheek, nuzzling it.

‘Madam Herald’ Jacquine began ‘May we play that game again?’

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