Koule Topic (moved from About the Characters) [Joule, Zenith]

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Koule Topic (moved from About the Characters) [Joule, Zenith]

Post by Joule on Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:59 pm

A topic about Kade/Joule so we don't completely flood all the roleplay topics with shameless flirting and inappropriate behaviour.

Posts are either: Normal RPing where each person posts their own thing, chat RP (sometimes edited by me to look like a fic), or normal RPing squeezes in one post where ekurian's writing is in grey.

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Re: Koule Topic (moved from About the Characters) [Joule, Zenith]

Post by Joule on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:01 pm

Collapsing on a square of grass between two flower beds, Kade finally gave up. He was so done with chasing peacocks. He had planned on catching one to stick in Arayda's room, but he'd been at this for at least half an hour. It was starting to seem like a bad idea, anyway. As he caught his breath, he propped himself up on his elbows to see someone walking past with their nose in a book. That someone being Joule. Although it had taken him a second to recognise him, what with the fact that he was fully dressed and all. Oh, and the glasses. Wait, glasses? Kade sniggered. "Sup, nerd," he called from his spot on the floor. Seriously. Glasses.

Nat blinked and glanced about, trying to locate the source of the sound. Part of him was disappointed that this quiet little stroll did not turn out as quiet as he had hoped for, and part of him was rather pleased to see Kade lying there. The man wasn't exactly hard on the eyes after all, and his attitude was closer to Joule's ten times over anyone else's. Yes, this walk could have one much worse.

"Is it me you're refering to?" he raised an eyebrow, giving Kade a look over his glasses, nose now out of the book.

"Who do you think I was referring to? The peacocks?" Kade asked with a laugh. He had to admit, those glasses were kinda sexy. It was just weird- not many people wore glasses these days. Let alone to read actual printed books. Oh sure, he read old comics. But not books.

"You see I was confused, because I personally think I am very cool." He flashed one of his trademark grins. He carefully took out his leather bookmark from the last page and placed it in the page he had been reading, closing the book with a snap and holding it in one hand.

Sniggering, Kade grinned right back. "Mmhm. Yeah, okay, you got me there." He raised an eyebrow curiously as Nat marked his page with a bookmark. It kind of put his own corner folding method for his comics to shame. Yeah, weird. But cool. "What you reading?" He asked, patting the grass beside him to get Joule to come and sit.

"Oh I..." for a moment he went to put the book away, but as he made a move he realised that a. he had nowhere to hide the large book and b. Kade had already seen it so hiding it would be pointless. Eyes flickering down for a moment, he offered the other man his book, so he could see for himself, and took a seat next to him on the cool grass.

"It's 21st century history," he spoke in a voice which was unusually quiet for Joule.

Kade just sat there with an expectant look on his face, as Joule apparently took a second to decide what to do. Funny. He'd never thought of him to be hesitant about anything. Taking the book, he sat up, cross legged with it on his lap. He opened it and flicked through, reminding himself that it wasn't his so he should probably he a bit more careful with it than he was with his own things. He didn't exactly read any of it- honestly it was hard for him to read anything without pictures on every page. "So... why this century, exactly?" He asked, trying not to make it sound like he thought it was boring. Which he did. History was boring, to him, anyways.

Nat did not exactly go around talking to people about his interest in history, at least not people he wanted to impress, due mostly to the unfortunate truth that most found history to be an immensely boring subject.
"To be honest, I have books on every century from now to the prehestoric. But... I dunno... there's something about the 21st. It's history but it isn't. It's still very close to us. It's still affecting us. The foundations of so many things we see and use today in our everyday lives were created in that very century." His eyes lip up as he spoke, the subject clearly holding a very special place in his heart. "That's when social media really took off too! And life on the internet in general. It was Marvel's greatest age too! 3D tv and cinema was of that century too, without which we wouldn't have today's 3v."

He bit his tongue, telling himself to shut up. It was probably a bad idea to start blabbing uncontrollably about history to a person he barely knew.

Only half listening at first, he flipped through the book some more, nodding in mock attention. It was only when he glanced up half way through Nat's babbling that he realised just how into this kind of stuff he was. It was...well. Sort of cute, really. He couldn't help but smile, closing the book as Nat finally stopped talking. "Yeah, that's- wait," he cut himself off, stopping as he was just about to hand the book back over and make some half hearted comment. "Did you just say Marvel?"

"I..." he reached over and took the book from Kade, holding it close almost protectively. "Yes, yes I did... why? Do you know them?"

"Oh my god yes," he said as he shuffled himself around to properly face Joule, now completely attentive to whatever he had to say. "The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Xmen- I love them all. Especially X-Men. I've read The Uncanny X-Men at least a hundred times. All the way through."

“You… You like comic books?” Joule couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

Anyone he had ever met much preferred superhero blockbusters on 3v, or interactive hero video games. No one seemed to be interested in a good, old fashioned comic book. Then again, he had not spoken to a great many deal of people about the subject, so perhaps it was his fault he had found no one.

“Like… the original ones?”

Kade looked as if he was about to die of excitement. Not only did Joule know Marvel, but he knew the comics. Nobody read comic books. As far as he had been aware, he was possibly the only person on the planet who did.
"Yes, yes those- I've got at least a few boxes full of them. The originals are the best ones."

“You do!?” the disbelief was obvious in his voice. Disbelief mixed with bubbling excitement. “Which ones?! I… also have a few… I mean…” his voice dropped to more of a mumble, “more like a library of them but anyway.”

"Well, honestly it's mostly X-Men," he said with a snort, not yet processing Nat's mumbled part about a library. "I've got all of the ones from the 1980s and up, including the Wolverine and Deadpool spinoffs-oh and Magneto. Magneto's the best." He still hadn't clicked into the 'library' thing yet, too busy rattling off about his comic book collection. "I've got The Avengers from 2010 and 12, Fearless Four from 2009, Daredevil, Thor- who is also awesome- Hawkeye, Spider-man..." He trailed off as he finally realised what Nat had said. ".... did you just say you have a library?"

Nat blinked at Kade, watching him intently as he spoke with such love about something that he himself adored. A little voice in his head told him to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t some form of strange dream.

“X-Men are really cool. I don’t have all of the volumes, but I do have quite a few. I have nearly all of the Avengers and many of the Young Avengers though! And I don’t have the spinoffs! Can I read them sometime?! Magneto is pretty neat. But not as neat as the Joker. And the Time Trapper!! Now THAT is an amazing villain! Such power, to control time itself!” he said that as if such a power was a really far away and unattainable thing. “Superboy Prime was awful. I have all the comics… In fact I have every single volume with Superman in it.”

Did he sound a bit too excited? Did he need to slow down? Was Kade going to think he was lame? Kade had asked him about the library. Would he think it was a little… excessive…? Regretting ever mentioning the library, Joule scratched the back of his head.

“Uh. Yes… I… kind of do. I mean. It’s not like it’s a separate room or something. Just… my bedroom… wall.”

Kade stared at Nat for a moment. A wall. He had enough comic books to fill an entire wall. "That.... is so. Slugging. Awesome,” he said, a huge grin on his face. "How did you even get so many? Dude, you've gotta let me read them- you can read my spinoff stuff."

He honestly couldn't believe that this was  happening. Sure, he knew that he and Nat were rather similar, personality wise, but he'd never thought that he'd also be into comics. Especially not to that extent.

"Actually," he continued, waving an arm excitedly, "You gotta show me this library-wall of yours. Man this is so cool."

Cool. Kade thought it was cool. Not only did he not think Nat was lame, Kade sounded just as excited as he did, and he thought it was cool. He wanted to giggle and bounce around like an excited puppy. He did not.

Play it cool man. Play it cool.

“I have my sources~” Joule’s confident air and smirk was back, but the excitement was still in his eyes. “Not to mention a lot of money. Now, was that something about you wanting me to take you to my bedroom?~”

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Re: Koule Topic (moved from About the Characters) [Joule, Zenith]

Post by Joule on Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:20 am

For once, Kade hadn't actually meant what he'd said to be suggestive. Trust Joule to take it that way, though. "Not exactly what I meant," he said with a smirk, reaching over to take Joule's glasses off his face. "But I wouldn't mind following you back to your room." He put the glasses on- not really sure why he was doing that, exactly. It seemed like a fun idea, he supposed. He couldn't see, however. "I'm sure you've got a lot of things you can show me~" He said as he returned the glasses to Joule's face with an eyebrow raised, his trademark flirting expression.

Nat bit his lip, readjusting the glasses on his face, without breaking eye contact. “I have plenty of things to show you, you are quite correct Monsieur Kade,” he used the nickname he had picked up from the French girl, Jacquine, though his accent was dreadfully British. He glanced about, making sure there were still no cameras around. They were probably busy filming the rest of the crew. Not that he minded the attention, not at all, but there was something almost… private about him sharing his love for comic books with Kade. He rarely ever felt as if he needed anything in his life to be private.

Kade sniggered at the nickname, and the terrible accent. He had to admit though, a Joule speaking French was sexy, even if it was terrible. Well, actually, Joule was sexy. The fact that they had a lot more in common than he realised made it even better. And that lip bite... damn. He really, really wanted to kiss him right now. Noticing Joule glance around, it took him a few seconds of wondering why, then he remembered the cameras. And for some reason, checked for them himself. Not that he'd mind kissing on camera, but this just felt different. Somehow. Maybe he shouldn't. Oh, slugger it. Sliding his hand around the back of Joule's neck, he pulled him closer and kissed him.

A pleasantly surprised noise escaped Nat’s lips, before he leaned down and gladly kissed back. “Can’t even wait until I take you to my room?~” he barely pulled away from Kade’s lips to mumble this.

This wasn’t the first time he and Kade had kissed, but it was the first time Joule had closed his eyes while doing so.

"Nope," he replied with a grin. "Just couldn't resist, babe." Kissing Joule was always great, but... yeah, okay, that had felt different. He wasn't exactly sure how, or in what way, but it had. Running his fingers through the hair at the back of Joule's neck, he rested his other arm on his shoulder and kissed him again. "Not like we have to go to your room for this," he said, hardly leaving any space between their lips to get the words out, then following with another kiss.

The grass was soft, the sun was shining, and Kade was in his arms, so it had seemed like a perfectly good, reasonable idea. It would be attractive, he would appear confident, even sexy. Joule felt particularly sexy as the other man kissed him. So when he grabbed Kade and pushed him down to the grass with him, he did not take the unruly behaviour of his cape into consideration. Which ended up going over his head and obscuring his view, resulting in him bumping his head against Kade’s, before the red piece of fabric settled over them both, like their own little tent.

“Sorry,” Joule looked away, cringing. Great you just made a complete fool out of yourself way to go.

Kade let out a surprised noise as Joule pushed him back, only for the cape to interfere. And for Joule to pretty much headbutt him, although it didn't really hurt. He lay there on the grass, trying very hard not to laugh. But the cape falling down over them, along with Joule's look of embarrassment made that completely impossible. Kade snorted, then pressed his face into Joule's neck, muffling his laughter.

"Smooth," he said once the giggles had passed- or at least he thought they had, because he ended up chuckling again, as he planted a kiss on the other man's neck. "Real smooth. Totally seduced right now." He couldn't help but be sarcastic, even as he kissed along Joule's jaw, in an attempt to get him to look at him again.

“Yes well. It… It was absolutely on purpose. To seduce you. I am clever like that.” The confidence was slowly returning to his voice, allowing himself to also chuckle at his own clumsiness. Kade didn’t think he was a fool. Or at least he thought he was a fool attractive enough to keep kissing. He could live with that. “I mean I…” his voice trailed off, getting distracted as lips met his neck. What was he just saying?

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In which Kade discovers Joule's weak spot

Post by Joule on Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:51 pm

[Beginning to get a little nsfw I swear to god these two-]

"Oh, of course you did," Kade said, chuckling against Joule's skin. He raised an eyebrow as Joule started to say something, but apparently didn't finish, wondering why. So he figured he'd try to find out. "An absolute master of seduction," he said, as he lightly grazed his lips over the other man's neck, to see what kind of reaction he'd get. "You should write a book."

“I… y-yes… I…” Joule tried desperately to access that part of his brain which was still capable of articulating a sentence. Kade had found it. His ultimate weakness. His kryptonite. What was he going to say again? Something about writing a book? “Y-yes… I… should…” he tried to mumble.

Found it. Neck kisses. Who'd have thought that would be Joule's weakness? Kade paused for a second to give him a very self-satisfied smile. "You sound like you're having trouble concentrating," he teased, leaving a trail of kisses along Joule's neck, obviously doing that whilst also talking to him on purpose. "Is this distracting?" As he said that, he gently nipped at the other man's throat.

“Yes… no… no! D… distracting…? N-notatall.” At that very moment Joule was especially pleased that the sun shining through the cape made everything look red, not just his cheeks. He could pull away and preserve his dignity, but he was enjoying himself far too much. He took in a deep breath, hoping it would clear his head. Not much luck. “I’m… not…. having… tr…ouble…”

Sniggering at Joule's attempts to speak, Kade continued his attack on his neck, kisses starting to get a little rougher. Seeing Joule like this was... a bit of a turn on, to be honest. He hadn't thought that it was possible to reduce him to a babbling mess, but he'd done it. He was so proud of himself. "Are you sure?~" he asked, tangling his fingers in his hair and then using it to tilt his head back, for better neck kissing access. He was enjoying doing the kissing just as much as Joule seemed to be receiving them.

Right then, at that very moment, Joule regretted his choice to wear his super suit that morning very much. The fabric clung tightly to his skin, covering nearly half his neck, and he would probably end up stabbing Kade with his two metallic shoulder plates if he wasn’t particularly careful. A bad choice indeed.

“Y-you… are having… a-ahhh… way too… much fun with this…” he just barely managed to utter. This was embarrassing. For the first time, he was particularly glad that he wasn’t on camera.

Kade laughed, then tugged Joule's head back a little more, kissing his throat. "Yup," he admitted, looking at the other man's neck and frowning because of the costume being in the way of him kissing any futher down. Seriously, why'd Joule have to decide to be clothed? He could fix that, though, he supposed. But... well, he was rather enjoying making him squirm like this, too. It wasn't as if he had any idea how the damn outfit was supposed to come off anyways. As he tried to figure that out, he remembered that Joule had metal on his outfit.

With a look that could only be described as evil, he slipped an arm around Joule's waist, disguising his intent as just that. Twitching his fingers behind the other man's back, he manipulated the metal into moving. Just slightly at first, then enough to give Joule a small tug back, as Kade just grinned up at him.

At first the move seemed innocent, a simple hand to the waist. It was only as Joule felt his own suit tugging at him that he realised Kade’s true intentions. Half confused, half amused, he stared down at the grinning face against the grass.

Slug, that’s attractive.

Absolutely in the mood for such games, Joule tried to fight back against the magnetic tug.

With one eyebrow cocked, Kade let Joule fight back for a little while, occasionally reducing the pull, only to increase it again. Damn, this was way too fun. Then he had another idea. Flexing his hand, he tugged Joule all the way back and off him, turning the tables and pinning him on his back in the grass. And then he climbed on top of him and pinned him down between his legs, too. Still keeping the magnetic pull, he leaned over him with a devoid smirk, running his lips over Joule's jaw, while tracing a line down his chest with a finger. "So... how's this outfit come off?"

Of course he knew he could only fight back because Kade was allowing him to - Joule ways playing along as much as he was. A game which benefited them both, nothing wrong with that. And while he had expected Kade to be teasingly playful, what he had not expected was to be pinned against the grass himself, the cape falling back so that the light now made his pink cheeks more obvious than he would have liked. The colour grew deeper as Kade straddled him, giving him that devilish look that he found so attractive.

“The… the what…?” It took Joule a few seconds to process what his ears had heard. “Oh. OH! Um. Well. It… I need to… I mean…. powers…. and… stuff…” Smooth. Nailed it.

Kade chuckled and sat back, looking down at the flustered mess of a man he currently had under him. It was a good look on Joule, really. And it would look even better with him naked. "Well," he smirked, letting the magnetic pull on the metal go, but still keeping Joule pinned with his legs. "Go on then. Show me."

It took Joule several moments to compose himself enough to use his powers. Separating the top and bottom half of his suit was child’s play, really, but at the moment all the blood was rushing to places other than his brain, making it increasingly difficult to think straight. Eventually he managed to do it, the elastic of the suit becoming much softer and easier to peel off.

“Aren’t you the least bit fazed that we’re in the middle of the garden?~ Well technically more like a corner, not quite the middle, but still.”

Watching Joule separate his suit, Kade tilted his head to one side. That was pretty cool. But also seemed like a lot of effort for just getting undressed. Very extravagant. Not that he expected anything less from Joule, mind you.

He had already reached down and was in the process of peeling the top half off as Joule asked about them being in the garden. "Not in the slightest," he said, huffing a little as he struggled with the metal and cape of Joule's suit for a second, before finally managing to tug it off over his head. "Are you?"

Joule didn’t exactly struggle when his shirt was removed, nor did he try to help Kade, enjoying to watch him struggle a little.

“Naturally not. I only considered it polite to ask, no?~”

Perhaps undressing out there in the open, where anyone could spot them, including cameras, wasn’t the wisest thing to do. But that wasn’t about to stop Joule. If anything, it made things more exciting for him.

Kade grinned down at him, tossing the shirt aside now that it was finally free. "Mhmm..." was his reply, obviously now far too preoccupied with Joule being shirtless to think of a good one. He glanced over Joule's body for a moment, then ran his hands over his chest, leaning down to go back to kissing his neck. "It makes it more fun," he breathed, sucking at the skin as he kissed his way down to Joule's collar bone.

"Those were exactly my thoughts, Monsieur Kade," is what Joule attempted to say. That was how the sentence had been structured in his head. The final product, however, was a little different. More in the lines of:

“Th…. a-ah… x-xactly…. mmmm… oughts….. K-Kaaade~”

He’d stood a chance. He could have maintained his composure, if Kade had stuck to his chest, but he just had to go for the neck, didn’t he?

He stopped what he was doing for a moment, as he heard Joule say his name like that. Damn, that's hot. Smirking to himself, he ran his tongue over Joule's collar bone. "Hmmm, can you do that again?" he asked, lips heading back up Joule's neck and stopping to nip at his throat. Kade was having far too much fun turning the other man into a mushy puddle.

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In which Joule serenades Kade

Post by Joule on Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:53 pm

[A little break from the garden! This one's in chat format because we were lazy. Takes place several months after they've been in the group.]

Joule: Huh. Everyone's left. I thought we were having a pool party. D:
Kade: [shrugs] we can have our own party.
Joule: D:
Joule: I wanted to play more.
Kade: aww. you can play for me~
Joule: *face lights up* Really?
Kade: yeah. i love hearing you play.
Joule: You do?
Joule: I mean.
Joule: Of course you do.
Joule: I'm amazing.
Kade: [laughs] yes, yes you are.
Joule: *mutter* Damn right
Kade: [sits down and looks at joule expectantly] weeell. come on. serenade me~
Joule: *blink* Serenade?
Joule: Um...
Kade: [raises eyebrows and puts chin in hands]
Joule: I don't usually..... let me think....
Joule: Do you have an acoustic guitar...?
Kade: uuh, no. im a violinist, babe.
Joule: Okay be right back~
Joule: *rushes off and comes back with a gorgeous wooden guitar in hand*
Kade: [smirks] how many guitars do you even have?
Joule: Um....
Joule: *actually counts*
Joule: Six...teen...?
Kade: [shakes head, then gets more comfortable sitting] well. im waiting~
Joule: ... *suddenly self conscious*
Joule: *decides to go for something less serenade-y*
Joule: *starts playing upbeat tune*
Joule: People say~ I only hear what I want to~
Kade: [bites his lip and watches]
Joule: [accent showing more when he's not trying to be all rock-ish]
Joule: That much is true~
Joule: People say... I only see what I want to. [glances at Kade, for some reason struggling with eye contact]. Then how come I see you?~
Kade: [has the biggest, dumbest, dreamiest grin on his face imaginable]
Joule: ['he's cute...']
Joule: [keeps singing, gaining a bit more confidence as he does so]
Joule: [playing becomes more bold too]
Kade: [swaying along to the tune]
Kade: [‘damn his singing voice is gorgeous']
Joule: [taps foot]
Joule: What do they know? About you and me~ [winks at him]
Kade: [winks back, then hides his face behind his hands to grin like an idiot some more]
Joule: ['why is he hiding...?']
Joule: [plays better so Kade will stop hiding]
Kade: ['oh my god he's so hot when he gets into it like this holy slugger']
Kade: [watches and listens, biting his lip and trying very hard not to blush every time joule looks at him]
Joule: ['This is really strange I've never exactly been self conscious']
Joule: ['it must be because I am not used to playing this kind of music']
Joule: [brings the song to a close and scratches the back of his head] So. Yeah. There you go. I guess.
Kade: [gives him a short applause] it was good, i loved it.
Kade: but you know, that wasn't exactly a serenade.
Joule: Oh. [tries not to sound too surprised]
Joule: ['he liked it']
Joule: Wasn't it?
Kade: noooope. c'mon babe, give me a proper one. pleaaase~
Joule: I...
Joule: What... w-what do you mean by 'proper'?
Kade: something softer than that. and slower.
Joule: I...
Joule: I don't know....
Joule: It's not really my style....
Joule: [scratches back of head again]
Joule: It doesn't suit my voice...
Kade: [snorts] not true at all.
Joule: You don't know that! [ever so slight blush]
Kade: yes i do [grinning] c'mon. for me?
Joule: I... hhhhnnn....
Joule: Okayfine.
Joule: There's this one song I know I guess....
Kade: [self satisfied grin] yaaay~
Joule: [sits down, body posture much less confident than before]
Kade: [shuffles closer]
Joule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8eITJ88Psg
Joule: [starts plucking at the strings]
Joule: When all of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one...
Joule: [voice much softer]
Kade: [watching joule's face as he plays, with a happy smile]
Joule: A wonderful part of the mess that we made, we pick ourselves undone. [glances at him]
Joule: ['he's actually sitting here listening to me play these old songs. Isn't he bored?']
Joule: All of your flaws and all of my flaws... [playing picking up] They lie there hand in hand. Ones we've inherited, ones that we learned. They pass from man to man.
Kade: [leans in slightly, sighing happily and resting a hand on joule's knee]
Joule: [messes up his playing for a moment and misses a lyric]
Joule: [BLUSH]
Kade: [suppresses a chuckle and and gives him a small, encouraging nod, raising his eyebrows]
Joule: ...
Joule: [voice goes a little more quiet as he looks down] There's a hole in my soul... I... can't fill it I can't fill it.
Joule: There's a hole in my soul [eyes flicker to him for a moment, then stare back down] Can you fill it...? Can you fill it?
Kade: [quietly listens, staring intently at him]
Joule: [keeps singing... more FOR him rather than just to him]
Joule: All of your flaws and all of my flaws, when they have been exhumed... We'll see that we need them to be who we are. Without them we'd be doomed.
Kade: [looks into his eyes for a moment, blushes and glances down]
Joule: ...
Joule: [moves closer, almost at his ear voice getting more intimate]
Joule: There's a hole in my soul...
Joule: I can't fill it I can't fill it...
Joule: There's a hole in my soul...
Joule: [whispers in ear] Can you fill it? Can you fill it?
Joule: (I am going to be mean. And say this takes place BEFORE the RP in the chat where Joul snaps)
Kade: (WOW)
Kade: (okay yeah just rip out my heart and eat it)
Joule: [sits back again, lop-sided smile on his face]
Joule: You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve... [keeps singing]
Kade: [leans in closer as joule sits back, as if chasing him]
Joule: [voices quiets down as he sings the last few lyrics]
Joule: [stops playing, looking at Kade, wondering if he enjoyed it]
Kade: [is quiet for a few seconds after the song ends, just staring]
Kade: [breathes] ....wow
Joule: ..................
Joule: [BLusHeS]
Joule: ['w o w'...?]
Kade: [puts a hand either side of Joule's face and kisses him]
Kade: ....that was. amazing.
Joule: ........
Joule: I
Joule: Well
Joule: yes
Joule: er
Joule: gladyoulikedit
Kade: [grins] i really have no idea why you were so unsure about doing that. it was so good.
Joule: I... well....
Joule: It's not like I was unsure or anything.
Joule: I just.
Joule: Um.
Joule: A-anyway.
Joule: [puts guitar to the side]
Kade: [chuckles] no, of course you werent.

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Music Fluff

Post by Joule on Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:39 pm

[I wrote up our RP fluff properly because I am a sad person like that and these two will be the end of me. There will probably be more. Also the beginning of it is from the RP above.]

Everyone had left. It was supposed to be a pool party, yet each hero had gone off to do their own thing, and Joule was left alone with Kade outside, guitar still in his hands.

“I guess that’s a no to the party then...” He tried to hide the disappointment in his voice, and went to disconnect his guitar from the amplifier.

“We can have our own party.” Kade shrugged and Nat couldn’t help but smile.

“Yeah I suppose. I just wanted to play...”

“You can play for me!”

Those were all the words Joule needed for his face to light up. “Really?”

“Yeah. I love hearing you play...”

“You do?” Realising how surprised he sounded, he cleared his throat. “I mean. Of course you do. I’m amazing.” Yes. Excellent. Perfect save.

Or at least Kade seemed to think so, because he laughed, he laughed with that laugh that was genuine and made Joule want to laugh along with him, not because he found anything in particular funny, but because he just felt like laughing along with him.
“Yes. Yes you are.”

Nat wanted to appear confident and self-assured, but Kade’s honesty caught him off guard, and he couldn’t find a witty response so he just looked away.

“Weeeeell...” he sat down, looking at Joule expectantly. “Come on. Serenade me~”

“Serenade?” Caught off guard, yet again. Kade had a way of doing that. “Um...” He felt almost anxious as the other man raised his eyebrows, putting his chin in his hands. “I don’t usually... Okay... hold on... don’t go anywhere...”

Taking his electric guitar with him, Nat rushed off, back inside the house and to his room. Before long he was back outside, this time a light, wooden acoustic guitar in his hands. He was relieved to find Kade waiting right where he’d left him.

“How many guitars do you even have?” Kade gave him one of his usual smirks.

“Uh...” It took him a moment to count, nearly resorting to counting fingers. “Six... teen...?”

Kade simply shook his head, getting more comfortable in his seat. “Well. I’m waiting~”

It wasn’t the first time Joule was going to play for someone else, not even close, yet for some reason he suddenly felt anxious. Why did he lose his nerve whenever he looked the other hero in the eyes? Hoping that the feeling would pass, he began plucking at the strings, going for a playful, upbeat tune.

“People say... I only hear what I want to... That much is true...” He always tried to make his accent sound more American when he sung, but he never managed to keep it up. It didn’t help that opposite him sat a very attractive man biting his lip with his undivided attention on him.

“People say... I only see what I want to.” He glanced at Kade, then looked away almost instantly as their eyes met, struggling with eye contact. “So why do I see you?”

He kept singing, giving up on the accent the more into it he got, and gaining a little more confidence as the song progressed. He managed to look at Kade a few more times, who had the largest, dumbest grin on his face, and it made Joule grin along, just as dumbly. He couldn’t understand why he was still feeling the way he was. It wasn’t like him to be self conscious, not at all, so why did his stomach feel like it had been tied in a knot? It had to be because he was not used to playing that kind of music. Surely that was the explanation.

He stared at the floor as he brought the song to a close, scratching the back of his head. “So. Yeah. There you go. I guess.”

A short applause brought the grin back to his face. “It was good. I loved it.”

“Oh...” It took all his strength to sound as casual as possible. “Good then.”

“But you know... that wasn’t exactly a serenade.” The dumb grin had turned into a devious one.

“Wasn’t it?”

“Noooope. C’mon babe, give me a proper one, something softer, and slower.” As he saw Joule open his mouth to protest, he added, “Pleaaaaaase.”

“I...” He stared at the puppy dog eyes Kade was giving him. “I don’t know... It’s not really my style...” He couldn’t help but scratch the back of his head again, nervously.

“Not true at all.” Kade snorted. He was a stubborn one.

“You don’t know that!” He could feel his cheeks turning pink.

“Yes I do.” The grin was back. “C’mon. For me?”

“I... hhhhhhhnnn...” he made a strangulated noise, pulling a face. “Okay fine.”

How could he say no to those eyes? To that grin?

“Yaaay~” He looked far too pleased with himself and Joule wondered what he was getting himself into.

Nat took a seat on his stool, his body posture much less confident than before, and Kade shuffled closer. It took him a few moments before he eventually started playing. The melody was light, as if it were carried by the wind, as his fingers moved effortlessly from string to string, and his voice much softer than usual.

“When all of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one...”

Like everything Nat ever played, it was an old song. He hadn’t played it in a very long time, though it had always held a special place in his heart. He didn’t know why he had chosen to play that particular one, but there he was, and Kade was moving closer, and at times he couldn’t meet his gaze and at other times he couldn’t look away.

“A wonderful part of the mess that we made, we pick ourselves undone...”

A glance. Then back to looking at his guitar. He’d noticed the smile on Kade’s face – it was a happy one. It made him happy too. He couldn’t explain why, but it did.

“All of your flaws and all of my flaws, they lie there hand in hand. Ones we’ve inherited, ones that we learned, they pass from man to man.”

When he looked at him again, Kade was leaning in even closer, sighing happily, and resting a hand on Nat’s knee. The contact made him miss a chord and mix up the lyrics, and he blushed furiously at his mistakes, cursing himself for losing his focus. Kade tried to suppress a chuckle, giving him a small, encouraging nod.

There was a moment of hesitation before Nat went on to sing the next few lines, his voice going more quiet, reduced almost to a whisper, his gaze falling to the floor.

“There’s a hole in my soul. I can’t fill it, I can’t fill it.”

Eyes flickered to Kade for a moment before staring back at the ground.

“There’s a hole in my soul... Can you fill it? Can you fill it...?”

Kade was listening quietly, staring at him intently, and Joule found himself leaning forward as he played. Realising how close they’d gotten, he sat back, averting his gaze apologetically, but the distance between them barely changed, because Kade was leaning forward as Nat was sitting back, as if chasing him. He didn’t attempt to move away from him again while he sang. He didn’t want to.

“We pick ourselves undone...” His voice quieted down as he sang the final lyrics, and then there was silence. The last echoes of the strings died out and it was just the two of them and the night.

Several seconds passed in which neither of the men said anything, until Kade exhaled.

“... Wow.”

Before Nat could even take in Kade’s reaction, hands were reaching for his face, and lips were being pressed against his, and he was being kissed, softly, intimately.

“That was. Amazing.”

He fumbled to find the words he was looking for. To say that yes, of course it was amazing. He was just that good. “I... well... yes... err...” Not quite the words he had been looking for. “Gladyoulikedit.”

“I really have no idea why you were so unsure about doing that. It was so good.” As Kade spoke Joule couldn’t help but notice the way the light from the pool was reflected off his face. It was a strange thing to notice. Why would he even notice something like that?

“It’s... it’s not like I was unsure or anything!” His voice came out more high-pitched than usual. “I just. Um.” Giving up with words, he put his guitar to the side.

Kade chuckled. “No, of course you weren’t.”

“So...” Quick to change the subject, he looked around. “Just you and me...”


Nat didn’t exactly complain as Kade climbed into his lap, smiling and pulling him into another kiss.
“Y’know, you really should play like that more often.”
“I... mhm...” was all the reply Nat managed, before he scolded himself to get a grip. “Maybe... Maybe I’ll play more. If you play for me.”

“I. I uh.” Kade’s attitude instantly shifted. “I’ve never played for anyone before, so...”

It was his turn to do some convincing. “Please?” he moved his lips to Kade’s jawline.

“Nnngh- Naaaat...” it was a whine. It wasn’t a comment or a complaint or an argument. It was a whine. Even so, it sounded strange, hearing his real name used by Kade. No one in the group called him by his real name, everyone knew him as Joule. In fact, he had practically stopped using his real name anywhere ever since he had given up on the whole secret identity thing.

“I sang for you...” He planted kisses all across his jawline.

“Okay fiiiine...” Kade tilted his head backwards, not lasting long.

“Yeeeees.” Though he had gotten what he’d wanted, he kept the kisses coming.

Kade let out a sigh and closed his eyes. “You can’t... You can’t watch me when I do it... okay?”

Taking Kade’s head in his hands, he whispered, “Okay,” before closing the gap between them.

Kade was reluctant to break the kiss, and kept it going for as long as he could before eventually letting out another sigh and getting off Joule, as slowly as humanly possible. “Alright, come on. We’ll... Do this in my room. I don’t want anyone walking by and. Y’know. Accidentally seeing.”

Joule stared at him, amused at how the man who stood there, fidgeting before him, could be the same person as the cool, confident Kade he always knew.

“As you wish, Monsieur Kade~” he stood, stealing a quick kiss before picking his guitar back up – he didn’t want to leave it out there by itself.

Kade gave a smile which tied Nat’s stomach into knots, and then hesitated for a moment, before taking Nat’s hand and blushing furiously as he lead him to his room. He only let go of said hand when they were safely inside, door shut behind them, and Joule was sitting on his bed.

“This must be the first time I am in here clothed.” Joule joked, then looked down at his swim suit. “Well. Kind of, anyway.”

“Wonders never cease,” snorted Kade before going under the bed to retrieve his violin case.

Excited like a child at Christmas, Joule watched him put the worn case on the bed, clicking it open, then stopping halfway to glance nervously at him. “Uuuh... you’re gonna have to. Turn around. With your back to me.”

Raising his eyebrows, Joule stood up, walking towards the other hero. He took his hand and kissed his cheek, giving him the most encouraging smile he could manage. “I’m sure it will be lovely.”

Kade looked away and blushed at the display of affection. “You haven’t even heard it yet...”

“I’m waiting then~” Just as he had been asked, he went back to the bed and turned away, looking at the opposite wall.

He could hear Kade take a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He didn’t mind waiting.

Kade took the violin out of the case, drawing the bow across the strings experimentally, then stopping to swallow his nerves down. Finally managing to get the anxious shaking to stop, he began to play.

It baffled Nat, why Kade would be anxious at all. Was it because of him? What did he even care about what he thought? He’d never heard anyone play the violin up close before, so he didn’t have much to compare it to, but he knew that what he heard was beautiful. The playing as a little stiff at the beginning, no doubt due to Kade’s nervousness, but after a few minutes it became more calm, soothing, flowing, and Joule felt as if every single worry he’d ever had in his life floated away from him.

There was a strange thing in his chest, a tug, like that in the strings, something Nat didn’t recognise, something which asked him to turn around and look, look at Kade because he couldn’t stand staring at the wall any longer. His attempts to fight it lasted only a few minutes, before he gave in and glanced over his shoulder at the violinist. He’d expected Kade to tell him off, but the man was too lost in his music to even notice he’d turned around.

Feeling more bold, Nat dared turn the rest of his body around, so he could look at Kade properly. He watched him intently, watched the way his arms moved, and his fingers, and the way his body swayed with the melody, and how he seemed to breathe in time with the music, and how his hair fell in his face and- He felt his cheeks turn red again.

As the end of the song neared, Kade glanced up and saw Joule watching, just as he reached the final few notes. Yet rather than losing his nerve, he simply stared back as he played through them flawlessly. He didn’t break eye contact as he lowered his violin and bow. Joule was speechless.


Then a laugh escaped him. Not a mocking or pretentious laugh, a light, genuine, happy laugh, filled with warmth, of the kind that rarely ever left his lips. Then he was clapping and Kade was blushing, and again he couldn’t stop laughing and grinning and smiling like an idiot. Eventually Kade put his violin down, with an embarrassed grin on his face.

“Why’d you have to stop?” There was a slight teasing tone in his voice.

“I-I uh... oh my god-” He hid his face in his hands and grinned, his voice the pitch of an embarrassing whine. “I can’t believe I just did that.”

“You better believe it.” Joule walked up to him, looking just as happy.

“You looked at me,” Kade still hid behind his hands, “And I was fine.”

“Because it was bloody brilliant! You’re brilliant! I mean-” He glanced away for a moment, embarrassed. “Um... Y-your. Playing. Is.”

Kade’s hands lowered from his face revealed a happy smile. “Thanks. Really. I... I haven’t been able to play for anyone for uh. Well. A while.”

“You... you should. You play beautifully.”

At that he was met with a noise that was very nearly a squeak. “I don’t think I can... Not in front of anyone else. Not yet. Just uh. Just you.”

Why him? Why just him? What was so special about him? Joule didn’t understand but he kept those questions to himself.

“I’m honoured Monsieur Kade~” His flirty tone had returned. “Would you play some more for me?”

“I, uh. Right now?”


“... Alright.” He picked up his violin again. “You can... You can watch this time.”

“Thank you.”

Kade took in a deep breath, then started playing, no sign of nerves at all this time. As Nat watched him all he could think about was how beautifully he played, and how calm and engulfed in the music he looked while he played. Had he had a drink earlier? He was certain he hadn’t. Then why was he feeling light headed? He moved closer to Kade, who didn’t even seem to notice, completely lost in his music. He felt happy.

He didn’t know Kade felt just as happy as he eventually stopped playing. He didn’t know Kade had never played quite like that ever before in his life.

They spent the evening playing music for each other and, in the end, together. It was effortless, as if they were inside each other’s head, able to guess their feelings and intensions. After a while Joule found it difficult to restrain himself, and began planting kisses on Kade’s bare back, distracting him greatly from his playing.

“Naaaat!” Kade whined, trying to concentrate. Joule grinned and chuckled. “It’s not faaaair.”

He planted one last kiss before pulling away. “All is fair in love and war~” Quickly realising what he said he added, “And. We. Hero duets.” He missed a note, making Kade chuckle. “That was on purpose to make you feel better.”

“Suuuure~” he continued to play flawlessly, to emphasise it.

Not playing quite so flawlessly, Joule’s attention was on Kade and his solo. His playing was beyond good. It was attractive. It was slugging sexy. It wasn’t helping that Kade refused to break eye contact during the entire piece; Nat could feel the colour rushing to his cheeks, and unfortunately, due to his skin colour, he knew it showed.

“Getting a bit flustered, are we?” It was Kade’s turn to grin.

“N-no!” It wasn’t exactly as convincing as he would have liked. On top of that, his blush betrayed him, going a deeper shade of read. “Why would I be getting flustered?!”

“Mm, I have no idea.” He leaned closer, still staring at him, with a smirk on his lips as he came to the last few notes.

Joule missed his last chord. “Shutup,” he looked away as Kade sniggered.

“It’s so cute when you get like this.”

“Like what?” He put his guitar down, wishing his cheeks would stop betraying him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He was met with a laugh as Kade places his violin back in its case. “Oh no, of course you don’t.”

Leaning up, he took Joule’s face in his hands, kissing his pout. The pout didn’t last for long, turning into a deep kiss, fingers through Kade’s hair.

“Your playing is kinda hot,” he muttered.

Kade paused for a moment and chuckled. “Thanks, babe.” Then he returned to their kiss, getting progressively rougher.


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Music Fluff (Part 2)

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[Continuation of the above. Also slightly nsfw. Kade you are such a tease ily.]

“I’d say the same about you.”

“No wonder you’re so good with your fingers~” teased Joule, playing with said fingers.

“My secret is revealed!”

“I’m gonna give all my secrets away...” Nat found himself singing quietly, reminded of an old song he used to love. “This time I don’t need another perfect line... Don’t care if critics ever jump in line... I’m gonna give all my secrets away...” Pulling his head away he gave Kade a shy grin.

“Hmmm...” Kade kissed along his jaw and he felt his knees weaken. “Keep singing.”

“... My god... Amazing how we got this far...” his voice was but a whisper. “It’s like we’re chasing all those stars...” gently, he ran his hand down Kade’s back.

What was he doing? Why was his voice barely audible? Why did he feel as calm as he did? Why didn’t he feel scared as usual? Why was he so inexplicably happy? Why?

Without warning, Kade wrapped an arm around Joule’s waist, the other around his neck, running his lips along the edge of his jaw. Nat had to take a few shaky breaths, trying to concentrate. He had been doing a commendable job at keeping his focus, until Kade’s slips moved to his neck. Then the stuttering started.

“G-got no reason, got no s-shame... Got no f-family I can blame... Just... don’t let me d-disappear...”

Kade pressed his lips to his throat, feeling Joule’s voice as he sang, then continued to kiss his neck, sucking at the skin, fully aware of what effect this was having on the man who could barely utter another lyric.

“A-all... my...” a small gasp escaped him as he exhaled. Was he clinging onto Kade? When had that happened? “S-sec...rets...”

Despite his greatest efforts, Joule was completely undone as Kade kissed down the crook of his neck, nipping slightly on his way down, and letting out a small chuckle of success.

“K-Kade...” it was difficult to fight a moan. “H-how... do you... expeeect... m-me... to sing... when y-you... y-you... a-aaaah...”

“Hmm? When I what? Didn’t quite catch that, Nat.” He spoke against his neck, teeth grazing against it, and Joule hated how smug he sounded. Or perhaps he loved it. Perhaps he found it attractive, though he would never admit it.

“D-distracting m-me... like t-this...” he tried and failed to suppress another moan, much to his embarrassment. The great Joule defeated by a pair of lips on his neck.

“Mm, no, still not sure what you mean.”

Joule felt a tongue run up along his neck, over his throat and all he could manage to reply was a gasp and some incoherent stutter.

“It is so easy to get you worked up,” sniggered Kade.

Joule attempted an embarrassingly flustered yet defiant mumble before he felt Kade’s hand on his chest. Then he was shoved back onto the bed, and Kade was on top of him, and he didn’t particularly complain any more.

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Music Fluff (Part 3)

Post by Joule on Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:05 am

[What is this? MORE fluff? Continuation of the above.]

There was a lot of kissing, and moaning, and crying out each other’s name – especially Kade’s, since Joule now knew it was his weakness – and breaths in sync with each other, and sweat, and yet more kisses, and the feeling that this- this was something more. That this could last for longer than time. How was it even possible? Each time the two of them became intertwined under bed sheets felt better than the one before. It was usually the other way around. So how was this different?
How is it possible?

It was strange that such thoughts would cross Joule’s mind the moment he came, particularly because he had never had one quite so intense before in his life. But even an explosion of pleasure like that could be cut short by the simplest of things: a ceiling.

The ceiling?

How had it even gotten so close? How had Joule hit his head against it when he’d thrown it back in the middle of an embarrassingly loud moan? With a glance around he realised that the whole bed was closer to the ceiling- was it- was it floating?

Joule blinked several times upon this realisation, and all of a sudden they were falling, the bed had been reminded of the pull of gravity once more and was plummeting to the ground. Without enough time to react and halt the fall, Joule did the one thing his instincts told him to do, and wrapped his arms around Kade protectively. Kade, who’d been too busy riding out aftershocks, had barely even noticed. He shuddered, slowly coming down from the pleasure high, just as the bed came down and hit the floor with a loud thud.

“Nat...?” Kade’s breathless whisper against his shoulder filled Nat with a warmth he was not familiar with.


“Why...” golden brown eyes looked up at him, still a bit dazed. “Why was the bed floating?”

For a few seconds the only answer Nat could manage was a blush and some embarrassed stuttering.

“Because... I... Um...”

Kade put him out of his misery with a chuckle and a kiss, letting out a happy sigh. Nat couldn’t help but stare.

The other man smirked and returned the stare. “What?”

“N-nothing,” hastily, he turned his head away.

Kade snorted and put his hands either side of his face, to make him look at him. He rested his forehead against his, and looked into his eyes with a smile, and Nat wondered why, why looking into his eyes was so difficult, and why his stomach was in a twist, and why his heart was refusing to slow down. Whatever that feeling was, both of them wanted to bottle it and keep it forever.

Why do I still want to kiss him and be close to him? We are done having sex. So why?

“There is something I need to say.” Nat spoke up as they lay in bed together.

“... Mm?” Kade was stroking his chest absently.

“Magneto and Xavier were totally sleeping together.”

Kade snorted through his grin. “Yup.”

“Do you think they ever had accidents with their powers?”

“Hmm...” he leaned up and kissed his chin. “Well, yeah. Kind of comes with the territory.”

Joule put his arm around him. “But I can imagine Wolverine’s powers going pretty bad.”

Kade chuckled and wrapped his arms around him. “Tch, yeah. What if he got something stuck in him and it healed?”

“Well I was thinking something more in the lines of his claws coming out and cutting the other person but yes!” a chuckle, “That too.”

“Oh jeez, thanks for that image. Imagine that happening in bed. Awkward.”

“Well you totally electrocuted me,” he glared at Kade accusingly, trying to hold back a grin and failing.

“... Yeah. Well. So did you. And you made the bed float.”

The grin melted away to an embarrassed mumble. “That’s never happened before.”

“I was that good that I made you lose your head a bit?” sniggered Kade.

“... Yeah.” Truth. For a change.

“Well. I’ve never, uh... crackled that much before, so...”

“I... I enjoyed it.” With a wave of his hand he lowered the lights.

“Me too. It... it was great.”

“Well. I’m just amazing like that.”

He was met with a snort. “Yea, you are.”

Being met with an honest reply instead of banter made him blush and turn away. “Hey...” he changed the subject. “Look...”

Putting the lights completely out, he made the bed float to the ceiling once again.

“... Okay, now you’re showing off.” He grinned and pressed a soft kiss to his neck. The bed wobbled a bit.

“May I...?” Nat reached out for his hand. Kade was quiet for a moment, before nodding. He took his hand, movements soft and gently, and held it in his own, holding Kade’s finger up to the ceiling.

“Draw something.”

“... uh, okay?”

Joule was impressed Kade did not draw a cock and balls. He was half expecting it. Making the surface where Kade’s finger touched glow in the dark, he was met with the letter “J”.

“Whoa. That... that’s amazing.” He proceeded to write “Joule” on the ceiling. Then he threw Nat a glance, biting his lip. He reached for the surface again and wrote “Nathaniel Ampere.”

Nat fell silent for a moment, before mumbling, “I don’t really use my last name much.”

“Aw, well. I still like it.” He wrote his own name next to it.

Joule’s smile returned to his face as quickly as it had disappeared. Somehow he liked how the two names looked together. His smile widened as Kade drew dots all over the ceiling, like stars.

Before they knew it, Nat was creating all the constellations, and Kade was chuckling and grinning at him, thinking that this was amazing, that he was amazing, and Nat was telling him about Hercules and his story and all the challenges he faced, and how he was the first “superhero” in history, or at least mythology, and Kade was listening with a captivated smile on his face, watching how the glow caught his face as he talked, and thought that no, not amazing- perfect.

Slowly, Joule lowered the bed back down, as he talked, pointing to the ceiling and illustrating the story in the glowing stars. About halfway through Kade was paying more attention to just watching Nat than the light show.

“... and that’s why the Gods shaped the stars after his image.”

Kade grinned and interlocked their fingers. “You know... If it had been you telling me this at school, I’d have paid much more attention.”

“School’s a mess,” Nat chuckled. “I couldn’t stand it.”

“Pfft. Me neither. Dropped out the first chance I got.”

“Same actually.”

The man’s warm laughter filled the room. “I’m not even surprised we have that in common, too.”

“Heh... yeah... we... Seem to have quite a bit in common, huh? I don’t usually meet people I have much in common with.”

“Mmmhm. Never, uh...” Kade’s voice went quiet for a moment, hand stroking Nat’s chest. “Never thought I’d meet someone like you.”

It took Joule several moments to process this.

“... Like... like me?”

“... Yeah.”

“... Oh... Well I... I guess every person is different. So you can’t ever meet someone like someone else... because... like... no one is like me? And I’m not like anyone-” he stopped because he was babbling and he had no idea what he was saying.

Kade snorted. “I guess. But... what I mean is... Well, you’re...” Kade had to consciously urge himself not to say special. “... different. I guess...” Thank god.

“In... w-what way?” Joule felt like a teenager, blushing and losing his cool like this.

“I... uh... well, uh...” he looked away. “You just... are. You get me, is all.”

As Kade blushed and fidgeted, Nat took his chin in his hand, turning his head to face him. Then he kissed him, and it was gentle, and intimate, and the ceiling looked like stars. Kade pulled away, looked up and chuckled. Kissing under the stars. That was so damn cheesy. But also nice. If Nat could hear his thoughts he’d shush him, saying that they were glow in the dark stars, not quite as cheesy as the real thing. They both lay back together, staring at them.

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Music Fluff (Part 4)

Post by Joule on Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:46 pm

[Continuation of the above]

They had been laying there in silence for what felt like hours, though it could have been minutes – time didn’t matter – before Joule eventually spoke up, his voice quiet.

“How amazing must that be...” He smiled slightly as Kade snuggled up to him, lightly tracing his fingers over his chest. “To be so well known and loved that... the gods themselves shape the stars after you. I mean I know it’s just a myth but... it’s pretty cool.”

Kade smiled and placed a kiss on his chest. “Yeah, pretty cool. And, hey. We might not be gods, but... We kinda made out own stars.”

“They’re pretty shitty stars compared to the real thing.” Joule chuckled, Kade snorting in response, “... but I like them.”

“... Yeah. Me too.”

They were quiet again, time once again disappearing, while holding each other.

“When...” Nat spoke up, carefully this time. “When I was little I... I used to point at the stars, the real ones...” He extended his hand to point at their own stars, “and pretend to rub them out with my thumb, by stopping their light reaching my eyes so it seemed like they were really gone.”

Kade watched him, remaining silent for a moment. “... That’s kinda cute.”

“It was a pointless waste of time.” He let his hand fall down. “But for some reason it relaxed me.”

“... I never did that, but...” He paused for a moment, and Joule waited patiently, with a smile on his face. “When I was a kid, I used to collect shiny rocks. They were all... special, you know? Pretty. Even if they came out of the dirt. Wish I still had them...”

“... What happened to them?”

“Dunno,” he shrugged. “I couldn’t take them with me when I...” his voice trailed off with a sigh, and Joule didn’t push the matter any further. “It doesn’t matter. They’re gone now. Silly kid stuff.”

Nat looked away, smile fading slightly. “Yeah... silly... kid stuff...” He sat up slightly, somehow not wanting to stare at the stars anymore.

“... Hey, Nat?”

“Yes...?” he muttered.

“I’m...” Kade’s voice also turned into a mumble, “... glad I met you.”

“...... Oh.” That was the only word that could come out of his mouth. Nat stared at the other man, trying to process what he had just heard. Kade shifted awkwardly, and he found himself speaking again, “Okay. I mean. I...” It was impossible for him to hide a blush, though at least the room was dark and it was barely visible. “Me... me too.”

Kade looked up at him and stared, clearly not having expected such a response.

Feeling self conscious, Nat hastily added, “I-I mean. You’re... er... pretty cool I guess.” He mustn’t have sounded too confident, because Kade was chuckling and kissing him.

A yawn told Joule it was time to get some sleep. He sat up, then looked down at Kade. “I should... Um... Probably go to my room. It’s late.”

Kade raised his eyebrow at him. “You don’t... have to.”

“O-oh no really. It’s okay I... I wouldn’t want to impose...” He had never actually slept with anyone before. He couldn’t afford to. They would find out. He couldn’t have that.

“You can stay... y’know. If you want. I don’t mind.”

“I...” he needed to come up with an explanation, quick. “I snore. A-and fidget.”

“Still don’t mind.”

Nat fell silent, staring at the other man who seemed to genuinely want him by his side – not for sex but for the simplest of things, sleep.

“Oh jeez, just stay already.” Kade tightened his arms around him to emphasise this.

“..... Okay.” There was doubt in his voice, but somehow Kade’s touch was reassuring. So was the pleased grin that Kade gave him.

Perhaps that night... perhaps it wouldn’t happen. Perhaps that night would be okay. As he stared down at Kade, he couldn’t help but smile, visibly relaxing. Everything would be alright. Leaning up to kiss him, Kade then gently pulled him back down, and he lay by his side, shuffled close, arm around him. It was... comfortable.

“I’ve...” his voice was barely audible. “I’ve never actually done this before.”

“Wow, really?” In the dark he could make out Kade’s look of surprise. “Well, you’ll like it. It’s nice.” He smiled and rested his head on Nat’s shoulder. “... g’night, Nathaniel.”

“... Goodnight, Kade.”

He closed his eyes, trying to push any worry to the back of his head, as he focused on his breathing. In the end he found himself focusing on Kade’s breathing instead. It was much more calming than his own, and he quickly drifted off to sleep.

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Music Fluff (Part 5)

Post by Joule on Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:13 am

[Continuation of the above but in chat form]

Joule: [it begins from the lights]
Joule: [or rather the stars]
Joule: [they suddenly go out, and then become bright as if they are on fire]
Joule: [flickering constantly]
Kade: ( gonna take more than that to wake Kade up lmao)
Joule: (Oh you'll get more)
Joule: [twitches]
Kade: (oh n O)
Joule: [at first just small twitches here and there]
Joule: [grows more restless]
Kade: [starting to wake up slightly]
Joule: [sweating a bit]
Kade: [half awake, wonders what that light is]
Kade: [finally notices ceiling]
Joule: [light keeps flickering more frequently]
Kade: .... the... hell? [stares at them for a moment, brain taking its time getting out of sleep mode]
Kade: [suddenly realises something is wrong]
Kade: [sits straight up, looking at Nat]
Joule: [sweating more heavily now, breathing ragged]
Joule: [frowning in his sleep]
Joule: [twitch]
Kade: [Oh shit oh shit is he- he's having a nightmare]
Kade: [looks nervously between the lights and Nat]
Joule: [ever so slight mumble] no... p-please....
Kade: [fuck fuck- what do I do?! ]
Joule: [flinches] n-no! i-it.... itwasnt.... fault... wasntmyfault...
Kade: [trying not to panic]
Joule: [nearly in tears]
Kade: [ it's not the same, it's not- fuck]
Joule: s-stop n-no.....
Joule: [dry sob]
Kade: [nervously puts a hand on Nat's arm]
Kade: ... Nat
Joule: [flinches away in his sleep]
Kade: [jerks hand back reflexively]
Joule: no i didnt mean it
Joule: i didnt
Joule: im sorry i didnt
Kade: [desperately reminding himself it's not the same as Lily]
Kade: [grabs his arm and shakes him] Nat!
Joule: [thankfully doesn't really have major powers leaking when having nightmares - he's used to it because it happens so often]
Kade: Nat, wake up!
Joule: N-no I don'twant to die please PLEASE im scared- [jerks awake]
Kade: [stares at him]
Joule: [stars go really bright for a moment, then settle]
Joule: [breathing heavily, looking confused]
Kade: .... Nat?
Joule: .....
Joule: [turns away]
Kade: [wants to reach out, but hesitates]
Joule: [shaky mumble] I-I... I'm sorry. I-I... I shouldn't have stayed.
Kade: ... no, no, it's...
Kade: it's okay.
Joule: [tries to suppress another dry sob]
Joule: [Man up]
Kade: [shuffles over and puts a hand on his arm] Nat...
Joule: [flinches without meaning to, like a terrified, cornered wild animal]
Joule: ....
Kade: [carefully puts an arm around him] it... it's okay...
Joule: ......
Joule: [still clearly shaken]
Kade: [gently rubs his side]... you're safe now. it's okay.
Joule: ..........
Joule: [Except I'm not. I'm never safe.]
Kade: [You're with me. That makes you safe. ]
Kade: (b a b i e s)
Joule: [That's a childish way of looking at thigs.]
Joule: ...
Joule: im sorry aboutt hat
Joule: i....
Joule: i should have probably mentioned it
Kade: ... it's alright. really.
Kade: ... you okay?
Joule: ... *shrug*
Joule: im used to it
Kade: [stupid question.]
Kade: that's not okay, though.
Joule: *shrug*
Kade: well... you can stay with me. until you are.
Joule: im fine
Joule: [looks down]
Kade: [sighs] Nat...
Joule: i should go
Joule: im sorry for disturbing your sleep
Kade: Nat, no, I said it was fine, you don't have to go
Joule: [moves to get up]
Joule: itll just happen again
Kade: [grabs his arm]
Kade: then I'll just help again when it does.
Joule: ....
Joule: [mumble] why
Kade: ... because I want to.
Joule: ....
Joule: [lies back down]
Joule: [feeling really vulnerable]
Kade: [lets out the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding]
Joule: ...
Kade: [lies down next to him, propped up on elbow]
Joule: ...
Joule: [Why am I still here?]
Kade: I can stay awake to make sure it doesn't happen again. if that helps.
Joule: [What am I still doig here?]
Joule: ...
Joule: you staying awake wont make any difference
Kade: [shrugs] i'm still gonna help.
Kade: however I can.
Joule: you cant
Kade: .... Nat...
Joule: [mutter] no one can
Kade: [huffs] well, though. still gonna try.
Joule: [lies there looking at the faded stars]
Kade: [sighs]
Kade: Nat...
Joule: [doesn't say anything]
Kade: [slides and arm under him]
Joule: ....
Joule: [lies in silence for a long while]
Kade: [doesn't say anything, just puts his arms around him]
Joule: [whispers after a while] What do you think happens after we die...?
Joule: Do you... believe in a god or a heave or a hell or something...?
Kade: uh... that's....
Kade: [No.]
Kade: I'm.
Kade: not sure.
Joule: nevermind... it was a stupid question
Kade: not really. why'd you ask that?
Joule: ... no reason
Kade: [sighs and decides to let it lie] alright.
Joule: [also lets out a sigh]
Joule: [makes sure his alarm is set so he can wake up on time, take his medication and start his training]
Kade: [gently strokes his back and just watches him, trying not to let his concern shown on his face]
Joule: .....
Kade: [i hope he'll be okay. I want him to be okay. ]
Joule: [I should have left. Why am I still here with him? Why didn't I leave? This is none of his business. Why do I... feel... safe?]
Kade: [is still for a few moments, then pulls him closer]
Joule: .... [doesn't resist]
Kade: go back to sleep, Nat. I'm here. okay?
Joule: ....
Joule: [unintentionally squeezes him in his arms]
Joule: [as he falls back asleep, his head rests against Kade's chest]
Joule: [doesn't have any more bad dreams]
Kade: [stays awake for a long time, until he's sure no more nightmares will happen, before letting himself fall asleep while holding Nat]

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The Fight

Post by Zenith on Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:27 am

we redid Kade and Joule's fight for extra heartbreaking-ness. and yes, it has canonically happened now.


Joule: [Letters. Letters from his parents. Real letters from them. They had been writing all these years and now they had gotten the change to send them. But why? Why did they have to torture him so? His parents were dead. Time after time he had tried to convince himself so. He didn't have parents. He didn't need parents. They deserved to be in the Devoid. They were out of his life. He didn't care. He didn't care. So why. Why did he feel this emptiness inside him?]
Joule: [Sits on his bed, feeling numb, not even realising that all TW household objects are floating slowly and aimlessly]
Joule: *the
Joule: [Why had GG have to announce it like that? Why did he have to appear from those letters? From Mr and Mrs Ampere. Nathan was there. Kade too. Kade heard. He now knew.]
Joule: *with those letters
Joule joined the chat 6 seconds ago
Kade: [which is worse- how Nat reacted to the letters from his parents, or finding out that he lied about them in the first place? he'd said they were dead. those letters were proof that they weren't. was he angry? a bit. but more than anything he was just confused. why would he lie about that? why wouldn't he want to see what they had to say?]
Joule: [Kade would think that he had lied but he hadn't he hadn't they were dead DEAD they were dead to him he had moved on with his life why did they have to-]
Joule: [floating objects shake]
Kade: [and now things are floating. well, that's just great. what the fuck just happened? what the hell his going on with Nat? he can't just leave it like that. so here he is, standing outside Nat's door, trying to build up the courage to knock. and confront him.]
Kade: [fuck this]
Kade: [knocks on the door]
Joule: [deep breaths]
Joule: [everything is fine. Just fine. Nothing happened. It can all stay safely locked away]
Joule: ... Come in~
Kade: [takes a deep breath and opens the door, making sure it's shut behind him] ... hey.
Joule: Hello there! [forces a perfect grin on his voice and stands to greet him, all the floating objects falling to the ground]
Kade: uh... [well this is just fucking surreal. he's seen Nat do the 'pretend everything is okay' thing, but not like this] ... you, uh... you okay?
Kade: [it's rather unnerving, actually]
Joule: Yup! Just perfect~ And you, darling?
Kade: [yeah this is really fucking strange] i'm a bit confused, to be honest. what just happened?
Joule: Nothing I was jut tired and retired to my room! [grins]
Joule: But you can join me in bed if you want~ [winks]
Kade: i- don't. just... don't. stop acting like nothing happened.
Joule: Are you hungry? Would you like some dinner? ^^
Kade: [trying not to get annoyed] Nat. stop. just... stop and explain to me what the fuck just went on. 'cause, i'm more than a little confused. and angry.
Joule: Stop what? Don't you want dinner? Well okay I shan't push you darling~ [puts an arm around his shoulder]
Kade: [steps out of his reach, pushing him away, losing his patience] you lied to me.
Joule: ... [smile falters]
Joule: I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Kade: yes you do, you said they were dead. you told me your parents were dead.
Joule: ... T-they ARE dead. They are dead to me. They are gone. Dead. D-dead dead dead. Gone. [muttering]
Kade: they are not dead! they've been writing to you this whole time, how can you-
Kade: how could you have just burned the letter like that?
Joule: I didn't want letters I didn't ask for letters I don't want them they are dead dead people don't write I don't wanna hear from them I don't I don't they don't deserve my time [paces around the room]
Kade: they don't deserve- what? they've been sending you letters, actually giving a shit about you, and you say they don't deserve your time? you act like they're dead?!
Joule: Its not as simple as that you dont know anything you dont understand
Joule: I don't wanna have anything to do with them
Kade: Nat they're your parents!
Joule: They're not they're not my parents anymore they aren't just let it go go away leave me alone
Kade: no! no, i'm not leaving until you explain to me why you'd lie about something like that, why you don't care about them!
Joule joined the chat 5 seconds ago
Joule: Why do you feel like you are entitled to an explanation
Joule: Mind your own business
Kade: [is quiet for a moment because that actually hurt a bit]
Kade: [then it's right back to being pissed off]
Kade: Nat. explain. now.
Joule: I don't have to explain anything to you [hyperventilating, pacing about manically, eyes darting around the room, voice flat and nervous]
Joule: I don't owe you anything I don't owe anyone anything it don't I don't I don't owe anything okay it's not my fault it isn't
Kade: you're not making any god damn sense- what the hell is going on with you right now?
Kade: [is far too caught up in being angry at him to notice just how this is affecting him]
Joule: Go away go away leave me alone I don't need to explain ANYTHING TO YOU OKAY? [finally snaps]
Kade: [trying very hard not to yell back] because you fucking lied! and that makes it kinda hard to trust anything you've said!
Joule: I don't care if you trust me I don't care if anyone trusts me I don't need to explain myself to you you wouldn't even understand
Joule: I don't need anyone
Joule: Alone. Alone it's best if I'm alone it's better i don't need to tell you anything
Joule: They're dead dead to me fuck off I don't care about them
Kade: [tries to ignore the sting of him saying he doesn't need anyone]
Joule: And I certainly don't need to explain myself to you!
Kade: yes- yes you do, i deserve to know!
Joule: This is MY business and MINE ALONE! Why do you deserve it? You're just a s-stranger! We just have sex from time to time! That's ALL! I don't need to explain ANYTHING to you!!
Kade: [stares at him blankly, unable to to say anything. he just called him a stranger]
Joule: [shaking]
Kade: [it's just a word it didn't mean anything it's just a word]
Joule: [has gone pale, breathing is all over the place, and his limbs are shaking]
Kade: [desperately tries to smother the feeling that he's just had his heart ripped out of his chest]
Kade: [wills himself into speaking to try and bury it]
Kade: ...how can you not care?
Joule: I don't. I don't care. I hate them. I HATE THEM
Kade: why?! what the hell did they do to make you hate them so much?
Kade: NO! no- i was wrong, i was wrong, okay?
Kade: just because they're in the devoid, it doesn't mean you should just pretend they don't exist!
Kade: i was WRONG.
Joule: N-NO. No you WEREN'T. You were right!
Joule: T-they deserve to be in there!! They don't deserve me! IT WASNT MY FAULT OKAY??
Kade: they're alive and they care how can you just- what wasn't your fault?!
Joule: Just SHUT UP!!! [shoves him, stumbling back against the wall as he does so]
Joule: WHY couldn't they just let me DIE? W-WHY? I-I didn't deserve to live! I-I didn't!
Kade: [pretends that the shove didn't faze him]
Kade: yes it was- not wanting you do die doesn't make someone selfish!
Kade: *to
Joule: One life! ONE! For over 500.000! THATS HALF A MILLION KADE.
Kade: i... what?
Kade: the hell are you talking about?
Joule: The Sloth incident. YEAH? A whole SLUGGING CITY?
Joule: [slams his fist against the wall]
Kade: [stares at him]
Kade: ... that... was you?
Kade: how can- how can you call that selfish?
Joule: [trying so hard to not completely fall apart]
Joule: They should have done the RIGHT THING.
Kade: fuck logic, there is no right choice in that!
Joule: Of COURSE there is!!
Kade: do you have any idea what i'd do to have both parents give a damn about me like that? to kill all those people and live with that- how the FUCK can you call that selfish?
Joule: You can't exchange one life for half a million! How could they put that weight on my shoulders? HOW COULD THEY?
Joule: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITH THAT WEIGHT ON ME? How am I supposed to LIVE FOR ALL OF THEM? A-all those people! T-they died because of me! Because of THEM! BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPID LOVE.
Joule: H-how can I make my life worth it? Worth it all? H-how Kade? I-I- h-how? [voice cracking]
Kade: [oh. another stab in the chest]
Kade: ... love isn't stupid.
Joule: Yes it IS.
Joule: It's stupid and SELFISH.
Joule: I wish they didn't love me! Then all those people would have been alive today!!
Kade: [they just keep coming don't they?]
Kade: you don't- you don't get to CHOOSE WHO LOVES YOU, ASSHOLE.
Kade: ..........
Kade: [oh.]
Kade: ... fine.
Joule: FINE.
Kade: FINE. fine. [heads for the door]
Joule: [doesnt try to stop him even though he is aching to]
Kade: [stops with his hand on the handle, but doesn't look at him]
Joule: ...
Kade: .... for what it's worth... i'm sorry.
Kade: [sorry for fucking caring]
Joule: .... [brain yelling at him NOT TO-] Yeah well. It's not worth much.
Kade: [doesn't even react because he can't even feel a damn thing any more]
Kade: [scoffs] yeah, fuck you too.
Kade: [slams the door behind him as he leaves]
Joule: .......
Joule: [sits on his bed]
Joule: ......
Joule: [Kade.]
Kade: [slides down to the floor outside]
Kade: ["stranger"]

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Re: Koule Topic (moved from About the Characters) [Joule, Zenith]

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